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I might actually have to pay attention to the foosball game, going on hey guys, thanks so much clicking on this video. My name is chris right around the corner. This sunday we have the super bowl coming up and if you’re a chubby cheek man like me, you’re, probably not all that into sports and are one of the cool individuals who only watch super bowl for the commercials that yes, i consider that a personality trait. What i’m gon na do here, for you guys, is breaking down all the little teaser trailers that you can expect to see. Come this sunday at the super bowl, it’s, usually a fantastic time for movie fans this time of the year, because there are so many stuff that they go ahead and promote sometimes it’s. Our first look at a movie we’ve all been looking for. But let me just tell y’all last year, in 2020, we had about eight great super bowl trailers for movies, like the quiet place, two sonic, the hedgehog movie sponge on the run fast and furious. Nine. No time to die minions are rising good top gun, maverick mulat. Basically, what i’m saying here out of all those trailers that they showed, including black widow, only two of those movies we actually got to see released to the public in 2020 and all those other movies marketing disappeared and keep in mind. It cost the studio for one ad 30 seconds to play at the super bowl five million dollars.

Okay, that’s money went down the drain, that’s the entire cost of making willy’s wonderland man. So because of that reason, trailers this year will be pretty light. We still have some that are coming that are gon na, be some surprises out there. Things that’ll probably make a lot of people happy, but oh man, all the stuff. We could have gotten if the pandemic never happened. I’M just dangerous about it. I tried to go studio by studio. Universal here is usually pretty good at spending money at the super bowl. Like i said last year, they gave us a fast and furious nine trailer. Unfortunately, even though that movie is still set to come out right now, 2021, they don’t want to risk marketing this film, because the date is still kind of uncertain for them. Instead, they’re going to be going ahead and showing us our first look to the new m night, shyamalan movie called old, now say what you will about m night shyamalan, but i still find him to be a real creative director and i think he’s had a little Bit of a better stride lately – and this is an original idea of his – that we have no idea what it’s about we kind of just have this poster, and this little five second tease that they released like they’re, going to keep releasing all the way up till The super bowl, but if i had a guess from this poster, it probably has something to do with time, probably an area where it manipulates your age and you grow old.

I don’t even know man. All i know is there’s gon na be a twist at the end, that’s gon na piss us off or make us really happy the big trailers that you can actually expect to see come at the super bowl for guaranteed release. Things are films that are going straight to streaming and one of those being amazon primes coming to america too, heck in fact me making this video right now they just released a full length trailer for coming to america too. So i don’t know if you’re that excited for a 30 second trailer come to the super bowl. It looks like a lot of fun, i’ll be checking it out and really the super bowl is just a time to get the general audience aware that a movie like this is coming and with netflix right now, it’s kind of very hush hush exactly to what they’re Going to be showing us at the super bowl because they have a huge lineup of big blockbuster movies set to come out, but some of the ones that i put my money on for them to heavily market at the super bowl is something like red notice. This is the big blockbuster movie that they have up and coming that stars, dwayne, the rock johnson ryan reynolds gal gadot, i mean, if you have a star like dwayne, johnson and ryan reynolds in your movie i’m thinking, that’s a movie. You want to market to the people and let them know it’s coming up the other one.

I would think they’d want to go ahead and market and finally show us some trailer footage of because they’ve given us little snippets of it, is zack snyder’s army of the dead. This is a movie i’m, highly anticipating from zack snyder, where it’s a group of mercenaries who go into a quarantined area of las vegas, where there’s a bunch of zombies but they’re, going there to try and get all the money that was left behind before that area. Was quarantined, there’s rumors that this film is getting a summer release date, so super bowl would be kind of the perfect time to let people know to get signed up for netflix. The only other thing is one year in particular: they went ahead and dropped a whole movie after the super bowl don’t forget they premiered cloverfield paradox as a little teaser trailer and the big bomb show at the end of that, trailer was available to watch right. Freaking. Now it’d be kind of awesome if they keep up that tradition and they do it again, probably what will be the ultimate cop out, teaser trailer at the super bowl, but hey we’ve, gotten used to it with this company right here is warner. Brothers is a company that doesn’t usually like to spend money at the super bowl for trailers and whatnot, and that made me sad because i was really hoping we would get some space jam 2 trailers. Maybe another look at the mortal kombat movie, even extra couple of seconds of footage of godzilla vs kong, which is coming up.

So i would think they’d want to market that and while they’re not going to give dedicated trailers to those movies, instead they’re going to be doing what they’ve been doing the past couple of months and they’re just going to give us a combined trailer that’s going to Promote hbo max and the streaming service where they have movies coming out in theaters and on that platform the exact same day so it looks like you can expect to see some space jam 2. Some godzilla vs kong, mortal kombat, but don’t expect 30 seconds expect more. Like a second or two seconds, all combined with all these other movies, they have slated up but getting to the company. I think that always brings it. Come around super bowl time, whether you like it or not, is disney with their marvel. Cinematic universe and it’s already been confirmed. That disney has bought four spots for trailers at the super bowl now it’s still kind of unknown exactly what these four trailers are, that they’re gon na go ahead and be showing at the super bowl, but i don’t think it’s kind of that hard to guess. One thing for sure: they’re gon na be promoting disney plus and last time at the super bowl. We got this combined teaser, trailer where it showed loki falcon and winter soldier and one division, given that one division is pretty popular right now, i’m, not sure if they’d go ahead and give us a super bowl trailer.

But i think you could definitely expect a falcon and winter soldier trailer because that’s the next show coming up. But again, i think it’d be a combined trailer showing off some new footage of those upcoming disney plus shows marvel. Fans are really hoping, though, aside from that combined trailer. The other three trailers could be something like our final first look at eternals. This is a movie that was supposed to come out a long time ago, we’re supposed to have marketing and so much for this film. So you know they’re just sitting on this shang chi is a movie that’s, almost done filming, so they probably have at least 30 seconds of footage out to show the public, and i know some people are hoping for a black widow trailer but it’s still up in The air, if they’re gon na release this movie come, may there’s a lot of reports saying that they’re gon na go ahead and delay this film, but i’ll tell you if we get a black widow trailer and they promote that, may release date it’s over they’re, not Gon na delay that movie, they just spent millions of dollars to show that super bowl ad no way are they gon na go ahead and move that film. Some people are even believing that the super bowl trailer will make the announcement that you can watch it in theaters and pay that extra fee on disney plus kind of like they did with mulan on that it might not even be all marvel related.

Only one trailer could be marvel disney, plus and then the other three are other up and coming movies that they have like ray of the last dragon, which has already been confirmed to go to theaters and disney plus, on the same day, with that fee we have Jungle cruise with dwayne johnson, coming up, we have cruella, which is set to go straight to disney plus now. So you can really expect disney to be the one to mainly bring in at the super bowl this year, but time for the bad news here, because i know a lot of us were hoping: we’d get a venom, let there be carnage, trailer and so far variety Has confirmed among traditional studios, sony warner, brothers and paramount aren’t dropping any teaser trailers, however, plans could always change prior to sunday. Those are the studios that will not be marketing this year. Paramount makes a lot of sense. They did spend quite a few bucks in 2020 for almost none of their movies to be shown other than sonic warner. Brothers, like i said, even without the pandemic, they rarely promote at the super bowl that left sony right here and sony is in charge of venom. 2 and spider man 3, and they said right here – they do not plan to market their films. Where i told you guys that little ad that popped up online that said expect of nm2 trailer at the super bowl is fake and it was kind of obvious we wouldn’t get any spider.

Man, 3 news, or maybe even the title – reveal because well the movie’s still kind of far away it doesn’t make sense that they would promote it. This far ahead, when they say things could change last minute, is that studios have been known to buy tv spots for the super bowl the same day or the day before, but as of right now they have not decided to, and that is a depressing list of Teaser trailers and up and coming movies – you can expect to see this sunday i’m still excited to see this stuff it’ll be a lot of fun it’s, just not going to be nowhere as cool as some of the years we have before, but it makes sense and Let’S just start hoping that the next year super bowl will be fantastic. Let me know which one you guys are looking forward to what surprise trailer. Do you want to be the one that drops really love to hear your guys, opinions on this anything and everything be sure to leave your thoughts down below don’t forget to like and subscribe, but follow me on twitter at the rc film review, as always i’m. Chris.

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