Los Angeles Lakers, Oklahoma City Thunder, Anthony Davis, LeBron James, NBA KC Thunder Full Game Highlights 2020 21 NBA Season

Well, he has been on a little bit of a downturn and there’s no question about it, but a lot of it is he doesn’t get involved in the office. Another 30 point plus game the other night lebron holding on to it pulled up from 17 and he’s got his first major in now a.d and lebron, combined for 63 points. In that 135, 129 win and okc answers right back and kcp quickly and, with the left hand, had just four points on saturday and that double ot win. Horford top of the key hornberg and the soft k was out. Dialogue got many extra minutes and he took advantage of it. There is sga all the way and he scores so seven straight and he’s already halfway there. Four of the five starters have scored for okc as many as 24 in the first half nibbled. A 31 point lead kcp, has it basically driving on keith. He gets it back once twice. Third time, no fourth opportunity score, it count it and one brand new team baseley. They got a ton of draft capital with the right hand, the offhand that’s pretty stuff under they’re all jacked up well 22 turnovers the other night and that wasn’t, even because it was a double overtime and they’re getting a little today after practice. So everybody got a day off, but kuzma did get the prize we’ll see if marquis morris gets one after that yeah. I heard him talk about that in the post game.

One defense tonight, lakers number one by a wide margin and they show it there, defense to offense and coos. With the two hand, slam their energy on the defensive end makes their offense that much easier and a block fight on the two man game got it back from jackson, he’s going to get it back from him jackson attacks. He goes all the way blocked by horton. Tucker, so three good defensive player for this okc team. Looking at them, efficiency, wise cruz, comes around a pick on its way down. It goes tht stays with him, got it on this side, gon na fire it up and in gary’s per game than the lakers williams forgot, the basketball for a moment. Matthew stayed with them kind of it goes. It goes and won in their game. They beat minnesota saturday, 120 to 118. montras good patience and he scores up a three points in the first half against minnesota. The other night, 83 jackson leans in counting to attack the paint drive, kick catch, shoot t h, t not there good rebound doing work, throw it down big fella, more gilda’s alexander backing up he’s going to get doubled up, goes around the double team and throws it Down in front of the damage killed, this alexander blocked by coos, get it out of here, taking down the three with two tres with one and a half seconds, the average 46 a game lebron stepped back and score.

His second hoop of the team lebron led in scoring for the 14th time the other night. You talked about horror, pepper in the first minute, and a half of the second quarter is going to attack here. He goes all the way to score around harford averaged 27 points last week in their games, along with ten, oh and seven and there’s an assist this great thing and now for peaked. He left the area lebron, who led him assists last year. Jackson gets to the rim, you will keep track. Trust me, horton tucker. You know he wants to get to the rim and he gets in there biggest lead for okc. If you’re just joining us, 11 a.d not playing tonight, unavailable nine back on the 13th of january. Bouncing again blocked by kuzma his second of the game over detroit Applause apropos super bowl weekend, horrific favorite shots, real jumbo hawkwood was acquired from the sixers. In that deal that sent danny green laker is a three. Oh everybody, hustling back defensively bez will leave it for lebron set and pop from three got. It lebron james, no caruso tonight for the lakers crusoe the finger of the hand and for ad the achilles as lebron scores in the lane. Look how quick they’re back down the other way, though yeah that’s diali, and he scores abu diablo, give up and lay up on the same next possession diallo, one of the three kentucky wildcats on their roster keith hits lenny for 28 from the field and he had 22, the other night backhand layup, is good again bouncing off a caldwell poke, pretty good ball movement on the perimeter.

Jackson in close quarters, that’s dialogue and lebron got a hand on it. Five to shoot. Sga rolls around comes out kissed up in here, they’re just dominating just over a minute to play here in the half. They attack the glass again and score that’s quickly get into the front court lebron all the way. Lebron wants it two for one and he lays it in with four to shoot, basically is going to pull up from 15. and it goes in. I think i would have the 20 year old schroeder all the way thrown down by kuzma everything a little out of sorts in that first half again, no a d as a schroeder, all the way to score and no kuru lebron we’re on tonight. He’S got his eyes on a triple double schroeder, quickly, that’s, the way you get eight rebounds seven assists fourteen rebounds bounces it to gasol, looks for another assist, he’s got it rebound taken by lebron james quickly. No to dennis schroeder stop pop got it Applause 2019. He jumped over shaq here’s lebron, jumping up over the rim to score they’re banging around, and here come the lakers three on two lebron: nobody stopping the train that’s when he got that pass and able to control himself and get the dunk here’s. What diallo would have? Five minutes to go in the quarter, dork being hounded there by the laker defense, six to shoot. Sga hits a three and kuzma who has the basketball.

Lakers are up by two kuzma underneath again the lakers and good defense by coos the miss at the rim. On the break, t h, t write it up and ride it in lead. Biggest lead has been seven underneath now. The lakers are in trouble at the rim and they score we’re in the third quarter. Gildras alexander good dish and the land by hamadu, tight or possibly take the lead on the air. Lakers are fifth best from beyond the arc, and they’ve got a three really really struggling you’re going to win it ugly, no matter who it is okc or the purple, and gold avedo diallo that may not stew it’s a 10 0 run and it could get worse Riding up all the way diablo scores battling is williams boy, another hustle rebound for okc and daisy’s, going to go down the middle and score and he’s blown pump fake for kuzma rides it up and then with the two handed well, it doesn’t appear to be badass. Matthews is going to get a transition layup here, billy on davis vogel said he can see how he feels tomorrow. Of course, he did, as you mentioned, bill, get some shots up before the game, so they’ll check on him here, for los angeles and uh williams. Will kick it out for jackson, he’ll shoot another three and make another three kuzma now into the post in montrez backing up turning on harper. He throws it up and throws it in short, gon na go right back to him.

However, very fortunate for the lakers on the move is matthews he’s, going to launch a nothing but net matthews and harold harper backing in back and in here’s that little jump hook. You know he’s going to it coming up on four minutes into the fourth quarter, montrez going all the way to the rim here he goes count it foul under the 500 mark lakers, with their most above 500. Right now, reverse land by dork is run all night. Thd looks to attack the spin. The reverse layup is good. Tonight, schroeder has made one of them, but just one out of six, he bumps into the defender stays with it and scores 6 1 horton tucker the spin to block that time. Fight for them coming up on four minutes to play. Blake is down by a single point: gilders alexander long and in now through the legs wants to attack he’s getting in deep he’s pulling his way in. He takes on three thunderstorms, so good for curtin family, and he and the rob palinka are both here tonight. Horford got a three nice rebound of schroeder two and a half to play. That’S it lebron for three got it so that means tonight that’s eight straight games with multiple threes gilders alexander in the corner, brick that one fortunately for the lakers. Now the purple and gold into the front court matthews catch shoot it’s in there reaches in they double up. They knock it away.

Defense is giving it to schroeder right wing lebron here he goes all the way. We’Re tied looks at the paint the 58 lebron wants. Two more: instead, he kicks it. The touch pass schroeder, the flyby mid range to beat the clock and the alexander gets it and they will bring it into the front court. Gilda’S alexander, as oh he’s, going to get fouled for the victory right here. Matthews gets it in lebron for the win and we’re going wait. A moment now to montreal. Look at the clock, though, always a short clock. It’S down to four montrez good play forces didn’t want the three torch stayed right with him: seven to shoot bounce schroeder runner good over horford lebron wants to go one on one alone on a wing cross court wide open is matthews, he’s got it going back to When they led 107 102., so a huge drought and they end it right there once lebron gets it to him. Dort has that assignment and lebron just spins, because you got to get at least a shot up. They didn’t gildis alexander offensive yeah. This game’s over wow dennis missed both but there’s, not enough time. Basically gon na go all the way.

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Los Angeles Lakers, Oklahoma City Thunder, Anthony Davis, LeBron James, NBA Kyle Kuzma calls LeBron is the GOAT as LeBron's triple double powers Lakers past Nuggets 114 93