Mary Wilson, The Supremes, Motown, Diana Ross, Florence Ballard YouTube Channel Celebrates Black History Month 2021

Yes, indeed it is – and i am just so thrilled because so much has happened to me in the month of february. I mean really not saying me, i mean the supremes, you know and so we’re going to be talking about supremes yeah 60th anniversary, and i i will be talking a lot about that and mainly because i finally have worked decided how to work with the universal and They are going to release new recordings. Mary wilson recorded yes at last at last. Thank you, andy’s girl, for you know helping in that inherit too but anyway. So so much is happening. I mean like i said we will be talking about those new releases, mary wilson’s. I think they’re going to release red hot, that album remember in the late 60s uh was that late six yeah? No, it was it was the late 70s, but it was in february. So let me tell you uh on this album red, hot and uh. I have the gus dungeon songs that i did in the late 70s that’s the right time and it was uh four wonderful songs that were never released so now, they’ll be released and i’ve also have some other songs, some surprising new songs, new recordings yeah. So, thank you universal, for you know chiming in with me and helping this come true. Hopefully some of that will be out on my birthday yeah march 6., yeah and we’ll see okay. I got my fingers crossed here.

Yes, i do so, and also this month is uh. You know this month is black history month, as i mentioned, and it is uh just so much is happening i’m going to have a couple of interviews on there. I wonder that i did at the carlisle hotel in new york and uh uh. I was interviewed about that green book. I hope you guys saw the movie, because that was something that hey we, the supremes. We experienced a lot of that stuff right, especially when we were on the motown review tour in the south, and then, of course, we were on the uh dick clark caravan of stars show, and we had a lot of things happening to us on those shows. We caught because of the segregation, so those are two important things that we’re going to be talking about and also, i think one of the other interviews i did was from um. It was about leo’s casino in in in ohio, so um, you know, i want you guys to really check that out, because you know we. We talked a lot about the segregation and things like that, uh. So that’s, you know a couple of interviews. I did now i’m gon na give you some some dates because it’s all in february right! So let me see february 2nd my heart can’t take no more that was released and we actually performed that at the apollo during the old time review tour in 1963.

So then february 7th uh run run run was released, i loved running one. We really thought that was going to be a hit, but it wasn’t. But anyway we performed that on the the tammy show. Yes, we did so those two and then there was also uh february, 8th stopped and the name was released and that was in 1964, though, and we performed that one uh uh, let me see, oh, we did that on lots of tv shows. Yes, yes, we did, in fact i think it was shin, dig february: 24th. 1965. We did that one. So i love that one. So then, of course, on the um, the uh 18th of february, we did where the action is, that was fun there’s. A lot of other artists on that show with us so check that one out and then february 18th i hear symphony – was released. That was one of my favorite favorite supreme songs, holland, deutsche harlem songs. I should say because they did all those early songs and i thank you guys for for that and then uh. Let me see that was uh february 20th. We were on the s sullivan show. Yes, indeed, 1966., so those are some of the things that you’re going to be seeing on the youtube channel, and i just want to thank you guys, for you know, chiming in and and seeing uh, you know seeing uh um, some of the things that we did Back in the day, uh in the second part of the month, i will give you some other things that we did in february all february and it wasn’t all good some of the things that happened because, of course we lost our very dear dear sister, florence ballard On february 26th, but we’ll talk about uh the things those things later on in the month, so make sure you check out the channel check it out, got lots of new uploads and and new interviews.

You know, and all those things of course black history month is going to be our theme for the month. Okay, thank you.

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