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We had the same situation in arizona as we have here: uh scouts and coaches we’re on the same team. We work hand in hand uh. So when jason was running, the meetings for steve, kaim steve – and i were great friends – jason was just right there with us and uh. So when we were evaluating people, it was coaches scouts. Everybody and uh jason had a huge, huge part of that, and so did our coaching staff. So we uh, we believe in it’s, it’s all it’s one team, one cause it’s, not personnel versus coaches. Next go to andrew japazi, hi bruce. How are you good how you doing i’m doing well uh? I know you’re still figuring things out with uh with uh some injuries and everything but uh. You know what has jordan whitehead’s progress been like as a player the last couple years. Where has he progressed the most and maybe what is his ceiling as a safety for you guys? Well, the one thing about jordan uh throws facing the fan now: he’s, not afraid of getting mixing it up, and he has really improved in his past defense, especially his man coverage. He’S worked extremely hard at it and uh. You know he’s booked himself up so that he can be as physical, a safety as there is, and he’s got a great nose for the ball, so he just continues to improve, especially in his past defense. Next we’ll go gently: hey coach um.

Could you just give us an update on how your guys are progressing jordan whitehead, antoine winfield, jr antonio brown, specifically yeah? All those guys were limited today, um they they got about half a practice in and and most of them look pretty good we’ll see how the swellings uh goes tomorrow on, on a b for sure and antonio jordan. He had a non contact jersey on, but he was flying around looking pretty good next we’ll go to karen loftus, hey coach. You actually just talked about this earlier about byron’s um, one leg game as i’m calling it – and i actually wanted to ask you about that. Um, have you ever used that video in your coaching, maybe like on your onboarding, be like if you’re not this kind of tough, we don’t need you on your on our team. No, i have not uh but uh. That speaks volumes for byron and uh, and i think that that picture uh emulates, who he is to the t next little dj with forbes, hey how’s, it going coach evans dude how you doing tj i’m doing good uh. So obviously you guys were team last year. Even though you guys have a lot of talent this year, you bring in tom brady uh what is the biggest difference that you’ve seen the biggest value that tom brady has brought to this offense in this team? Well, i think his confidence level and his preparation level, but uh, i think the biggest difference is obviously in the turnover ratio.

Um. You know eliminating turnovers, creating more turnovers and protecting the football, so um we’re still, i think, a very explosive offense with tom but uh. We have eliminated a lot of turnovers and um just his overall leadership. Next we’ll go to paolo with espn. Can you hear me coach? Yes, sorry about that um, they call it the quarterback whisperer right, having worked with big ben and carson palmer and um. Also, andrew luck, i’m wondering how has the relationship been with tom brady and if you had to tweak, maybe something that you’ve done in the past with him? And what have you learned if anything about the quarterback position with tom brady? Well, i think um with tom there’s not much to tweak it’s, just a matter of verbiage. You know when he came in and we were when we were talking in in pre agency about one guy learning a language versus 21, guys learning another language, because i had been in the system, the earhart system that he had come from and he was all he Was all in as far as learning this system and uh but uh he there’s not much to tweak man. He knows how to take care of himself and he’s a great great player uh. His preparation uh reminds me so much of peyton manning uh. Those two guys just set the bar as far as preparation for for the guys that i have coached and you know ben didn’t want that stuff.

He big ben. He just liked to go play and he knew what he was doing. But you didn’t want to overload him, but andrew luck was the same way. I mean he just he was so smart, but all these guys have a grit about them that they can will themselves on other people and make them win next. We’Ll go to greg almond. Hey bruce of all the challenges in this season, i wanted to ask you how you get a team to be as close as this team now is, when you don’t have the down time and the personal interaction you normally have in a football season, yeah it’s been Amazing greg um, i i think, with the pandemic and the sacrifices that they’ve all made for each other uh, the only time yeah they go to work and they go home uh, but we don’t get to sit and eat together. We don’t sit and get to sit and just have conversations you know uh, but it’s amazing. To me how close this team is – and i think it’s because of the commitment they made to one another to beat the virus before we could beat another team. Next we’ll go sarah walsh, hey bruce. I wanted to follow up with you on jenna asked about the injuries and not specifically their status, but you know throughout the course of the season. Sometimes you’re arrested guys and trying to play the long game and there is no long game here right, there’s, just a couple of days left, so i i know.

Obviously you don’t put anybody in jeopardy. But what are you telling these guys and clearly it would be heartbreaking to to be close to going and not be able to play in the game that everybody wants to to play in. So what do you tell these guys in terms of trying to get them back and get them back in a safe manner? Yeah, just be honest with me: don’t don’t try to don’t try to fool anybody. The worst thing that can happen for a guy who is limited is to come in and get hurt right away now: we’re down in roster spots and and we’re really, you know we didn’t get the other guy ready, so we’re getting a lot of guys, ready and And we’ll make those decisions on saturday uh who’s going to be available, who’s not and hopefully, hopefully, we’ll – keep your fingers across the lr. We have time for a couple more next we’ll go to joel erickson um. What did you take away from your first head? Coaching experience in indianapolis just that first year that you’ve carried with you through your coaching career, i learned how to delegate you know that thing happened in 24 hours, so there was no uh. There was no time to to try to do anything different uh. We had a great you know: chuck had a great system with a great schedule. It says: hey man, everybody do your job, i’ll decide if we’re gon na go for it on fourth down and and i don’t give speeches.

So i talked a little bit on saturday nights, but hey just do your job and – and i realized two things i could call plays and be a head coach, but i learned to delegate that was even more important. Next we’ll go to nick jacobs, bruce when you’re watching patrick mahomes. What stands out to you about him skill set wise and what he’s able to do on the field? I guess the real. You know great question, but it’s probably better the other way. What doesn’t surprise you you can do anything anything and everything uh the most i mean when he back pedals. There is no pocket because he just keeps back pedaling and no one in the league. Any leg can stop and throw that ball or you keep back pedaling. I throw that ball accurately down the field as far as he can, so he he is a very, very unique player.

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tom Brady, Bruce Arians, Head coach, Super Bowl : Brady Was The Missing Piece | Super Bowl LV Press Conference

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