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We’Re gon na do uh some safe stocks. Okay, uh market’s gon na be choppy watching the futures now we’re a little bit down. Okay, so again, invest wise let’s go let’s get to it. I want to say we finally have now the um we’re gon na have a program where we have the discord. We’Re gon na have weekly newsletters we’re gon na have um alerts, live alerts, okay, um, just click. The link there’s gon na be a patreon link there and if you wan na support i’m gon na bring the family to the moon together, let’s go man. Let’S. Do this i’m here i’m trying to give this more time. Okay – and i want to thank y’all for uh for all the love – okay, um words, can’t explain: let’s go man, let’s let’s, do it so here we go. Let’S share the screen now big week ahead: uh in terms of earnings, okay, there’s, a lot of earnings this week. Look at this okay um! This is the ramping up of earnings. Okay, so we have tomorrow the first 176 companies uh reporting, then 284 ‘1.. Look at thursday, thursday again is the massive one: okay, so um, depending on how these companies perform okay, it will dictate the next few weeks after that, okay thereafter, because um now we’ll see really the impact of the whole kova, 19 and so on. Okay, it’ll give us a good opinion moving forward of how to play okay next let’s go to the penny stock.

We like for the week okay for uh playing. I gave you some on the last video we’re gon na go with zom that we had called out. This was a couple weeks ago. We said, save the pets. I like what these guys do: i’m very bullish on this. I have, and at this price, because it has pulled back, you know from a dollar a dollar something down to 92 cents. They have a catalyst coming out now this week, whereas uh they’re doing on february 2nd, which is tuesday, okay, a um, a call. Okay. So, look into that they’re gon na have a webinar. They usually release some kind of information or talk about their company and so on it whatever it is. Okay, any information is good information because uh again i like this company, i like what they do, it’s all about the pets. Okay, let’s go next, i want to talk about sorrow capital. Now we always hear about palantir palantir volunteer. We know palantir is a monster now. This here again, we called this out. It was about a ten dollar. We said they have so many shares of um palantir and i dug deep because they had their last um earnings. Okay, they did it super well. Okay, their nav was uh was fantastic. Look! Okay! Increased anticipated 15 to 15.50, so they they literally smashed it. Okay, um good news with them is look at this. They go down and we talk about their holdings of uh palantir stock.

They still own four million shares. Okay, four point: seven million shares of palantir, okay um, which is insane okay, so even though they’re restricted here we go even though they’re restricted. Okay, here 4.618 public shares unbelievable okay, as of december 31st. Now, if you want to play on palantir, why not play servo? Because i’m, going to keep going here, we got more news on them that they’re going to be paying a dividend. Okay. What does that mean? Now? If you don’t know what a dividend is it’s, basically, you know you’ll be getting um free money from them. Just for investing in a stock and it’s a safe, i don’t see much downside here. So if you want to have something a little bit less risky something that may continue to grow okay, we know the earnings are huge, dig up on sero ss ss, okay and they’ll be paying on x dividend date. So if you own the stock, i believe it was. Let me go back and check ex dividend data february 4th, so you need to own the stock uh before that date. Okay, again, if you want more info we’re going to have, these are type of things. We’Re going to talk about in the uh the the discord and stuff like that on the newsletters okay um, but i want to set up a dividend plan for you guys and and we’ll: do it together because i’m going to be revealing portfolio, everything, okay, so so Capital now let’s talk about silver and gold, because look at this okay, silver futures jump, seven percent, as reddit traders try their squeeze plate with this metal.

Now, what does that mean? It means exactly what it what it states – okay, um, silver and gold – have been beat down now. For me, silver and gold are very smart. Please, okay, we look here. Okay, the um, the i share silver, the slv. Now the five data one month, doesn’t really move much, but what the one i like to play is triple nugget. Okay, here we go pan american silver, okay uh. This one here tends to spike up a little bit more once uh. It gets momentum. Now, on the downside, obviously, when silver was way down, it was around 11, but look it spiked up to 40 and from this level you know tomorrow, if you want something with a little bit more pop, go for p, a a s: okay, pan american silver corp. This is the one i trade now again, this is not financial advice. This is just joe blow paul here, uh telling you how he plays things – and i like me, my uh my triple nuggets over here. Pan am okay. That’S number one number one here now and you know gold again, you want to play safe i’m, not giving you sexy, picks to go uh. You know, pump and and run away with and then go crashing down on you i’m, giving you stuff that um, i think, will protect your money. Your investments, okay, on choppy weeks, okay, let’s, go in our gold barrel, gold just say what you want about it: um it’s it’s.

This is as safe as they come. Okay, i feel now that the momentum is on the silver, okay, precious metals, uh, gold’s, a good way to play it also: okay, it’s it’s, really at a low here. Okay, at this price, i, like it, i own it. I don’t necessarily trade it because it’s it’s, something i i always hold okay um, but you may want to look at it again: safety you don’t always have to go chase the next uh parabolic stock and then it’s gon na dump on you, i don’t know i Can spit them out all day, but for now for this week for the next few weeks, maybe these are the safe place. Okay, so look at what i told you yesterday about the vix we’re going to look at the vix. Okay, again, let’s go look at the vix. I want to see live now if they have anything going on i’ll check it for you later. Actually here the uv xy, also okay, that’s, with the tvxf but i’m trying to find you alive, we’ll get to it. I guess tomorrow morning, i’ll do something for you there. Okay, let me come back. I want to stop the show. I want to make this a short video, so i can get some sleep and be ready for all tomorrow again uh. Congratulations on all the gains, i hope you’re keeping your investment safe. Thank you so much for the support for the love.

Okay, tomorrow february 1st and tomorrow, all that’s up and running okay we’ll be having the newsletters every saturday or sunday we’ll be having the live or live, picks daily alerts and all that stuff questions. Whatever you want. Okay, so um fam love you and check it out.

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