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Was it just simply what happened with you in minnesota, where you just get hot after halftime, or were they getting better shots? Anything like that was it? Was it mismatches yeah? But you know they were uh. They went small a lot, but you know a lot of like wiggins’s stuff. You know was coming off of pin downs. He had that he had one in a ball screen where he had a pull up. He had one on out of bounds where he hits a 17 footer. Then he hit two threes, one off of penetration and another one off of just a top pin down that we didn’t get through um and then you know they. They really tried to go. Find the match up, you know against us whether they were attacking our big or you know. A big physical guard regards the basket they’re late, so we you know we were just trying to keep that in front of us and keep them out of the pain to keep it to where they had to score over us, but also we didn’t want them to Get a rhythm three, but you know they they stepped up and and uh. You know made some shots. You know, obviously, when you guys asked questions like that, they made eight three, so i can’t go through eight. All eight plays, you know: yala jab steps, one time on a mismatch with our center and hits a three um. You know the the biggest one was marcel.

You know more, you know, he’s a guy that’s, not a three point: shooter and then we’ve been switching everything and then he’d really burn this with a back cut and then a couple drives, and so we were going to play regular ball screen d for that possession And uh you know he was going to pop and we knew he would be open and you know he takes a shot that we really wanted and he you know he knocks it down. So you know give him credit for making that big. You know that big three: what were you trying to get there with 3.3 left? You know we were trying to get a. You know, jaden on the run after he passed it um to get going and then our second option was to be able to hit trayvion. Then and then trayvion would be able to hit him on the run after that, but obviously we didn’t complete that pass. So you know those plays there with three seconds, though you know those are um. You know full court plays. Like the you know. Those are. Those are high. Risk plays that’s, that’s, really difficult when you get into those situations, because you know they did a good job of playing pre event defense and trying to keep it in front of us. We just had to complete that pass and then try to hit him on the run. But if not, you know catch it clean and at least get a couple dribbles or three seconds.

But you know he wasn’t. He wasn’t the primary outlet, but you have to have something if you can’t get it to that person. So yeah after you built up that offensive, offensive momentum to go up. Seven, the last couple possessions were drop, turned out right. What were you trying to get there and did they do something different on which one now the last two full possessions you had? I think jaden missed a three and then jaden missed the fall away. Were you trying to get something quicker than that yeah? No, the one, the the one when he had the follow away. We were just trying to iso on a single single pin down and just trying to get him to the basket and have space, and you know obviously he had made. You know some of those plays that was very similar to that um and then the other one we just didn’t execute and then ended up with him trying to make a play there at the end. You know we had that happen, a lot where they take away a lot of stuff and you got to be able to make an individual play, and i thought jayden did a really good job of driving and making that play. Eric connor made a nice pull up. Um as the game progressed, you know there at the end and we felt like we had that match up um. You know with treyvion in the post and we wanted to go that much as possible, but that’s what they were taking away also and that opened up some driving lanes.

And you know it all looks good when you know you drive and make those plays. But then, when you don’t, you know we got pushed out a little bit. You have to go to the next we probably had about. I don’t know. I said five, but probably a little bit more than that. You know possessions where guys got stuck and then they’re not ultimately stuck in terms of you know: there’s two on the shot clock and then they take a shot, whether it’s a contested shot and they get a blocked or they double pump or they. You know, they’re. Just getting a shot up at that point, if there’s two on the clock and you get those positions, you know it is what it is, but when there’s more time than that, you know we have to have just a little bit more. You know, resolve and um and cut and help that person, so they don’t have to take such a tough shot, but um we’re just going to learn from it and be better the next time. This is the third road game you’ve played where it’s come down to the last possession. Is that just kind of the big ten this year, we’re we’re pretty much everybody’s as good as everybody else, and it just comes down to you know to quote the old cliche. You know uh, whoever makes one more play or anything like that. Yeah that’s, exactly what i told her guys, you feel like a million bucks.

When you make one more play than somebody, then you feel you know you feel awful um when they make one more play than you but that’s what it came down to like you know. We yala made a great play. He missed, and you know he got his rebound and then he had to make the free throw so he had to get his rebound. He had to get fouled. Then he had to make those free throws and that’s that’s that’s the difference in the game. He made that play and then you know maybe made his free throw so but yeah that’s, you know, anytime, you get into competition and you get into conference. Play you’ll you’ll see a lot of possession games. What was you, what was what was yesterday like for you? Um, you know, obviously you know you want to get on a schedule and you know you fly a lot. You spend a lot of time whether it’s, recruiting or you know, traveling with your team, and you know you so you get in those situations, and you know when they go through the you know the prep for an emergency landing. You know make sure it makes your mind race. You know, there’s, no question about that. It makes everybody’s mind race and then, after they prepped us and talked about it, and you know they, they come back on and say it’s not going to be an emergency landing. You know you have a little, you know relief at that time and so then, obviously we did not have an emergency landing, but when you do land and you got to get a new plane – and you see you know – 15 fire trucks out there on the runway, You knew it was something that was close and you know makes you appreciate things and uh.

You know just have to you know. Now you go get a new plane, you get a new pilot, yeah uh, you, you sit there and you’re like man. Let’S just go home and you know go to bed and try it tomorrow, but um. You know it’s just one of those things that happened and we were very fortunate. We had a lot of professional. You know people on that flight. The you know the pilot was great and was able to land the plane and and but i bet i know everybody was a little. You know you know walking on eggshells a little bit i’m good. Thank you, matt yeah, mike carmen matt throughout this game. You you, you were overcoming your turnovers, you know in the first half and you know in some other games you haven’t been able to do that, but is that? Is that any kind of sign that you can you can use moving forward that you battled through that adversary, diversity and they? You know, as you said, they made one more play, but you guys were able to come out on. You know come out on at least from the turnover standpoint in a in a good position. Yeah, you know we just we talked at halftime because you know we had a. I think they had nine total rebounds at halftime. We just said you know we’ve out rebounded them. I think i think we rebounded by eight. So in the second half we only have rebounded by one we just set up.

You know if we can rebound the ball the same way and you know and not turn it over. We had four turnovers, you know in the second half which four turnovers in one half is is is pretty good, and so we did a better job. We didn’t do as good as job rebound in the second half but yeah. You know anytime, you, you have that many turnovers and you’re on the road and you’re still up three and a half like you. You know you’ll take it, but you also would like to be in a better position. You know, i just thought we had some careless turnovers, but we also had some shots that aren’t. You know, as i said earlier, that do not go in the box. Scores turnovers that are turnovers, you know we just kept getting stuck and then guys would just you know, take a tough shot and we needed those possessions back just as much as we needed the turnovers. You know back, you know we just got ta. We just can’t. Have that many empty possessions and our guys just have to play um with just a better feel than they did tonight or you know if we do, that we put ourselves in a great position, i mean, did you feel, like you had too many empty possessions when You were up five or six with a chance to to maybe extend it to 80.. No doubt, no doubt we needed that one big shot.

You know we needed that one big play to to get it to. You, know three possessions, four possessions, and you know you’re. Lucky um, you know that would have been great and uh. You know we just couldn’t get to that point uh. You know we, but you know, give maryland credit they. They played well just the the minutes, you’ve gotten from isaiah the last couple games. What what’s he giving you and uh? Is it just more of a settling presence, or is it some something else? No. I thought he was good. You know he uh. He didn’t turn the basketball over. You know he knocks down a couple. Threes um. You know he did good things for us, you know, and i think when you come off the bench it’s hard and you know i thought our bench did some really good things that all of them did some of the aaron rebound of the basketball. You know ethan came in was solid, but you know isaiah was he was really good. Obviously he got more minutes than those guys. He played you know 23 and a half minutes, but um you can play that position and not turn the basketball over. It really helps you, especially in a game where you know the rest of our guards. Were you know turning the basketball over you know, it was good to have somebody out there. Taking care of the ball. Uh are is sasha good to go for saturday, or is that still to be determined? No, if everything goes as planned and everything has so far so um yeah, that looks like he’s going to be able to play, but we’ll take tomorrow off and then we’ll practice, thursday and friday so um.

When we do our thing, whenever that is, i should have an update by that right. Is he scheduled to practice thursday? Then? Yes, yeah, not not all the way, i don’t think he can do 100 of everything on thursday. I think he can do 100 on friday. If i understood chad correctly all right, thank you. Thank you, uh. Anyone else for coach painter, hey coach. I just want to ask you um. Can you talk a bit about the role that young guys like brandon and jaden have played on the team so far, and what you’re looking at looking to get out of them going forward yeah? Well, you know both of them have done some really good things for us and uh kind of a byproduct of youth is just trying to get that consistency and that’s hard, because you know like like brandon newman was, you know, was so good in our last game And then he had 17, the first time we played maryland. So you know they’re going to be gunning for it and they’re going to be. You know making it hard on him and you know you’re on that scouting report and they’re just trying to take you away, especially with sasha. Not there a lot of times guys will just go, take sasha away and uh. So now, he’s kind of growing into that. Also to where you know, people are just you know, giving him a lot of attention and for us that helps us even when he’s not scoring it helps us because, from a spacing standpoint, you can drive a little easier guys can get post ups a little easier Because you got to stay with him because he’ll knock down shots.

I know he didn’t have a great game today, but you know he’s really played well for us and then you know jaden um, you know made some really good plays down the stretch. You know driving the basketball getting to the rim when people are taking a lot of things away. You got to have guys that can beat the man off the dribble and obviously he can you know he can do that so um, you know it’s just kind of developing and just keep working on. You know getting better defensively getting better from a competitive standpoint. You know all young guys are you know that way in terms of you know they want it all and uh it just doesn’t come all right away, but they’ve uh they’ve both done a good job for us all of our freshmen. I thought zach really did a good job tonight. I talked about isaiah. I know he’s a sophomore. You know ethan made that big three for us, but ethan did some good things. He ethan was good when he was in there. That’S solid he’s really been putting some tough spots because he doesn’t play a lot of minutes. He got a chance to play a little bit more tonight. Um, you know so that was great. You know mace, you know like aaron like they both you know, both those guys play. We got 12 rebounds from aaron and mason like that’s. You know that’s that’s, pretty solid.

When you, when you do that, then you look what zach’s been able to do and we get 13 rebounds from our center and we get 27 points from our center. So, like you know, those guys are being productive like if you win this game by one point you know you’re, you know you’re praising those guys for the the roles of the play, the little things that they did. Well, you got ta. You got ta praise them when you lose by one point: it’s, just one possession, so we you know we’re doing some good things.

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