Super Bowl, Bruce Springsteen, Jeep TOP 10 FUNNIEST SUPER BOWL ADS FLASHBACK! Best Ten Superbowl Commercials of 2019

Why do you always get to pick the top 10 funniest super bowl commercials every year? Why should we trust your opinion and to them i got a simple answer: shut the hell up. Go eat a fight okay, now the moment you’ve all been waiting for when i stopped talking, and we just watched the hilarious commercials already welcome to the dog show where humans compete for the ultimate prize. Avocados from mexico, they’re healthy, delicious on everything and always in season, looks like the dogs have settled in. They can almost sniff the bum of victory. That’S a good sit, a shake and a stay amazing song i’m sure he’s, making someone very proud right now. We’Ve got a runner: oh, the guac got her that’ll land. You in the penalty, cone avocados from mexico number nine i’ll take a coke is pepsi. Okay is pepsi. Okay is pepsi: okay, ow, our puppy’s; okay, he’s, a shooting star; okay, it’s, the laughter of small child. Okay pepsi is more than okay, it’s, okay, Music. Okay, what have we learned today? You want a pepsi. I want a pepsi there you go. Oh come on. I’Ve got to come up with my own Applause catchphrase, the thing about empires, the bigger you build them, the more your enemies want to knock them down. Let them have their fun, you and i will revisit them soon enough. Do you want to come and play Music game of war play for free now from the app store? How do we tell people they get the best of both worlds with sprint? How about we get two sport legend, vo jackson, so holding a mermaid playing a keytar horse? Oh, why don’t you just tell people spring can save them more than a thousand dollars on an lte advanced network that’s now up to two times faster than before.

Bo does no. This is the best robot analogy. I’Ve ever been in strawberry buble, my favorite, you mean bubbly. No, i mean bubbly you’re michael buble, that’s, a bubbly she’s right, michael buble it’s, pronounced boobly. I know thanks davey. Can i have your autograph, mr bubbly it’s, boobly, Music Applause, michael don’t, do that number five i’m, a close talker, so i was excited about all new colgate total. Its breakthrough formula. Does more wonderful sensitivity strengthens teeth? It kills germs through my whole mouth. I, like your confidence thanks mr lee, now there’s no such thing as too close. Yes, there is no there’s, not yes. There is no there’s, not okay. All new colgate total do more for your whole mouth, i’m stacking cheddar, jalapeno and sour cream and onion. The spicy nacho stack how many pringles flavor stack combinations. Are there 318 000. Sadly, i’ll never know the joy of tasting any for. I have no hands to stack with no mouth to taste, with no soul to feel with. I am at the mercy of a cruel and uncaring cool play. Funkytown Music. Michael last week you expressed some anxiety about starring in uh, skittles, commercial, the broadway musical. Yes, i have been having some doubts. I mean i don’t really do ads well, it would be stressful to be seen by millions of people in the big game. No just to be clear. The ad won’t be on the actual game. People will buy tickets and watch it live in a theater.

You have to buy a ticket to see an ad yeah it’s. A real broadway show huh fun. Can i chime in here, because i think i could provide some clarity? Who are you how’d? You get in here great questions i’m, the living manifestation of your anxieties, which ones i know right, but no just the ones about the tv commercials it’s, not a tv commercial. What it’s a website? No it’s a live, skittles musical ad performed in a broadway theater. I thought this was an actual ad on the game. You’Re a scarecrow! Excuse me: we do not use those kind of labels in this office. I’Ve, never scared a crow in my life. Why is this? So confusing to everyone, michael nobody here is judging you. We just think you make terrible career decisions. Okay, fine! I won’t make the skittles ad i’ll never make an ad again Applause, broadway the rainbow taste the rainbow. What does home mean to me it’s my sanctuary, it’s, the one place. I can let my guard down that’s, why i can just kick back and be totally comfortable in my own skin. You know what i’m saying rocket mortgage understands that home, where i can be myself and that feels pretty darn good home is where you feel the most comfortable and rocket mortgage helps. You feel comfortable financing that home with a personalized and convenient experience. Centered around you rocket mortgage push button get mortgage. You got this wireless for 20 bucks a month, that’s, not right, it’s, right all right now, chunky style, milk that’s, not right.

I choose chunky style milk because it has the wholesome chunks. Growing kids need, unlike smooth style, milk, hey guys, save some chunks. For me, oh that’s, not right kind of like your wireless bill. Mint mobile is easy online and just 20 bucks a month right now buy one month and get two months free at number one. Like to reheat pasta, reheating, pasta, it’s, cool right yeah, i didn’t know you guys, put alexa in a microwave yeah we’re, putting her a lot of stuff now. But trust me. There are a lot of fails like like what like alexa Music, four dogs ordering dog food ordering dogs. You can bark all you want i’m, not paying for any more dog food ordering gravy ordering sausages. Hey you better cancel that order likes a hot tub, a sucked lexa play music, okay, Music, and then there was the incident. Wait that that was you guys i don’t know.

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