Super Bowl, Bruce Springsteen, Jeep The Empty Meaningless Bruce Springsteen Super Bowl Commercial That Claims Biden Has United Us

I have decided to put it here. This is a commercial that will air during the super bowl featuring bruce springsteen on vocals, well, he’s doing the narrating and uh it’s a jeep commercial, ladies and gentlemen and what’s really interesting is that bruce springsteen has never done a commercial before he was always against. That kind of thing uh he was always against corporate america and selling out and guess who is working on behalf of corporate america, now who’s being ployed by them. It’S bruce springsteen that’s, who’s being employed and um nice little commercial here for jeep, although other than bruce springsteen driving around in his old jeep uh they’re, not talking about a new jeep it’s, just jeep doing their virtue, signaling trying to bring people together and having the Quote unquote: boss do some of the heavy lifting for them. I find this commercial rather repulsive um. I guess it could be worse because he does make a couple of interesting points during the commercial which could be could be interpreted in a different way, so let’s roll. It and then i’ll do some commentary as i roll through it there’s a chapel in kansas, standing on the exact center of the lower 48. okay, so it’s symbolic, because it’s right in the middle it never closes all are more than welcome. So everybody’s welcome not just red staters. Even though it’s in a very red state, known as kansas, which is independent, is liberty, minded is rural, wants to be left alone.

Doesn’T want people butting in doesn’t want the government, especially the federal government, telling them how to do things so i’m. Just throwing this extra commentary in here it kind of has nothing to do with what this commercial is about, but i wanted to make a few points. There to come meet here in the middle meet in the middle at the chapel by the way, with the patriotic flag. Um let’s continue, it’s no secret. The middle has been a hard place to get to lately between red and blue between servant and citizen. Okay between red and blue, which means obviously the uh political divide, and then he says something very interesting. That i’m, not sure his authoritarian bosses, uh, would appreciate the difference between servant and citizen. Is that a little dig at politicians could be they’re supposed to be our servants they’re supposed to go to washington and represent us? But yet there is a big divide between those two groups of people. Now, the guy he supported for president joe biden is going to make things worse and not better, and anybody who thinks otherwise is just buying into the platitudes that are in this commercial between our freedom and our fear between our freedom and our fear. Well, governments uh around the world, but here in the united states especially have been scaring us now for about 12 months. People are locked in their houses by the way you’re not supposed to go to super bowl parties, so bruce jeep, not as many people are probably gon na see this ad, because you know the authoritarians dr fauci shouldn’t.

Do that? No christmas, no thanksgiving, you know, put a mask on and so forth. Super bowl stadium in tampa is going to be, i think, at one third capacity for the big game and then there’ll be cutouts of people that you could purchase and they might get on tv, which is just a slimy way to um, sell tickets to people who Aren’T, even the stadium, just incredible now fear has never been the best of who we are yet fear is being encouraged, all the time and it’s how we’re supposed to live moving forward and as for freedom, it’s, not the property of just the fortunate few. It belongs to us all, okay, again, not sure if bruce knows what he’s saying here but there’s some truth in that phrase again the commentary mostly negative toward this commercial, but he makes the point that the people at the top are truly free. The people down below are not truly free or are lacking in freedom and what he fails to recognize, though the people he likes, the people he supports. All those people are authoritarians trying to take away freedom when it comes to those who aren’t at the top of the food chain, whoever you are wherever you’re from it’s. What connects us, whoever you are wherever you’re from i’m bruce springsteen and that’s? What connects us? Okay, mayor pete, thanks for that platitude and we need that connection. Oh, we do need that connection. Bruce we’ve needed that connection now for about a year with our loved ones, with our friends with relatives who are in nursing homes um i could go on and on about those connections.

Kids need to be connected with other kids. All of these people that you support, support teachers that don’t want to get back to work, even mayor, lightfoot or whatever her name is from chicago lightweight, would be a better name for her wants her teachers to get back to work and they won’t do it. Thus, the kids don’t have that connection and don’t tell me for a millisecond that this virtual learning is going well. Uh parents still have to go to work and they’re, hoping that johnny will do their schoolwork and johnny shouldn’t be left alone at his age. But guess what people are being forced to do? Um yeah people need those connections bruce thanks for that update. We need the middle. We just have to remember. The very soil we stand on is common ground. Okay, the platitude hall of fame. We have now achieved um 100 platitude rating. The soil we stand on is common ground. Yes, it sure is and we need the middle well. No, what we need is uh common sense and common ground can’t be achieved, but we need common sense. We need democracy. We need a constitutional republic, i can go on and on what we truly need, but this commercial is vague and it’s supposed to make. You feel good about where we are now on february. 7. 2021. So we can get there. We can make it to the mountaintop through the desert and we will cross this divide.

Our light has always found its way through the darkness, Music. Everything there was a platitude. Everything was a useless, meaningless platitude uh tony robbins could do better. Joel osteen could do better. Anyway, rolling it and there’s hope on the road up ahead. Why is there hope up on the road ahead? Why is that bruce? Just because? No, let me get to the punch line of this commercial Music it’s coming up here comes to the reunited states of america. Okay, if you’re a trump person and you’re watching this, your head’s gon na explode uh for those who dislike the two party system, your head’s, going to explode so that’s, already a majority, most independents, their heads are going to explode. This implies that, because we have this new president who’s signing executive orders um, i don’t know much like uh. You know think of something that you’re constantly signing like checks. You know: writing checks, you’re, citing executive orders, probably more than most people, because most people don’t write checks anymore, but this guy is signing them like pez, dispenser candy. I guess i don’t know help me with that analogy. I don’t have one but close to 50 executive orders and because he’s now, the president, this is what this commercial is saying, because joe biden is now the president. Our country is reunited. Thank you bruce springsteen for pointing that out the road up ahead. The road up ahead. The road up ahead is confusing because you’ve got a guy who um is certainly in cognitive decline.

Who’S running the country who, speaking of pens, signing checks, can’t, seem to find where his jacket pocket is not there so he’s going to put pen somewhere else on camera, while he doesn’t know what he’s signing at one point, you could hear him. The mic was somewhat hot and he said something like what i’m showing where is this um, but yet we’re reunited um until we get to the bottom of what just happened, and i know there are libertarians people are going to follow me here and they’re going to Say, ah, let it go. This is just this is you’re never going to have a libertarian elected to anything. You will never get a libertarian elected. If you don’t get to the bottom of what just happened here and you don’t it could have. It happened to bernie sanders too by the way happened to bernie. Twice: okay happened, tulsi gabbard a little bit in the sense that i’m sure she got more votes in new hampshire than it said. She got number one number two um the way they manipulated all of her media interests, people who were online looking for her googling, her and so forth. The way they did all that um yeah, so she was suppressed, the other things were completely rigged completely rigged, and until we get to the bottom of that, this is again for my libertarian audience. Your third party candidate is going nowhere. They will do whatever it takes, in fact, they’ll adjudicate all those ballots and they’ll, just put them into the joe biden, column or the kamala harris column or whoever the establishment candidate is that they want to prop up this whole commercial, though, ends with this, which is Wishful thinking, which is another platitude that will make some people angry because we voted the right way or you all voted the right way.

Bruce springsteen said so. The road up ahead looks better, and this closes the reunited states of america. No, there are states that want to get out of the union. What are they talking about? There’S, a texit movement going on and it’s serious. They had a state legislator submit a bill, and if it doesn’t succeed this time as time goes on and the divide gets greater and the freedoms get lower guess what it’ll catch on texas could be its own self, sustaining country it was before it could be again And there are other states that are probably thinking about it. In new hampshire, they’ve got a free state movement in new hampshire. A lot of people might not know. A lot of libertarians are involved with that. Moving to new hampshire trying to establish liberty in new hampshire and if enough people get up there and do their civic duty vote the correct way and support candidates that are for freedom and liberty, they might change the entire dynamic of new hampshire in the country. For that matter, so is commercial? Is it bothersome? Yes, is it a an insult to the intelligence of informed people, of course, who’s it designed for it’s designed for the casual political observer that would like to get along at any cost and doesn’t care uh about liberty or freedom? By the way freedom mentioned in this commercial and uh, they made it sound, like freedom belongs to the rich people only and not to those um.

You know lower classes and so forth, and i don’t necessarily disagree with that. I think the rich people have far more freedom, but what should be um achieved or what should be um? You should make an attempt to attain. It is more freedom for more people, no matter what class, no matter, what income and obviously class warfare, um kind of weird but again he’s missing the mark, because the people he supported and would support the next election as well, are people that are dividing and conquering The nation, by race, by class, by pretty much every metric, you can possibly come up with here so that’s. My analysis of the bruce springsteen jeep commercial, the road ahead. Music apparently jeep just turned to 80 years old, too right, that’s, pretty cool but um, bruce springsteen selling out to corporate america super bowl in the year 2021 and bruce springsteen did a commercial all. You old time, bruce springsteen fans.

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