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My name is dahan and welcome back to your number one place for all your investing needs in today’s, video we’re gon na be making a list of top penny stocks to buy right now in the month of february. So we’re gon na be looking at four to buy that are trading at under three dollars. So four penny stocks trading under the three dollars right now, let’s dive on in and check them all now. So, as always guys, these penny stocks are gon na, be very, very volatile. So before you invest make sure you do your due diligence and your own research as well. So the first penny stock on the list is gon na be global, star inc, so global star inc is one of the popular communications penny stocks. We’Ve discussed in the past shares have managed to jump by more than 200 since the start of 2021. One of the important things to note is that the company has exposure to the 5g arena as more search for the top 5g penny stocks. Global star has come up frequently in the conversations, however, there’s a bigger story that has been developing over the last few months. Recently, the company announced that the next step to this latest initiative, global globalstar had some leadership changes that would be more in line with growth in the in the commercial internet of things. Industry iot in particular, the company, has been signing deals that utilize global star satellite imaging tracking and spectrum solutions.

These deals include companies like nokia, which licensed and developed global stars banned 53 spectrum technology at the port of seattle. Last month, the company also signed a deal with the livestock tracking company sirs tag global star, supplying satellite services throughout the world’s first and only smart year. Tag for traceability, provinces, biosecurity, health, animal welfare, production improvement and theft reduction. So this one, this one is going to be ticker symbol, gsat. This one was down about 1.89 percent on a day down about two cents, but it was up about. You know it’s trading at around one dollar and four cents right now, as we can see, this stock was trading at a support level at around 30 cents, 32 cents, pretty much for the past 12 months has been trading at this level. Now we see at the beginning of the year we got some volume, picking up volume went from about one or two million shares daily to about 132 million shares right here. We even had 156 million shares and then even 168 million shares the stock jumped from 34 cents all the way to highs up here of about 1.17, so over a 200 percent gain. We obviously got a little bit overbought. We saw a little bit of a pullback. The stock pulled back to down here about 87 cents. Then we saw that volume pick up once again and the stock jumped on up to new highs of about 1.48 cents. So from that 30 cents to 1.

48 cents, that’s, a pretty decent jump of about 300 400 gain. Now, once again, we saw a little bit of a pullback right here trading at around this one dollar area. So you know we’ll continue to see this. You know overbought situation, pull back down, overbought situation pull back down now. What we’re going to be looking forward to in the next few weeks is going to be another push of volume to push it up and break through that previous resistance area at around 1.48 cents. So we’re going to put a price target on this one it’s going to be a 1.50 cents price target. If we can break through that, we can continue to make 52 week highs and we’ll have to see what happens after that. So leave a comment below letting me know what you guys think about that price target for gsat. As always guys. I appreciate each and every one of you for viewing this video go ahead and smash that, like button for me, let’s try to get 150 plus likes in the first 24 hours of this video being up, go ahead and subscribe to the channel turn on that bell. Notification, so you get notified every time we make a new video. We make videos on penny stocks, blue chip stocks and even dividend stocks. So if that interests you stay tuned and subscribe, and turn on that bell notification, if you guys, are interested in signing up for weeble and getting four free stocks links in the description sign up today.

The second cheap penny stock on our list is going to be synodum corporation. So this one uh, i know there’s a lot of attention on companies like amc right now, but outside of the short squeezed stocks. Entertainment technologies has benefited greatly over the last 12 months. Thanks to the stay at home order and social distancing, people find new ways to satisfy their need to be entertained and disliked you’ve got companies like synodym gaining some attention, so the company offers premium content and streaming solutions for its customers similar to globalstar. Recent deals have brought more interest to synodem. For instance, last month the company launched its all three medias, so real on the roku platform. This now extends its reach on the roku platform, offering users access to all three media’s catalog of reality content. The company has also partnered with likes of tlc, to include all of its channels in tlc’s launch of a service in certain tvs in north america. These and other developments have led to bullishness in the market. This is from both retail traders and analysts alliance, global recently adjusted its price target from two dollars to three dollars. It also maintains a buy on the stock, so that is great news for us, so ci dm is currently trading at 1.32 cents. It was down about five percent for the day. What was still you know pretty decent. I guess you could say well this one support level support level has been here around this 40 cents area, pretty much once again for a long long time.

We traded here after this huge jump that we had here on 6 4. 20 20.. It jumped to highs about 6 huge pullback, all the way back down to the support level. Around 46 cents area. We saw a little bit of a jump here in december, with about 100 million shares traded jumped up about you know: 20 cents, 30 cents. Then we made a little bit of a pull back down and now volume is continuing to pick up as we go into the new year and the stock went from about 62 cents to highs up here about 167 cents, so about a dollar gain over 100 percent. Close to 150 percent, actually now what we’re gon na be looking for we’ll do with this. One is for more volume to pick up and to break through this two dollar resistance, so that is gon na be our price target. It’S gon na be two dollars per share: that’s the price target we’re setting right now. That is the resistance area that we see if we can break through the two dollar resistance. The next one is gon na be at a three dollar area, and then, after that you know, we would create new ones. So, right now, we’re gon na be focused on that two dollar resistance area, because that is the next level that we see. We have a nice, you know potential of about 60 70 cents until we get to that level.

This one would be. You know some huge potential of uh about 70 80 percent gains just by reaching that first target around two dollars, so we’re gon na have to see if more volumes um continue to go up and how earnings go, especially with the entertainment. As we have you know, lockdowns are still going on. The rona is roaring and it’s still continuing uh. You know it doesn’t, look like it’s going away any time soon. So i think this one is going to be doing very well in the long term and coming in the number three cheap penny stock is going to be this link technologies inc, so there’s been plenty of attention on communications companies, drone companies, surveillance companies and the like. In the case of this link, the company falls more on the side of the communications components for things like live video, the company said it began, shipping its dve 6100 encoder for quick and secure communications transmission via satellite, and its most recent update right now is also When the market is turning towards earnings results for the last year in q4, while this link hasn’t reported yet we see that the company is coming off a shaky q3 last quarter, the company saw declines in most major areas, however, since it was rona related management made. A point to say it expected a recovery into q4 and focused on cost savings strategies to balance things out. Something else to note that was also revealed in q3 update was explained by the ceo.

We were pleased to introduce two significant product lines: the dve dash ird satcom, encoder decoder and the iplink 3.0 digital microwave system. These will be followed by the introduction of the new quantum receiver in the first half of 2021, so that is actually very, very big news. Ticker symbol v, i s l. Currently, it was up about 3.88 for the day it was up about 10 cents, so currently trading at 2.68 cents, and just like the previous one, we see this huge jump here on six five, you know area went from about one dollar all the way to about Highs of eight dollars, then we saw a pullback literally all the way back to the previous level, so they mirror each other pretty much once again support level around this 1.30 cents area and then towards the beginning of the 2021. We see volume starts to pick up, volume is huge now, 28 million shares, 38 million shares about 10, 15 million shares every single day. Now the stock went from about 1.25 to highs here about 3.57, but we saw a little bit of a pullback right now. The stock seems to be a little bit oversold right now. Hopefully, we see a nice push with volume to push this one back up. If we can hit that resistance area at around four dollars and break through it, we can continue to move on up all the way up to about five or six dollars.

So the price target i’m gon na be setting for visl is gon na, be that four dollar, as i see the resistance area and i think, with some volume that we can definitely break through it so that’s, where i think it’s going to continue to go to And last but not least, the fourth penny stock on our list is going to be eterna centaurus inc. So this is going to be a biotech penny stock. This company develops growth, hormone deficiency treatments and aez dash has been the focus recently now. The company’s mechamoroline in diagnosing childhood onset growth hormone deficiency. A phase 3 study is expected to be initiated this quarter, so speculative optimism could also play a role right now. However, this week it isn’t growth hormone headlines grabbing attention, it’s, the roni rhona so tuesday, the company announced that it entered into an exclusive option agreement to evaluate a preclinical potential rhona vaccine developed at the julius maximilians university woosenbury in germany, the vaccine technology developed at the University uses a typhoid fever vaccine as a carrier strain according to the company. It can be an orally active rhona. Sars cov 2 live attentuative bacterial vaccine now there’s a quote right here from the chief executive officer of at turner zentaris. We are optimistic that the results from the further studies of this new vaccine approach may offer a much needed safe and effective immunization alternative against the rona. Now alterna will contribute its expertise and experience and pre clinical developments and gmp compliant manufacturing to the project.

Now something to keep in mind with aez in particular, is that this news sparked a big pre market move. The main focus will likely be on whether shares can sustain these higher levels or if a pullback is going to be due if the stock is overbought. So let’s take a look this one ticker symbol, a e z s today was up about 42.8 percent or about 30 cents per share and it’s, currently trading at exactly one dollar that’s. What we closed that so down here support level was around this 30 cents, 40 cents area we saw volume continue to pick up throughout the beginning of the year. Once again, 12 million shares traded 15 million 22 million. We see about 5 to 10 million shares traded. Every day, but we see since the beginning of the year, it went from about 38 cents all the way up here to highs, like we just said to over a dollar, so we saw it, you know make about 150 200 gain just in a short period of Time now it looks like it’s a little bit overbought. We might see a little bit of a pullback for the next few days. If that continues to happen, then, hopefully volume continues to pick up after that and push us back through if we can push back through break through that one dollar resistance, where we’re at right now, if it actually breaks through that one dollar resistance, our next resistance is Going to be at that 1.

25 cents level, if it can break through that 1.25 level, we can continue all and up and make 52 week highs. So our price target for aez is going to be 1.25 cents. If we can break through that, it can continue to go but that’s, where i would take some profits if it was me being in that you know situation. So let me know what you guys think in the comments below on this one and as always, guys i’m not telling you guys to buy any of these penny stocks. This is not financial advice. This is just for educational purposes before investing into any type of stocks, especially penny stocks that are very volatile. I would speak to your financial advisor.

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