Ohio State Buckeyes men’s basketball, Maryland Terrapins men’s basketball, Big Ten Conference, Maryland, Basketball Freshman Sensation Helps Lift Illinois to OT win | Andy Katz Chats with Andre Curbelo

I’M andy katz pleased to be joined by andre cabello from illinois in the locker room at assembly hall after a 75 71 overtime victory against indiana, which, by the way, had to do down the stretch without ayo du sumu. Because this man had 12 points uh a number of dimes, including a late overtime, drop and dish to kofi coburn, who slammed at home andre. What was the significance of the way in which you guys won this road game um? It was an offense if, if that’s, what you know people want to know, it was definitely our defense uh. You know it was. It was not the game overall, first half we, you know was that wasn’t us – and you know, after that, first half coaches coach did his job yelled at us made us wake up, but as good players that we are, we we didn’t take that as a negative Thing instead, we turned it into a positive thing: um because it was a wake up, call and – and it clearly showed um in the second and and all the time second half in overtime, because you know over time, we started with two charges and and forget my Pass at the end forget all our buckets. I think those two charges almost like key um to the victory uh tonight, but what it’ll also tell you the way in which this team can close out a game, because that had been an issue at times earlier.

This season, i think, back to maybe like ohio state at home. I mean there’s, been some opportunities for you guys and the inability to do that in the past. That narrative has changed. Why um? I think we we just second and over on second half and overtime. You know we came out ready to go like i said our defense. It was a lot of energy getting stops. That was the key that’s. All we talked about during timeouts um at the half during timeouts and um during the timeouts and stops in overtime. It was defense difference. Defense get stops because for me my opinion, defense uh, was going to get us in into office and, to you know, take good shots and clearly show it as well um. So our defense was just very like key and and mentally. We. You know we was logged in and got to be like that uh from now on, because you know we we in february already so um, we can’t lose any other game. From now on. We got ta be like that defense different defense get stops um because that will make us better. On the other end, one last thing: andre uh you’ve had the um. You know: you’ve you’ve had a season where you haven’t had the burden of being the guy um. So you’ve allowed to sort of you know, make some mistakes and and learn how to play at this level, because you had, i o, because you had trent frazier um, but it down the stretch, as i said, io fouls out.

So all of a sudden. Now the pressure shifts to you, what did coach underwood? What did i? What did anyone else tell you once it was basically you out there to finish that game um just they. They have a lot of confidence in me and, and i know it and they they tell me every day, i’m doing practice. They really emphasize that um. You know, as a freshman i’m, going to make mistakes i’m, always going to make mistakes i’m. The way it don’t matter, if i’m i’m a senior junior if i’m, the guy, if i’m, not the guy i’m, always going to make mistakes. But the way i play is impossible. That i’m not going to make two to three turnovers, a game, and i understand – and i know that um and i’m – trying to get better i’m trying to understand – and you know maybe change a little bit because yes – and i i agree – sometimes i make silly mistakes. Sometimes i do you know stuff that i shouldn’t do something. I try to split it a couple times. I knew it was there, but you know for some reason. I couldn’t really split it well, so those are my decisions and things that i see not everybody sees, and you know, obviously that is not no offense to anybody else, but um. I think that’s a special thing that i have that i see the game in a different way, and sometimes i see things that others don’t see and me approaching.

That and and the the things that i see you know, could create a turnover or a mistake. Um but i’m gon na live with that i’m gon na live with that, and you know, coaches coaches trust me and they they’re learning as well. So you know they have a lot of confidence in me um. You know i i love them for that. I love all the support this show and at the end of the game, um there was one play. We could have gotten a bucket um. I did something wrong. I slapped the floor. I got mad, i got i was getting in my own head and you know they all came over yo you’re good next play it’s right next place so that that’s, what it’s all about at the end of the day, it’s not about the wins and losses um. I think it’s you know building that brotherhood and because those those guys are the ones that i see every day i don’t see my family every day. I don’t see my friends every day. Um, the people i see every day are my teammates, my coaches um, everybody that works on the team and, at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about – and you know i really appreciate them – and i really love my team and i’m really proud of Us well, it was a tremendous team win for illinois at indiana in overtime, andre appreciate it stay safe.

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