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Next we’ll go to ryan dunleavy, hey bruce. I wanted to ask you about the uh, no risky, no biscuit philosophy where its origins come from and honestly bruce i’m wondering. Do you live that way in other parts of your life, like i don’t know, are you aggressive in real estate or finance or anything you have that kind of philosophy other places too yeah? I think it started uh. You know when i was young one of my coaches put the poem if by roger kipling in our playbook, and it just talks about not being afraid to throw your hat in a ring, fail or win bounce back and keep on going. I do apply it to everyday life, you’re, not guaranteed the next day. I hit a lot of balls in the water going forward in two knowing i can’t get there, but i don’t get there unless i try and that one out of ten that makes it it’s a great feeling and uh, so yeah that’s uh, just how that’s how I live life next we’ll go to nate davis, hey coach you’ve worked with a lot of really premier quarterbacks uh. Obviously, during your career i’m, just wondering with your year with tom here, what’s really just just thinking with him, maybe that you didn’t realize beforehand and maybe particularly in terms of things we don’t see on sunday. I think the biggest thing with tom is he’s, just one of the guys you know until you’re, with a guy of his stature, you really don’t know his personality on a daily basis.

He is just fantastically one of the guys and uh. He does such a great job working with younger and older players. It’S like having another coach on the field and it’s been fantastic. Next we’ll go to michael hurley, hey bruce uh. Another question about tom jason light last week said that when tom signed he wanted the number seven he thought about it. Going for that. Seventh super bowl, uh you’ve coached a lot of players uh. Everyone wants to win, obviously, but tom, obviously being not satisfied with six super bowls what’s it been like or what’s unique about his his passion to win. Well, i think the great quarterbacks all have it: they, they have the ability to will themselves on other people uh to make sure that everybody has bought into the cause and the causes of rain, putting a championship on in your trophy case. So tom brings that attitude. Every single day and it permeates throughout the entire locker room. Next we’ll go to neil reynolds, hi coach, neil from sky sports uh in the uk uh coach. I was sat in your office in march about a week before you signed tom brady, and you seemed in a very good mood, and now i realize why um, i know it’s a one game at a time business, but once you signed him did you did you Think you might have a shot at where you are right now. Did you allow yourself to get excited about it? Yes, i did.

I thought that that was the missing piece. Then jason did such a great job of adding pieces as we went along and rob leonard, antonio and other guys. Ross cockrell has been one of the best pickups we’ve had the entire season so yeah. I thought it was possible, and that was our goal, because i knew how good a football team we had and what we were missing and we were missing that belief that we were good enough. Next we’ll go to susie, colbert hi, bruce, hey, suze, hey! So much was made throughout the whole season about your relationship with tom and the collaboration and how it was going on. One of our shows, steve young even said early on calling him out in the media, was a calculated thing. How much did you think about yeah? What i’m saying to the media or how this looks and how the whole thing progressed as soon as you know me i don’t think about. I just answer questions honestly. If somebody asked me why he threw an interception i’ll tell him the truth. That is not calling him out. That’S just answering a question honestly uh, i really don’t know any other way. Uh tom and i’ve had a great relationship since day, one and it’s just gotten better and better, and he wants to be coached hard just because of that. Other people do things differently, but he knew what he was getting into when he joined this one.

Next, a little lindsey jones, hey, bruce um you’ve, been pretty critical about the hiring process and the hiring cycle previously. Do you think it would help if the nfl made a rule to move it to after the super bowl? How would that impact coaches like yours and also eric the enemy that do coach all the way through the super bowl yeah? I think that would be a great rule. I really do if everybody had to wait until after i know, everybody’s going to go behind their back anyway and agents will have agreements with people, but i think the hiring process should wait till after the season. Next we’ll go to greg almond, hey bruce. Obviously we had some great plays the last three weeks from sean murphy bunting. I know he’s come a long way from his first preseason uh when you had to kind of have some harsh words for him in terms of showing up and not not being invisible out there. Where have you seen the biggest growth from him? Well, i think the biggest thing was sean. He was playing, beat up almost the entire season and he learned to play with injuries and still play extremely well uh. It was a matter of getting his confidence back totally that he could play um. Like i told him, you had 85 percent better than most people at 100. and uh so just get out there and do what you can do best uh.

Then you know started making plays uh one after another and now he’s playing with extreme confidence. Next we’ll go to katie baker, hi there, coach um. I was wondering if you could speak a little bit to the comeback of jason, pierre paul, especially in light of what you were saying earlier about. You know kind of getting back up and i think your beginning, as a coach coincided with his. You know car accident and i’d love to hear about what you’ve seen from him over the years. Yeah i mean it’s. Amazing i mean jason is just he’s a medic medical uh genetic freak uh. The way he can bounce back from severe injury uh what he did. You know after his hand, injury, but that car wreck uh, i was just hoping he was gon na – be able to walk and and uh. Football was the first thing from my mind, and he told me so i’ll be back and lo and behold his first playback. He gets a sack and he’s just he has a rolling ball of energy every single day and uh, just just outstanding he’s, the best uh best guy at playing, injured and being tough uh that i know next, a lot of mike jones, uh, bruce it’s, been very Rare that a quarterback can get to a super bowl with multiple teams. Tom will be just the fourth um. What does it say about his longevity and why is it so special that um, you know him and peyton manning only two guys to win two super bowls with two different teams.

If you know i, i think you uh, you hit it right on the head. Two of the greatest ever played the game. Very seldom. Do those guys ever become available uh so that you know with peyton with the neck entry and everything that went on and what he did was just absolutely remarkable, coming back and then winning the super bowl uh tom is, you know, he’s still got a lot and Left in him and uh for him to come to another ball club and do what he’s done is just absolutely remarkable uh, especially when you look at no no all season and uh that just the continual growth from september to october november. Until now and we’re still growing next hello, sarah walsh, hey bruce, can you just update us on what practice was like for you guys today? I know you had some of the media craziness yesterday, but sort of um the more football like routine of getting back to that today and just update us on those guys that are everyone’s kind of keeping an eye on injury. Wise yeah today was a bonus day. So it was strictly walk through uh we had about 40 or 50 players to walk through and uh, so all those guys participated but they’re still not ready to go next. A little tom rock bruce two quick questions. If i could the first um about your uh, your brief retirement, i i’ve heard you talk about how the stars aligned to bring you to uh to tampa what uh, if they hadn’t do, you think you would would have been content uh, not being a head coach, Yeah totally, i totally would have um the the thing that doing the broadcasting um was fun just being in locker room, seeing coaches seeing players going to practice on fridays and uh.

You know i had no itch to come back. I got excited because of this job. Uh, because of jason light and ownership was fantastic, jason’s, a great friend and then when all those assistants became available and we could put our whole whole group back together. My wife got excited when she gets excited, then i got excited about it and uh really really. Look forward to it and it’s been just a blessing and then the second one was uh. If i could just ask you real quick to talk about the impact that mike greenberg has on the organization in the front office, oh it’s, unbelievable. If there’s a any kind of question anything green he’s got the answer, i mean he’s, absolutely amazing and uh. He is tireless man he’s on the phone he’s on the phone 20 out of 24 hours a day, and i don’t think he ever sleeps but he’s invaluable to this organization. We have about five more minutes. Next we’ll go to adam kilgore, bruce um, when you were with byron in pittsburgh at the end of his playing career uh. What did you see um about um, whether it was the way he viewed the game or the way he related to other players? That made you think he would be a coach and then uh if i could follow up on that, how uh how’d the process go for you to try to lure him out of this sort of golfing life and into uh your staff.

Yeah i mean byron was one of the smartest players that i’d ever coached and uh. You know a lot of times. We used wristbands, he wanted to hear the play and he had. He was one of those guys. I start the formation. He’D already know the play. I’M calling and uh, but he was already at that time, um helping the other players coaching, a b coaching emanuel sanders, coaching ben just helping those guys out and he had a great way of teaching it. And if i wanted some things, uh messaged to some guys. I’D, either get byron or charlie batch, who, i also thought would have been a hell of a coach but uh. Both those guys were such bright. Quarterbacks got the whole game, not just offense. They got the whole game as far as getting him out. I tried for about three years and uh tom conan and i are good friends and i kept hitting tom hey. Is he ready yet has he ready yet and then? Finally, at the combine a few years back, he said you know what i think he might be ready. I said: i’ve got a job, i’ll make a job uh. If, if him, when he’s ready to come out and try this, so we created an internship and uh and put him on it and and the rest is history, he has run with it. Next we’ll go to rick stroud rick. Can yours all right, we’ll go to james schooley, hi, bruce um.

Andy reid said that he’s going to celebrate with his patented cheeseburger. If they win this week at super bowl 53. You told us one sunny day at the top golf that um you like to drink. In the parking lot with friends, players and their families after the game, how would you celebrate winning this super bowl uh with all our players and coaches i mean it was. It would be just some remarkable um. You know our setup’s a little bit different here than what i’ve had in the past. As far as the parking lot uh but uh, we will find an adult beverage somewhere and have a great great time next we’ll go to kim jones. Hey bruce.

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tom Brady, Bruce Arians, Head coach, Super Bowl : 'I ain't going anywhere' after win

Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tom Brady, Bruce Arians, Head coach, Super Bowl Coach Bruce Arians Super Bowl LV Press Conference