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I want to discuss super bowl 55, which is taking place on february 7. 2021. We have the kansas city chiefs, taking on tampa bay, buccaneers it’s, going to be a good one, but there is a person that i want to Music talk about that’s, going to be there uh. Yes, this person will be on the field uh. What will they be doing on the field? They will be refereeing. The game, uh. Well, you say: well, you know, there’s refs out there uh no there’s, one particular referee, that i want to talk about and that’s that person right there. Yes, her name for you guys that don’t know and females that don’t know is sarah thomas. Yes, sarah thomas will be making history to be the first referee to officiate an official super bowl, that’s news, that’s news, so let’s just break down um who she is um and how did she become the first female to referee, a super bowl? Well, i got some notes right here that i want to pretty much go over. Basically, she is a mom of three. She was born uh september 21st, 1973, okay out of uh, mississippi uh. She went to college uh at the university of mobile uh and on the uniform that she has. She will be wearing the number 53, so that’s very interesting um and i never knew that they had numbers on the uniforms. But once again the las vegas sports talk is giving you news that you can use okay, so let’s pretty much try to dive into this uh.

She is the first woman to officially officiate let’s use that word officiate a major college football game. She is also the first to officiate a bowl game. She is the first to officiate in a big 10 stadium uh. She was hired uh by the nfl on april 8, 2015 as a full time referee. So my hat’s hat goes off to her. So you know you’re saying what did she? How did she get into this uh referee and i came up with uh uh. I think i have an answer for you. I have an answer for you uh. She uh basically uh her brother uh. She used to attend the meetings of the referees uh when a brother coached the high school uh. So i guess that sparked her interest uh. It says from the time that she was in the fifth grade. Basically, she uh had a lot of influence to become a football coach um. She officiated uh in high school uh, where she made history, uh first female to coach at a high school level. Uh she was the first female to coach at a college level and the first two uh officiate at a united football league and then became a full time female for the nfl um. One thing that really uh sparked my interest in doing this story is that you know this day and age. People uh want to do things to. I guess the word they use is cloud, but no, not her.

She uses it to well. Let me just quote her uh or paraphrase uh: what sh, how the how her career started? Uh, basically uh. She hopes to uh continue officiating uh. This is something that she wanted to do in her heart and she says which i like this, that she loves the and of officiating, but not the recognition. So for all you, young females out there don’t go out and do it and say: oh well, i’m. The first to do this and i’m the first to do that? No do it because you uh love doing your job! Okay, so there you have it uh. Sarah thomas first female to officiate in the super bowl super bowl. 55 uh. This is the las vegas sports. Talk uh make sure you leave me a comment down below. Let me know what you think also be sure to check out my facebook page, my twitter page and my instagram page.

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Super Bowl, Sarah Thomas, Bowl game, NFL, Referee 1st Female NFL Ref at the Big Game

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