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So i i you know remember: i won commentator for the uh uh obscure sports, but that’s enough about me we’re here for the kitten bowl and you’re, probably saying but doug didn’t. You call logan shasta about this and offer him a spot to do it. Well. We’Ll talk about that at the end of the broadcast um, but anyway, yes, i’m, here and i’m – excited to be here for the kid bowl hidden ball this year is sponsored by hawaiian punch, really get that punch going. This is the mango monsoon i’m, quite enjoying it very good. So we got a hell of a kitten bowl match up this year we have team tigger versus running tigger there’s a lot of tiggers in this matchup also daisy. She is the only female player, but she is very fierce um. So we don’t want to talk more about me right now, we’re going to get to the action. 20Th annual kitten ball. Let’S, see this thing. No, oh god! Oh yeah, there’s, phyllis, she’s refereeing. This thing they asked her to do it too. Let’S get those cats on there. Oh there’s there’s, medium size, tigger. There you go there, we go good job phyllis and there is little tigger he’s the littlest, but he is the bravest. Oh there’s daisy. She is the female player, but she is fierce, fierce female and then we have right there there. He is renegade tigger, the biggest player on the field.

So these are four fierce cats. They are wild cats, they are, they are really feline it today. Oh good and plenty baby good and fine. Now he’s, currently humping his uh teammate, as cats are meant to do totally. Okay, that’s all right, they’re, getting excited all right, the ball, all right cats. You want to actually play with the ball all right there. We go all right. Oh the ball is in play there. He goes a little trigger he’s climbing on top of the miniature they have a team strategy. Here. Oh no he’s he’s just going off work, oh he’s, he’s, almost jumping off the field, oh he’s falling. He fell off the field. Oh my god, uh uh, ambulance ambulance is he okay? Oh he’s got nine lives. That’S. Okay, cats have nine lives, it happens all right, they’re, all medium sized tickers got the ball. I wonder when fierce tigger, the big one, the running game tigger, oh now, he’s got the ball. I don’t think medium taker wants to mess it up. He is he’s, literally falling asleep, taking a cat. Now i like to take a nap occasionally, oh no! Oh there. We go there. Oh look at that fierce daisy. She is. She was on top of her teammate. She has turned on her teammate she’s, jumping on everybody. I told you she was fierce. She’S got the ball. Oh she’s, getting she’s doing all this she’s knocked it off. Oh, that is, that is a win for renegade tigger, but really a win for daisy, who is the mvp of the game.

Thank you, phyllis. Thank you, phillips, all right back to me all right guys. Well, thank you very much for tuning in to the 20th annual kitten bowl. They spill us for refereeing there, yeah and you’re. Probably like hey doug, this doesn’t look like the kitten bowl we saw on tv before on youtube: hey, hey doug! These don’t look like real kittens, you’re right, phyllis they’re, not real, kittens and i’m going to tell you about why they’re they’re, not real kittens and, and why logan shasta’s not here, and why i’m not calling the real kitten ball? Oh, no, you see a couple weeks ago when i let you guys know on the christmas video that doug farnsworth the espy award, winning by the way that’s the award uh would uh be calling the king ball and i was very excited to get back to announcing Work, i called my good friend logan shasta. We hadn’t talked in a while, and i know he was struggling too, so i thought let’s get a gig let’s call this thing together, whatever problems were between us we’re, fine that’s, all good pandemic is tough, and i said you know what why don’t we do this Together the kitten ball and he was excited about it, and i let the people know that hey. I got logan shasta to call this thing with me and then they said. Oh well, oh we got logan shout out. I said no okay, we don’t need you doug uh, never mind.

We got somebody else that called it last year, he’s actually gon na be able to come back. So we no longer need you to to commentate this thing, even though you’ve been waiting to commentate all goddamn year but um, you know uh, but so a good friend like logan shasta, a guy, a kid who i saw and didn’t know what the hell he was Doing as an announcer before me, you know uh picked him up and said: no, this kid’s got talent. I made something of this kid. You know he still keeps again. I think he doesn’t return my calls after that either. So you know i wanted to do this to show that hey, doug farns is a hell of a goddamn announcer. Yes, yes, and so i had you, know, phillips, set up this thing with with her stuffed animals or daisy and and to support her loving husband, who you know just trying to do a goddamn, honest living and do what he loves to do, which is commentate. Instead, what i’m, what am i doing for work phyllis? What am i doing? Maybe not on camera? You are good enough. I’M, not steward small, smart enough. There is no shame in having a side hustle at walmart and doordash. By the way there isn’t there isn’t just hawaiian punch and they didn’t really sponsor this so anyway, logan shasta. If you want to call me good luck, getting a hold of me, we’re going to go ahead, turn again because yeah yeah you’re going to turn the camera.

I don’t care. Well, i don’t i’m, not i’m, not good enough. That’S.

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