Los Angeles Lakers, Oklahoma City Thunder, Anthony Davis, LeBron James, NBA Kyle Kuzma calls LeBron is the GOAT as LeBron's triple double powers Lakers past Nuggets 114 93

17. What do you see developing out there on both offense and defense in that quarter? In particular? Um excuse me um. You know. I think we just did a great job of trying to bring energy. I think in the first half we lacked a lot of energy as a team collectively and um. You know i just think that was key. You know we just brought juice to the game and you know i think any time you do, that you get rewarded by the basketball gods and that’s what uh that’s what happened? Yeah so now that’s three straight games, we’ve held an opponent under 100 nine times on the year. How important is the defense to this team? I mean we’re the best defensive team in the league uh we uh. We proved that last year proven it this year. Defense wins championships and if we can continue to, you know, hold people under 100 it’s going to be uh it’s going to be really hard to beat us. Obviously, some big offensive numbers too, for you guys tailon horton tucker tied a career high with 17.. What can you say about his game and only a second season he just comes in and uh plays hard uh. You know obviously he’s a very gifted player super young, but he’s really poised and uh. You know it it’s it’s really hard to stop him once he gets downhill. He does just a great job of you know every game learning it’s, not it’s, not about him just offensively.

He does a great job of uh. You know being at the nail being a stunt dig guy getting steals with his wingspan uh. You know rebounding um contested shots. You know he does a great job of just playing team basketball and uh it’s, helping us uh, whether it’s getting on a break or um. You know providing that energy like he did today. I feel, like draymond’s part of the show tonight check out this tweet who’s now playing winning basketball, amazing growth in that area. That kind of sets us up rob for your access, uh congratulating lebron on uh. You know a career milestone and becoming third of all time and field goals made passing one hell of a name in welt, chamberlain, uh, just pretty remarkable and then and then doing it on a night where he has a triple double and uh helps us uh. You know beat a another western conference: uh contender, um, just a hell of a performance by him tonight, can take questions now. All right, mike trudeau, hey frank a.d, just said that you uh got into the players a little bit at half time and seemed focused on defense, just wondering if you could share what your message was and how you saw that impact things in the second half. I don’t know: did i just lose you guys on this side. Okay, hold on one moment, because we can’t see you it’s. Okay, we’ll get it. I can start answering yep there.

You go um yeah. It was more like a lot of bit than a little bit. Uh, i was very unhappy with that. We played and our energy in the first half and we started seeing that a little bit towards the end of our trip. Um, you know just just not playing with the hard motor um. You know i thought some things we were doing defensively were okay, but we had the ability to ratchet it up. I knew that was in there uh for us, but we weren’t playing with any offensive pace. You know and um yeah we’re, quite frankly, just weren’t playing hard enough uh on that and that side of the ball and um. You know when we put our minds to it. Uh this team can do great things. You know we reminded them that we were. We outscored new orleans 80 to 40 over a stretch in in that game. You know once we uh once we put our mind to it and that’s what we needed to do tonight and you know we were able to double basically double uh, double the scoring in the second half of the 68 35. Second, half you know against the fourth best team in the west currently and a contender in the west. Quite frankly so um, you know we did it with uh against a great opponent, and you know it was a heck of a second half. For us frank, you had 40 points in the paint in the second half, how much of that is connected with defense and running and transition, and just the sort of the whole the whole product versus guys.

You know thc, lebron, etc just getting to the rim when they wanted a little, both um, but the pace right. The pace is when we’re at our best and uh. You know the defensive energy creates the pace on the offensive side of the ball, and you know they both work together and um. You know when we’re able to get out – and we had 25 fast break points so that’s, where a lot of points in the paint came, but um we’re, just aggressive in a sort of attack in the room. Okay, frank: you opened up your post game remarks to us with a statement about lebron’s accomplishments which isn’t something you normally do. Do you think that that was a uh, a reminder or a statement or whatever you want to say, um about his standing in the league, especially considering the showing against a guy like jokic who’s, gotten some mvp buzz through this? The quote of the season mark so far: well, i just think he continues to prove himself as the best player in the league. You know it’s clear to me and my coaching staff and our organization and um. You know i think uh nights like this, just just demonstrate that you know i think it’s worth mentioning uh how well he’s shooting the ball from the perimeter, which is, is really remarkable. Uh, for you know someone in his 18th year to continue to try to grow and add to his game and – and you know, experience this type of evolution uh, where, where he’s beating teams over the top on a regular basis, um it’s really creating problems for defenses.

Creating a lot of wins for us and um, you know just a testament to him. You know with the you know the that mentality to just continue to try to improve and grow his game in the second half defensively. I just want to know what you talked about at half time, if you made any adjustments and how you saw that play out on that side of the floor um, we just said we need to be better on defensively, we wasn’t getting any stops. We know that we could score at will, but we needed to get some stops and coach got on us at halftime about our energy and our pace. Um, you know energy on the defensive end our pace on offensive end then uh. You know guys talked in the locker room and we were able to come on that third quarter and you know hold him to 17 points while playing you know scoring. That is 37 points, so um our pace was was really good. Coming out of halftime what’d, you see from schroeder, and i know we could focus in part on that play where you hit the floor twice with the dive, but just on both sides of the floor. What’D you see for dennis knight uh. He made some big shots. He made some big plays um. I think it started with the hustle play. He gave my energy back up uh, he hit two big time. Threes um could have been three.

You know, uh bad pass to him in the corner went out of bounds. He was wide open, but you know he’s he’s, making big plays for us he’s picking up 94 feet he’s everywhere his hands are on the ball um. You know he’s, finding the right guys on the offensive end. So he’s doing everything for us, hey, hey d! Yo! Could steam into the night getting so much credit? You know you gave it to him yesterday, uh rightfully so one of the better assist guys in the league this year in the context of that what’s, it like seeing lebron do his thing, particularly his his passing type. Some of the the assists he was able to collect yeah, i mean he’s, a great passer. You know he found some guys on some great passes tonight. Guys made shots for him, but he’s always he’s, always looking to make the right pass and the right play, and you know guys on double team he’s going to find the right guy and if not, then he’s going to score the basketball. So he made some some good passes tonight, which he does every night, and you know tonight we were able to knock down shots for him bill. How much um credit? Do you give kailyn uh in that run, you guys had to get in the third and early in the fourth and then as a second second, to that, how has he earned the trust of this israeli veteran team, yeah man, a lot of credit goes to him.

I mean he came in doing good things, defensively scoring the basketball and offensive end making the right plays, and you know we trust him. I know he’s young, but he wants to be. You know in a game when, when it’s crunch time um, we can throw him at any throwing minigame at any point that he’s going to make plays for us. You know he’s a young player who wants to learn who wants to get better and i think the only way you can do that with experience and um. You know he goes and he’s not afraid of anyone, um part of a lion uh. You know he was on a championship team last year, so he know what it takes and i think it was good for him just to be around even though he didn’t get that much playing time last year, but um just being around it and knowing being around You know all the veterans and all the guys um he. He know what we expect from him. He comes and bring it every single night dan or was it kind of a calm and confident sort of locker room? Um not coach, jumped on us a little bit like i said about our energy um. You know what it wasn’t good enough. You know you know we know coming back from a long trip. You know that that first game is always tough, but we weren’t trying to buy into it and he didn’t want us to buy into that and uh like he jumped on us about our energy.

You know and our pace, energy on the defensive end our pace on the offensive end and um. He got after us and it was. It was right uh. You know it was right that he did. That was well deserved because we were playing sloppy um and now with a lot of energy um. You know a lot of guys. You know, including myself, um had bad body language um, you know frustrated about the game and you know we came in and we fixed it at halftime. You know coach talked to us and and and you know we came out and played with a lot of energy, and you see one of 37 17 running the third last two kyle heyd. Obviously, a lot of guys picking up the offense tonight you had hgots um, you know that’s a little bit less than you obviously usually take. Is that um your assertiveness? Is that something denver’s doing to you on defense? What was sort of the balance of of how many shots you’re able to take tonight um, you know guys, was making you know shots and making the right plays, but i think for me anytime, i called on the post. They came right on the catch so it’s. My job to draw a double team um. If i do that, then i did my job and kick it out to our guys and um. You know the shots. I were able to get were you know off of pick and roll um, and you know, even if i caught it in the middle of the floor, goss was coming to to come, come into the ball um and i was kicking out to our shooters.

But you know uh, a lot of people have been talking about my offense and you know how this year has been slow, starting everything offensively, but i mean i’m a two way player i don’t rely on offense for me to you, know, have a great season um, You know i’m doing everything i can on the defensive end. You know deflections tonight block shots rebounds and things like that to help the team um. So when you’re two way player um, you don’t have to rely on one aspect of your game with your score. You know i can i can help my team win on the defensive end and make shots when i need to last question: anthony deville, hey i’m, coming to a game like tonight against the nugget city faces like finals last year. Do you look at stuff like the rankings, how they haven’t changed back and forth? You know you guys are up one and then another day you guys might not be in the first segment. You guys kind of like bullets and more material coming into a regular season. Game against, particularly faced in the west finals, i didn’t hear the first part of the question. Sorry about that um. Do you pay attention to the rankings? Oh, my god switch. You know, go up and down a little bit. Did that fire you up, give you guys more material coming into a game against the tv face from the finance west congress last year? Oh, no, not really! Um! You know we just want to be a better home team, we’re, pretty solid on the road at home.

We’Re uh now we’re over 500, but we’re at 500 ball club – and you know all the good teams are good at home. So our motivation just being good at home. Our next you know 11 out of 15 in our home was after before tonight. So we got a really good chance of doing something: special at home, taking care of home court, so that’s our motivation just to win but um, no matter where we are in the standings um. You know. Obviously, we want to be first and you know, that’s our goal but um i don’t, think that’s gon na you know change our mindset like. Oh, we need to play to get first or you know you know. A different team is in first, and you know that motivates us. Our motivation is just coming out and winning basketball games and let you know the standards and the rate can take care of itself.

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