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That democrats had to. Finally, lay down the law: fines for house members who refused to pass through new metal detectors, the five thousand dollar fine for a first offense and a ten thousand dollar fine after that will be deducted straight from lawmakers salaries. Every republican present voted against this new rule proposed by speaker nancy pelosi. In the wake of the capital insurrection, some republicans like louie gohmert of texas, lauren beaubert of colorado and andy harris of maryland. They have already tried to defy these new security screenings. You got to admit man. These republicans have got some balls they’re really out here like i need my guns. This place is dangerous any minute. Now i could incite another riot look man. There is no reason that any member of congress should need a gun on the floor of the house. None, okay, maybe except louis gomert. I mean he needs his gun for hunting rabbits. So look. I hope that these fines will finally force republicans to behave themselves. On the other hand, though, bringing your gun in and paying the fine anyway might just be the way republicans flex from now on, just be walking around like yeah that’s right. I got that metal detector money. Speaking of the insurrection. One thing that set it off was the conspiracy theory that the democrats stole the election using rigged voting machines from the company dominion it’s, a conspiracy theory that was pushed by trump supporters like mike lindell, the mypillow founder and alt right, mario and the right wing network.

Newsmax talked about it all the time, but last month, dominion finally told newsmax yo. If you don’t get our name out of your mouth, we’re gon na sue, your channel 349 ass network into oblivion and based on what happened yesterday, when lindell tried to go back on newsmax, the network is taking that threat seriously. We have all the election fraud with these dominion machines. We have a hundred percent proof and then i, when they took it down, um put it back up my personal life. It was mike thank you very much mike mike you’re, talking about machines, uh that that we at newsmax have not been able to verify any of those kinds of allegations we just want to. Let people know that there’s, nothing substantive, that we’ve seen and let me read you something there. While there were some clear evidence of some cases of vote, fraud and election irregularities, the election results in every state were certified and newsmax accepts the results as legal and final. The courts have also supported that view. So we wanted to talk to you about canceling culture. If you will, we don’t want to re litigate the the allegations that you’re making mike because we we understand where you are so let me ask you this: do you think that this should be temporary because it appears to be permanent? Could you make an argument that it is temporary? What could you make an argument that this could be a temporary banning rather than permanent? No, i want it to be a permanent, because you know what they did this because i’m, revealing all the evidence on friday.

Of all the election problems with these machines so i’m! Sorry, if you okay, can i ask our producers? Can we uh get out of here? Please uh? I i don’t want to have to keep going over. This newsmax have not been able to verify any of those allegations. Everybody hold on a second mike mike hold on one second uh let’s talk a little bit about just what is happening. Damn that defamation lawsuit has newsmax shook see that dude he pieced out of there like the chipotle just hit, but you see that’s the power of the courts right there, because mike lindell tried to stage a coup and newsmax was fine with inviting him on, but the Second, he started saying that was gon na get them sued, all of a sudden they’re like no, no, no, no, no, my man, overthrowing the government is one thing, but a lawsuit that serious and keep in mind. This is newsmax we’re. Talking about remember. Newsmax is like fox news after it stopped taking its meds, but at least for a minute dominion managed to sue them into behaving like actual journalists.

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