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Let you guys know that i do now live stream daily on a different youtube channel called daytrade with benji. The link is down below in the description. If you guys want to subscribe to it and literally catch me, live streaming every single day during market trading hours, we pretty much hang out. I show you guys all the trades i make on my other portfolios, because i have day trading portfolios. I have like all kinds of portfolios honestly that i don’t show on this channel, necessarily so stop by daytrade with benji and definitely subscribe, and hopefully we’ll see all of you guys tomorrow at market open so far in the market. Today we have had an overall green day, but sort of this mixed day at that, sometimes our opportunities are down. The dow currently with about a half hour left in the market, is up, though almost one percent smp up s p up 1.71 nasdaq is up 2.61 leading the way and the vix is being crushed down 10. As of the moment now, some of the biggest news today guys robin hood – did raise some money over the weekend. Apparently they raised 2.4 billion dollars as brokerage deals with retail frenzy. Apparently, robin hood was able to raise this money just over the weekend, which is actually pretty impressive. That brought to the total of the 3.4 million. The firm has raised amid the recent market volatility, so robinhood is getting some more support from other investors during this insane time.

As far as gamestop and the others, though, sort of a mixed day, some of them are up. Some of them are down we’ll. Take a look here in a second but gamestop gamestop specifically, is currently down around 30 percent of this moment, so we are seeing maybe the back end of this short squeeze frenzy. I don’t know if this is going to keep going on, but it really does feel like the public as a whole is sort of getting diverted. Now, there’s lots of talks about silver being the next squeeze there’s lots of talks about all kinds of things and as far as the big portfolio today is still on robinhood, because the transfer did not go through yet the transfer is in progress. Also, within a few days, we should have this portfolio over on td ameritrade, which will be really cool, but the dividend portfolio right now, isn’t at four thousand six hundred and fifteen dollars. We’Re up one point: two: one percent: on this green green day, we’re sitting at three hundred eighty six thousand and some change, i did withdraw some money from robin that’s. Why of course, we’re way underneath 400k without withdrawing that cash would be somewhere around or so so. We’Re not down that much off of the recent highs. We are down from the 400 000 plus position. As far as the trades i made today, you guys i did buy a few things and sell everything’s on this portfolio, because we are still waiting once again until things to get transferred over to td ameritrade.

So in the meantime, i will continue to hopefully trade as normal, or at least as normal as i can trade with everything going on. But we did make some sales guys because i am still trying to condense. The portfolio sell off some things and kind of condense into a smaller portfolio as we move forward here, i want to really try to build up positions with a hundred plus shares per position, so i can sell calls in just about everything, so we did yet again Sell off some things that we were way under 800 shares of and again me selling these things off does not mean that i’m going to not buy it again in the future, over on td ameritrade or on other brokers. It just means that, for now we are going to continue to chop up the portfolio a little bit and pull out some cash in the meantime, but we start off the day we sold 30 shares of visa. This is one of my favorite positions as of recently, but it has came down a lot. We sold it for a slight gain of 196.53 per share, so a very slight gain here that did give us around six thousand dollars more cash balance, though we also sold our 10 shares of american tower, leaving us with just a hundred shares left american towers and One that’s been frustrating for a while because i’ve been buying it and it just keeps on selling off, but we are finally in a profitable place today for the first time in a while, so we sold off our 10 shares, which is leaving us with 100 shares.

Left which we are selling calls on so now we have 100 amt. I think, for the most part i’m going to keep it right there. For now, then, we sold off our two shares of lows, which we’re up like 150 percent. On again, this is not a company that i really want to sell off, but on the same time, it’s like having two shares in the portfolio just kind of mess, just kind of makes the portfolio look a bit messy. I really want to have more of a strategy moving forward of concise positions where i do have a lot of shares moving forward, because again i do want to sell calls and all my shares same thing here with home depot. We sold eight shares for 268.91. We sold these eight shares once again being up almost like 200 percent. We bought these during the last market, sell off um and we same exact position here. We sold these off because we really just want to clean the portfolio up and again. I will definitely look into buying more home depot and lowest in the future great companies, great positions. We made a lot of money of these two um, but for now i figured cleaning up the portfolio by selling off anything under, like you know, 10 and 15. Shares is probably the move, then guys we did buy two things. We grabbed one more share, costco, which we are actually moving up pretty fast on shares.

I think we have like 50 60 shares at costco. We bought the share at 350 195 and then we grabbed one more share of lmt, which is down pretty deep today, 320 and again, lmt is another one where we are building up our position fast, we’re at 27 shares so um it’s a pretty expensive stock as Well, so we are building up lmt and costco waste management as well, but overall that’s, where the portfolio was sitting as of today. Now, as of this wonderful monday in the long term portfolio over here in td ameritrade, this is my long term portfolio that it’s made up of growth stocks, so this portfolio is currently up 764 dollars and some change we’re up on everything besides amd woof and tan. So what i really have my eyes on right now is amd and woof. I really want to grab some more woof. I’Ve been grabbing the dips, pretty often here so whenever it goes down to like 25 or 24 90. Something like that. I’Ll always grab a few shares, but other than that everything else is looking. Very. Very good square is back to 222, which is a huge swing from where it was last week, so that’s pretty good to see but other than that everything’s. Looking really good. As far as actual shares, i’ve bought saying the long term portfolio here on td ameritrade, just grab two shares just grab two shares of wolf at 25.

15. I will be adding more money into this long term portfolio in a day or two here. Um. This portfolio is again going to be made up of growth, hopefully hyper growth companies such as ones in this portfolio already, but i do want to add some more money. We have like a thousand dollars left in this portfolio, but i do want to add some more just in case. We need more next guys. I want to show you the smaller m1 finance world portfolio, which is currently at 61.3501 we’re up 103 percent. As far as total return goes – and we are not – i don’t think we are at the highest total return amount. We did just add some money, so we are at the highest amount of value, but as of right now we did add our tesla new purchase today and our amazon new purchase day and after adding both of these new purchases in the portfolio. That does bring us to the grand total of the current value, so we are still over 100, pretty awesome in this portfolio, but as always, this is where we are at green across the bar, which is good to see, and this mini portfolio is honestly turning into Something pretty cool last thing i want to say before i go, i always love to be transparent with you guys and show you guys where my head’s, at with investing with the market with market conditions and everything else right now left behind in my big portfolio, it’s Honestly, mostly guys, like 95 percent of the holdings in this portfolio – maybe just a few would not be in this group, but pretty much.

Everything in this portfolio is quite bulletproof, in my opinion, i’m up so much on some of these positions, which is awesome and some of them that i’m down on, i really don’t mind i feel like they will come back, but i’ve been really liking. What i’ve been doing this portfolio selling off some things? That was not as fond of and really creating this portfolio into a much much smaller group of stocks that i really want to hold on to long term. Now there are still a few stocks with these oil stocks. I don’t really want to hold on to for all that much longer, but maybe for the next year or two at the most honestly, as well as wells, fargo and maybe a few others. But for the most part, this portfolio is really into a point where i can just set it and honestly not even look at it like this portfolio i’m. Very confident with at this point, but to be honest with you, how high the market is trading right now and where things are at, i would not be surprised, be a minor or maybe you know medium correction in the next few months here so by keeping that In mind, i do want to keep some cash balance on hand ready for those dips. Also, on top of that, i am changing a broker, so i do want to have some cash balance. We move over to td ameritrade, just in case we want to ship things around on the new portfolio so for this video guys.

Thank you so much always for stopping by please. Please drop some likes on this video some comments and questions down below and make sure to subscribe, never miss a video. And, lastly, you guys we do have a discord. Server that’s dedicated to investors like you, it’s full of dividend, investors, option traders, day, traders and much much more so join the discord. The link is down below in the description it’s absolutely free to join.

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