Los Angeles Lakers, Oklahoma City Thunder, Anthony Davis, LeBron James, NBA ETROIT PISTONS at LOS ANGELES LAKERS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | Feb 6, 2021

He fills it up the line from behind the low he’s coming, but at least let lebron know that he’s not going to be just walking to the position he wants. Lakers turn it over, but the pistons turn it right back and lebron Applause kuzma with the score Music c again and it’s. Through again, he penetrates magruder with a miss harold shovels. It ahead to lebron kuzma in rhythm buries them. Both five point laker lead schroeder to the basket flips it up: Music, delon wright against catavius caldwell, pope screen from plumlee lobbed to plumley finds bay alone in the corner, missed it rebound lebron, james, Music Applause, lebron. All the way to the rack lays it up. His game is very much under control, so is jeremy right with a step back long gun, it goes Music. This is needs some better possessions than that they’re going to hang with the lakers lebron to the bench it in see. Makai looks in the ball game. Applause isaiah stewart from the lane lebron quickly to davis. They only trail by 10. montrez harrow stripped inside bounces head to right ahead to jeremy grant for a chow tucker to the basket, scores 86 78 4.9 to play in the third horton tucker to the basket jams with four courts fee. This for three won’t go through rebounded by horton tucker to lebron lebron james wrestles. His way down the lane, indented continuation here, you’re gon na count that and call a foul, save and lead with a clock at seven trying to wrap it around and still in the piston possession and jump from the side.

Look for the game’s, almost unmatched, that’s. A lot of touches 50 points and then 12 assists too thank you, anthony davis to the basket against montrezl, shot clock at five and a takeaway. There was no passing lane there ron james down the lane. Still has it keeps that dribble dishes sideline to josh jackson he’s the hottest piston by far schroeder at the elbow anthony davis down the lane, see makai look against schroeder trying to bounce it to plumley it’s on the deck, so he comes up with it. The long right fires in and out 20 to 12 in the fourth josh has three triples in the final stanza kentavious caldwell missed from distance anthony davis with a rebound inside first. He really wanted that match up. He got it on the switch schroeder turns to the baseline fires and fills the c against horton tucker josh jackson’s got the big man anthony davis on him, takes it right into him, lays it up and in a bunch of three by getting to that basket. A few times now he’s a vicious threat out there with the basketball, Music jeremy drives it and slam, and that makes it a four point: game jack locks at 10 for delon wright for the basket scoops and scores both can get offense with the basketball i’m. Talking about jeremy grant i’m talking about josh jackson, tonight, Applause finds jeremy from the corner in and out shots locked at 10. lebron with the clock at six lebron with a clock at five lets.

It fly and it won’t fall. John clocks, it five josh jackson off the dribble guns off glass and it tied at 106. watch out for anthony davis, lebron james to the basket no salon right blocked by davidson. Applause, josh drives on schroeder, spins and guns. It goes they’re nearly out of time. Oh russo, with a cut and a score, and he draws a foul lebron with the left three to play in overtime, plumley screams for the long right, bumbly gets it back backs in davis goes down and he draws a foul lebron back to schroeder, show and go Move a dish to caruso caruso gives it up, gets it back and triples. Lob for plumley got away ahead of the pack. Batavia’S caldwell pokemon jeremy grant screens for josh jeremy against lebron drives it flips. It up fills it up, lebron against plumley. Staying in front of him shot clock at five lebron of the basket. Finally, Applause jeremy grant against anthony davis drives him flips it up off the glass. Still two shots coming for: jeremy grant: first rips: the net Applause schroeder turns the corner wraps it around for schroeder. Jeremy grant avoided the steel try by lebron james takes it to the baseline flips it up and hit the iron dog fight. Sure is the bounce swiped by jeremy. Grant jeremy to the rim lays it up, lays it in tonight, schroeder davis from the corner rip up on lebron shock locks at four now it’s at three lebron down the lane lays it up, plays it lebron, hangs onto it in the corner, doubled and now he’s.

Just one on one against plumlee: chuck luck at four now it’s at three he’ll turn and fire and phil see makai. Look inside drops it off to jeremy, grant josh jackson will drive and does one weak link in his entire arsenal. It is at the free throw line, valuable time clicking away.

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