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The countdown is on to super bowl 55 at raymond. James stadium we’re almost there and you can enjoy all the fun in tampa without having to splurge on a really high priced ticket. Fox 35 david martin is live this morning at the nfl super bowl experience, hey david. Well, i hear danielle and amy that super bowl tickets are going for like 10 20, maybe even a million dollars each. So we can’t afford that. Naturally, today or tomorrow, maybe we can – i don’t know, but dan kitchen might dan is with us he’s the spokesperson for the experience. How are you brother man i’m doing great? Thank you it’s how much to get inside the experience. It is free, yeah, that’s. What i like there, ladies free f, r e e it’s, where you can come down here and you can kick balls and you can throw balls. You can do a two minute drill i’m, not going to make you do this on camera. Nor am i going to make myself on camera it’s just too dang cold don’t. You agree. Oh my gosh it’s freezing. I thought it was warm here. No sorry he’s from l.a, so he’s like what happened to florida. All right. I want to show some video of what we shot here on saturday, which was by the way a glorious day. It was packed just to give our audience an idea of what they can expect if they come down here at three o’clock, all right, let’s.

Take a look at that raise your hand if you’re going to race. All four of you now raise your hand if you’re going to win very competitive. I love that. What is your strategy to win? What’S your strategy, dad nice, oh strategy, easy i’m gon na win. I know it: oh maisie’s got oh she’s going for that football. She knows what she wants. Let’S get her up, close knock down that defender. You never know what’s what creativity you might spark by putting a child that close to the basket and letting her know. Do it in there you go good for her. What a sweetheart he’s got, the oh, he just cracked his knuckles, he just cracked his neck what’s, your name nathaniel nathaniel! Where are you from buddy? Oh boston, boston, massachusetts, all the way down here from boston. All right. Good luck! You got three balls. Okay, you got two more chances. Nathaniel! You got ta get one of those in okay, that’s, all right, dude, it’s, okay, it’s! A lot get closer Music all right. At least you hit the defender as soon as you cross these sensors, your time’s, going to start. The goal is to just grab the football, throw it at the target, go as fast as you can and move on the next station, and then your 30 seconds will start there on that back wall. So you should pass this center. Okay, all right! So whatever good luck dad is taking off, she’s got the football in the first one that’s a green light.

He’S got 30 seconds target number two successful and he’s got one more to make it a three out of three feeling pretty good about this one and it’s a slam dunk on my tackle football team – i’m, the kicker, but all right i mean you have a million Point seven people watching when you’re doing this all right, so good luck: okay, oh yeah, dude, fist bump for you, man, Music, all righty, alrighty, already dan kitchen it’s a lot of fun out here and the lines for each of those attractions about 30 minutes. So people do come out here today between three and ten you’re open for seven hours. Can our audience in orlando come out and enjoy that today? Yes, they can. We are allowing walk ups for today only today only tomorrow, sorry guys, if you don’t, have a reservation. You’Re not going what’s the app they have to download right now. Fans have to download the nfl one pass app and when they do, they can register for a session and that’s for today. Yes, all right, my friend good luck with the crowds at three o’clock they’re. All gon na come from central florida to have fun amy and danielle you’ll be among them. I know for certain absolutely danielle said: she’d drive yes and amy said that she paid for all the food.

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