Ohio State Buckeyes men’s basketball, Maryland Terrapins men’s basketball, Big Ten Conference, Maryland vs Penn State Highlights | College Basketball Highlights 2021

Rips Applause got hamilton to stumble back and laid it in good place and just put you in positions like you saw last year to really make a deep run in the tournament. Great pass. Three points: ayala against lundy down underneath and get a good look, and now marilyn’s got a two on one hart with a nice play. Getting it right. Back Applause, shot clock again goes inside ten for a penn state team that wants to play fast, rocking sale with the secondary transition that time able to get patrick Applause. He’S got Applause match up, goes by Music, so work to be done, but opportunities are plenty in this Music Applause, open, big dante’s scout quick step to the base flying got lucky off his feet and laid it in with the foul move around the horn inside tend To shoot scott gets it to marcel, goes baseline, reverses it in yeah, but dread that time white fell out. I mean you got marcel out there you’re behind and once you throw it outside jump shot here made up for it now dread Music. A couple as one seeds, michigan and ohio state brockington for the face frustrating to do when you’re, a defensive guy and you’re shutting down. You know your opponent. They respect you as much as you did in 30 points hamilton and the foul active inside. You maintain to get a possession now you get a score shot when you’re not knocking down, jump shots.

If you can have the post player, that gets deep position and you can trust, can score for you hamilton again back to the lion with another chance at a three point. Play inconsistent Applause. Here comes hamilton, one more pass: Applause, Music, but um. You know it does feel good to be able to have your family close by to come, see you and support you see who they give those points to here. It takes a seat. Buttrick comes in here sessoms, accelerating Applause, Music Applause baseline, two in the shot clock, it’s got to be buttrick Applause. Everything was right there and sometimes he anticipated getting it up. He got it up, quick to the second half beautiful wiggins. Getting his first points in the night, unlike you said, a beautiful ella was open underneath for a moment.

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Ohio State Buckeyes men’s basketball, Maryland Terrapins men’s basketball, Big Ten Conference, Maryland Post-Maryland: Purdue coach Matt Painter