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So five tech penny stocks on our list, let’s dive on in and check them on out guys. So the first penny stock on our list is going to be cinedemcorp. So this one with a gain of about 23 on february 3rd cidm stock is once again on our radar. Now the company is in the entertainment industry, specifically, it offers premium content and streaming solutions for its customers. Last week, traders were heavily focused on the entertainment stocks for both the purpose of the nostalgia and the potential of them being the undervalued like amc. While the rona has met zero attendance at the movie. Theaters streaming has recently been the hot ticket. Now, while the rally behind amc can explain the the recent bullish momentum with uh cidm, the company also announced on february 3rd, potentially leading to the latest spike. During the pre market, synonym announced the 7 million registered direct, offering the company should have access to some much needed funding for the near term. Obviously, investors should consider the potential effects of the shared illusion that often comes with the offerings, but considering that how the market has reacted so far, cidm seems to be in the limelight for now. So if we take a look at this one, it’s gon na be ticker symbol, cidm synodium corp. It was down about four point, eight percent on friday at the close – and it was you know, trading at 1.78. So if we look at the one year, chart right here, support level, so we’ve been trading it here right here for about two or three months at around 50 cents level.

After that we saw a little bit of a volume spike of about 95 million. Then, over 100 million shares traded, the stock continued to run up and then the beginning of january. This one definitely started to push up more as volume continued to pick up in the past month, or so. We see right here currently we’re trading. Around 30 35 million shares almost every single day, with volume we’ve seen a spike from about 83 cents to about that 1.87 high, so that’s about you know over 100 gain right there in a matter of about two weeks, so this one could definitely continue to run. Now, what we’re gon na be doing right now is watching this one for a potential run up. If this one can get to this three dollar resistance and continue to pop and make higher highs now, it did actually have a high here on six 4. 20. 20 of about six dollars per share, obviously it was way overbought right there and it had a huge sell off, as, as you can see there for a few months, it sold off back to this support level. But this one we’re gon na give it a price target of three dollars per share for 2021 to see what’s gon na happen with potential in the near future. As always guys. I appreciate each and every one of you for doing my videos so go ahead and smash that, like button let’s aim for 300 likes in the first 24 hours of this video being up.

We just said 17 000 subscribers so go ahead and subscribe to the channel turn on that bell notification. So you get notified every time we make a new video leave a comment below what penny stocks are you buying right now and also, if you guys want to sign up for weeble links in the description, get your four free stocks when you sign up today, all Right guys, the second tech penny stock is gon na, be infinity pharmaceuticals, inc, so tech in our case isn’t just limited to the it we’re. Also considering biotech one of the one of the more interesting penny stocks right now is infinity pharmaceuticals inc. The company produces a large range of compounds for use in the treatment of cancer in its pipelines or drugs, such as the ipi 5549, which is an orally administered candidate, currently, in a phase 1 1 b trial to treat cancer additionally, infiniti is working with several other Companies such as verastem inc, which is a ticker symbol, vstm on the nasdaq for the commercialization of the other novel substances. A few weeks ago, the company announced an upgrade regarding the phase two study of adding generalism to nivolume in those with euthorial cancer. Now the ceo of infinity states that the mario 275 study provided infinity with the important insights to shape the future of the edgeslin in euthyronic cancer. The data from the 49 patients enrolled in the study are very encouraging. We look forward to presenting our data from the mario 275, which supports our clinical strategy at a major medical meeting in q1 2021, which details for our new planned trial to follow.

Now, in a later announcement, the company stated that it would be presenting the data at the american society of clinical oncology asco on february 11th, with the recent developments it’s also worth mentioning another interesting bit of information. The company’s co founder, dr eric lander, was appointed as presidential science advisor and director of the office of science and technology policy for the biden administration. So this one ticker symbol, infi. It was up about 6.5 on friday at the close currently trading at the 3.93 cents level. As we can see, this one’s been doing great. It was at a support level at around 90 cents area in the beginning of 2020. Then we hit a new support level around this one dollar area, and then we saw towards the end of 2020. This stock continued to pick up as volume continued to. Actually you know trend on up. First, we were trading around 100 200 000 shares. Then we started to trade. You know a few million shares every single day hitting actually here. A few highs of about 9 million shares almost 10 million shares on certain days. We went from about a dollar all the way up here to highs of 4.35. So over a 300 gain just in a matter of about two months. After that overbought level, we saw it come back down to about three dollars and 20 cents the stock. You know consolidated right there and then we see a uptrend continuing now what we’re going to be looking forward to is for volume to continue to pick up.

If volume continues to pick up, we can break through this resistance. You know the previous high the 52 week high at 4.35 cents, if it breaks through that it can continue to run we’re gon na give this one. A price target of five dollars per share, let’s see what happens in the long term and the short term. The third tech penny stock on our list is going to be box like corp, so this one right here during trading shares of box l stocks shot up as much as 14, ending the day at 2 50 cents. Now this is a tech business with a heavy focus on the education industry. This includes a large range of products such as the flat panel displays touch, projectors document cameras and more with the pandemic in full swing. Education from home has become the norm. This means that the need for digital learning tools is higher than ever before, with this boxlight corp has seen vastly heightened popularity in the past year or so. One thing to keep in mind is that bo xl stock is quite volatile, so it can. You know the price can fluctuate very, very quickly up or down. Obviously, boxlight core has a lot of benefits from its pandemic continues to lead to more online education. The company depends highly on large contracts made with the school boards around the country. Currently, it is in a pilot program for its clever touch product in a kentucky school district.

It also announced last month that it integrated its my stem kits curriculum for elementary students in merit. Island florida curriculum is a collection of lessons and activities designed for use with things like 3d printers and other vimeo stem solutions offered by the company. Whether or not the future events lead to a bullish. Interest in vo excel stock remains to be seen. Blxl could be a penny stock to watch on our list, so this one ticker symbol, b, o xl box like corporation. It was up about 1.5 on friday at the close trading at 2.58 cents, as we can see as the ronald continued to boom last year. In 2020, this one had some huge – you know: gains went all the way to highs of 4.65 cents over a 300 gainer right there in a matter of about a week or so then we saw you know it was overbought. We saw some sell off going on. We created a support level at the previous resistance level, and this is something we talk about. You know day in and day out, so previous resistance levels become future support levels if they continue to boom like this, so we see the support level of 1.46. What do we see here at around 1.20 cents and up here about a dollar 20 cents, a dollar 30 cents? We see that’s, where the previous resistance area was where we broke back down. So this is going to be our support area around 1.

30 cents. We saw that towards the end of 2020 and then in the beginning of 2021, volume continued to pick up and we hit highs here by 2.87 cents. So you know about a one: dollar gain a dollar and 20 cents. Volume is very, very low with this stock. Actually – or you know, compared to what it could be, it trades between 2 million and 10 million shares almost every single day. Now, with this one we’re gon na give it a price target of four dollars. If it can break through that four dollar price target right there, the resistance area it can boom on up and continue to make new highs 52 week highs. So if it breaks through that resistance, it can definitely continue to run all the way to 5 or higher, especially with the volume push, and if the pandemic continues to roar, we’re definitely going to be seeing some. You know potential uh earnings and great news from this company. The fourth tech penny stock on our list, gon na be borx technologies, inc. Now with borx technology. This company has been signing numerous deals over the last few months. This includes a deal for a corporation with the husso sui tai new new area for 5g industrial park project for the moore, borks and skycentrics previously announced plans for a jv to manufacture and deliver cta 2045 technology based products. These are for utility scale, autonomated smart controls, while there haven’t been any recent headlines, br qs stock has continued trending.

One of the things we see is that telecommunication stocks are catching some attention. Nok, for example, was one of the stocks wrapping up in the r wall street bets short squeeze conversation. This may have given some exposure to 5g stocks in general, regardless of the facts. Brqs stock has pushed higher this month and let’s take a look so this one right here is going to be ticker symbol, brqs. It was down about five and a half percent on friday at the close training at 1.55 cents per share. This one right here has been pretty much trading at the same price for the you know the past 12 months, so trading at this support level, one dollar has been sticking there. It didn’t break through, and you know, continue to fall down like a falling knife. So that is a good thing. It continued to stay up made a few pops, but then continue to come straight back down so we’re going to be looking forward to with this one is volume. We need more volume to pick up and more momentum. If we can get more volume and more momentum. We need to break through this three dollar area before we can pop, so we have about in 90, 95 percent gains before we see some. You know decent uh gains coming in and some more volume. So what we need to see with this one is some more data, some more news to come out in the next few weeks or the next few months.

If we can do that and push up some more volume with maybe 40 50 million shares traded in a day, we can see a pop now. We definitely need to break through that three dollar area, so we’re gon na give this one a price target of three dollars per share. If it can break through that three dollar area, we can continue all the way to four dollars, and you know so on. After that, so this one we’re gon na give it a three dollar price target, like we said, and last but not least, the fifth tech penny stock is going to be rs medical holdings inc. So this one right here this year has been strong for many penny stocks. Obviously, biotechnology has been a core focus. Rs medical is one that has benefited during the last few months from heightened interest surrounding its am 301 treatment. This is rs candidate for protecting against the sars cov 2 infections. In december data release showed up to a 99.4 percent reduction of viral titter and human epithelial cell culture aura said that it looks to advance the program towards submission of regulatory applications this year. The company also began its clinical investigation of the treatment in allergenic retinitis patients. This is something that we’ve seen a lot over the last year. Companies will see multiple purpose opportunities in their pipeline treatments. In this case, rsam 301 was designed as a combatant against airborne viruses and allergens according to the company, after applications into the nose, it creates a protective layer on the nasal mucosa, so you could see how it may protect against any airborne viruses close to someone now.

Needless to say, with multiple applications, the am 301 development could be something to follow in the you know, next few months, so this one ticker symbol, e, a r s so ears uh. It was down about two percent on friday trading at three dollars and six cents. At the close we see right here. It was at a support level, pretty much for the whole 2020 at around 85 cents, 80 cents. Then we saw this huge pop right here. Uh. In the beginning of december, we went from one dollar all the way to highs about six dollars, sixty cents, so over a 500 gain, just in a matter of that day, right there on some news. Obviously it was way overbought and that’s what happened so so with penny stocks guys, you have to be very careful if you see a penny stock pop like that, you know huge gain in a matter of a day or two it’s going to be overbought it’s, going To come back down a little bit, pull back down, we’ve seen that day in and day out so take. Let me give you an example: a tosa we’ve talked about a toast of therapeutics many many times in the past few weeks, we’ve seen it go from two dollars to three dollars. We all you know talked about it. Obviously it was overbought pulled back down to about the two dollar and ten cents area. Then we had some news come out.

The stock went up over up to about four dollars per share and then what do we see? In the past few days? The stock pulled back down a little bit, we’re, probably going to continue to consolidate around the 3.50 cents area with a tosa and then we’re going to see another pop on up, hopefully breaking through that previous resistance. So same thing with this one we saw it was overbought here, around 6.60 cents pulled back down it still. You know made gains of about 150 there at trading at around 2.78 cents. This was our next support level. We had a support level here. The stock consolidated around this area volume was less than a million shares every single day. Almost the volume is very low, and you know on that jump. It had over 300 million shares, uh traded, so volume is definitely a big key player in this stock. As you, you see, the consolidation right here now, we’re gon na be looking for, is to break through this four dollar resistance at first. If it can break through the four dollar, then we have that gap all the way to six dollars to see we’re gon na personally give this one a price target of four dollars and fifty cents for the next few months, as it has all these drugs. You know news potentially coming out uh as long as one of them is good. That is going to be a good sign for us investors, so this is definitely one to keep on your radar for the next few months and to see what the progress is with these uh.

You know phases that it has and the drugs that it has in this pipeline so definitely keep an eye out on it. We have a price target of four dollars: 50 cents on ears. Let me know in the comments below what you guys think about this stock. As always guys, these five tech penny stocks are just for educational purposes. This is not financial advice. If you guys want some financial advice, you better talk to your financial advisor, because i am not a financial advisor. So before doing any type of investing, you should do your own due diligence. Do your own research on penny stocks? Do some paper trading on weeble links in the description? Get your four free stocks when you sign up today with weeble, do some paper trading on there with some fake money, get your feet wet! Learn how to you know trade, especially with these penny stocks, because they’re very, very volatile prices can boom on up or rock it on down in a matter of minutes on bad news or good news, so that’s something to watch out with these.

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