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I was surprised to see 0.06 pay around 401 pitcher again, so it is very good to see that these d5 points are absolutely killing it absolutely killing it. Okay and of course, and maybe still very enterprise, ethereum now moving on to the next news, coffee bullish legacy culmination first, i fell in love with bitcoin now i’m feeling falling in love with the francis suarez. So francis hagon subsidy about francis is he’s a mayor of uh miami, okay, miami and florida, and basically, of course, one of the state from united states of united states of america. Right they are going. Employees should be able to take their salaries and bitcoin. Basically, okay, they can. They should be able Music, progressive, Music Music, can bank a users to buy and sell bitcoin and or participate in a new crypto features. Now you can increase user engagement and retention by attracting customers interested in crypto. Exactly because Music facilitated is the network of choice for digital currency, wallets, block 5 wallet circle, wallet, coinbase, fold, zappo right, it is! It comes to the visa crypto come to distribute europe and canada. Of course they are partnered up so a lot of crypto companies. So you already know a partnership which is great, and this would be the last one is uh this okay, so amazon has got a new ceo i’ve gone with jeff bezos was the ceo of amazon. Now he’s stepped down there’s a new ceo called andy jassy.

Now andy jassy, first of all, amazon is one of the biggest marketplace online right, so andy jassy was handling amazon web services, but now he is also the ceo of the total amazon. Now, logo looked like the andy jassy now since andy jassy is the ceo of amazon as a possible heck is the very soon amazon marketplaces. Your amazon shopping that will facilitate bitcoin. Crypto is because blockchain services of an idea, so he has built a solution. Amazon managed blockchain is a fully managed services that makes it easy to join public networks or create and manage scalable private networks using the popular open source frameworks, hyperledger fabric and ethereum preview, so amazon managed blockchain so already solutions when i have to blockchain related radio bitcoins They’Re not bitcoin, but it’s related time, so it is possible that he now since he is a ceo now that he he will find some or the other way to integrate crypto in amazon. That will be huge at least um. So it is very sad, but at the same time i got overall news there worldwide, for example, visa and the micro strategy handling the meat holding the meeting for thousands of ceos and then miami ceos coming ahead and saying bassam, look, you know high tech city, but Engage and employees they should be getting paid in bitcoin and crypto is amazing and of course, ethereum futures launch coming up d5 tokens performing so well. Sorry, the f5 tokens already performed the overall they are doing well.

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