Ohio State Buckeyes men’s basketball, Maryland Terrapins men’s basketball, Big Ten Conference, Maryland, Basketball Iowa at Ohio State | Sheldon Scores 29 Against Iowa | Feb. 4, 2021 | Highlights

I had that, with with my kids and i don’t know i had to have that whistle on hand and sheldon has found her mark here tonight. All nine points clark calling for the high ball screen now with a short shot clock to deal with four on the shot: clock, here’s tywa, trying to go off the bounce that she took dorka, yuha it’s, all the way from the top of the three point line. Three point: banks for ohio state in this game – and you just saw each of them one from green and one from sheldon miller going for a third and she knocks it down currently playing at michigan is just having a phenomenal junior year, dorca uh, also getting it Done on the glass three for iowa, so neither one of these teams connecting from dpn paddy will take for the old fashioned three point play down inside moving the way that she wants it to move so she’s still making that adjustment there’s a hesitation move there for Clark and she finishes it off with the right hand, that’s true lisa. You know when you have that, make us a play and get us a bucket mentality. You have to kind of shake that when you get to the next level, when you have pieces around you, you get a call on that play. She almost created a back problem for me because i was leaning. I thought that one was going to drop in, looks like they’re in their five out pass and cut offense only civilian wasn’t waiting for the pass.

She wasn’t ready for the pass. Didn’T know it was coming, and so it leads to a transition bucket. Since the score was 11 4 iowa, the buckeyes have outscored ohio state and keep adding to it and one chance. Patty was kind of sitting on that high side and braxton miller was just hedging and shadowing that area. Here’S clark who’s got an open three rook and she drills it it’s her second three point name can’t, give her the time and space to let it fly from outside and patty has the three point answer back the other way: sonata’s getting quality touches. She does have to work so hard to get the ball, though, when she wants it to drop in they’re shooting 50 from back there early here in the third quarter, as taiwo gets the answer, toby tywell, putting in some good minutes for iowa tonight, nebraska has just Been crazy, nebraska, one of the surprise teams, maybe patty, has re, entered the game and immediately picks up the foul mckenna warner we’re going in with a full head of steam and they’re right there. They just can’t, get over the hump. It seems in terms of getting the necessary stops into the collegiate level. She was a five star recruit coming out of high school, averaged 33 points, a game it’s something about the first few minutes. I mean she picked up a quick foul at the beginning. The first few seconds of the third quarter: does it again here to start the fourth quarter, caitlyn clark, i was going to need a heavy dose of her in the fourth.

I need a written invitation to attack the basket that kid has a neon green light and she is just going right to the loop extra effort there by dorka yuhaas to tap the ball. She couldn’t get both hands on it, so she pushed it to her teammates and going to work. She’S got a quick six points as clark gets, the other bucket Applause it’s a clark uh show there is sheldon’s first points of the second half she’s got 17 in the game. They feed beat him who’s, going to challenge sonata playing with the four personals she’s got to let her go uhas with an offensive, rebound putback and one for torka juhas eight assists too. Sometimes we forget about those assist tallies here for caitlyn clark and getting the friendly home court role for jc sheldon kate martin has fouled out on the iowa side, four to shoot now, as yuhas puts it on the deck and off the glass for two outside of Logan cook you’ve got four players who can shoot the three here for iowa and clark goes for it and makes it the final few seconds here of this one, the block there from sheldon. It ends it for ohio state and the buckeyes sweep the hawkeyes in the regular season.

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