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A pair of star quarterbacks, a generation apart, but a pair of coaches and a referee will get their star turns as well. Making history in the process nbc’s, stephanie goss, has our sunday focus tonight. History will be made and it won’t just be these guys who make it. For the first time, two female coaches will be on the sidelines: morale giovanni farr and lori locust for the bucks and on the field. Sarah thomas, the first woman to ref a super bowl. We caught up with her in 2013 as she got set to ref her first nfl game. Recalling a childhood conversation with her brother, i said: can girls do that and he said i guess so. I honestly don’t feel like they treat me any differently. The players truly just want you to do a job, nba, refs, jenna schroeder and natalie sago, who became the first female duo to ref a game in january love the message it sends having thomas on the field for the nba to put two women on a game For the first time it was a big deal. Seeing is believing for them to put sarah thomas out there on one of the biggest platforms in the sports world and she has a ponytail and you can tell she’s a woman from a mile away. Sago says the nba has been just as supportive i’ve actually had a coach. Look me straight in the eye and say we commend you, ladies for being out here, the first major league baseball coach, alyssa knockin feels responsible for women who come after her.

Sometimes i do feel the pressure of like if i mess up what, if this hurts the chances of another female. Getting this a role like this, do you feel pressured to be like one of the guys i’ve felt that i could be myself every single day and that’s, something that we all kind of talk about, and even the guys too they’re like we don’t want to just Like call you, the female coach, like we’re, calling you a coach like thank you, women have been knocking on the door of men’s professional sports for years, and now that door is opening the nfl had eight female coaches. This year, one playoff weekend, six were on the field that was really powerful for me to be able to see that much representation in such a competitive aspect of the season. Kelly brownson is coach for the cleveland browns jen king coaches running backs for the washington football team, which came first, the league’s confidence that you could do this job or your confidence that you could do this job, probably the league. Just because you know nothing. Nothing was really happening for women in the nfl. Like this bucks, coach, lori locust says she hopes. The first wave of women in the league will inspire the next one. It’S been nice to be on the forefront of the building of the framework for the rest of the women coaches that are going to be coming in. Do you sit there and think hey, maybe there’s a chance.

I can be a head coach at some point. You work hard, um you’re, you add value and – and you see kind of what happens – and i know, whoever that person is is going to be phenomenal, i’m excited and whoever it is, is going to have my full support and hopefully give me a job on their Staff and stephanie joins me now live steph good morning. It has been great to see all these women break into such high profile positions across professional sports over the last few years, as you just laid out in the piece. So why is it finally happening now? Well, you know really, i think, there’s an appreciation that there’s no one successful coaching style and having different kinds of coaches for an organization can actually be beneficial, and you heard the coaches say that they need to be authentic, but they also need to be good in The end they said these are professional athletes, they want to get better and they want to win, and if these coaches can get them there, then that will be success. You know, lori locus was asked a very similar question. She said you know, the proof is in the pudding we’re going to be on the field on sunday really yeah they’ll be they’ll, be in that spotlight. Today now steph i know you’re a patriots fan. You may have mixed feelings about watching tom brady playing a super bowl for another team.

So who do you have today yeah yeah? Well, you know what no mixed failings i’m, obviously rooting for the bucks, but if i had to put five dollars down, oh it’s, hard to it’s hard to bet against patrick mahomes that’s, where the rubber meets the road steph thanks.

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