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You know it can dry. Your skin out, pretty nasty yeah jack parasetsky joins us with her tips to upgrade your skin care in just two minutes, challenging yourself to try something new. But will you be shown up by a child celebrity here now to help us upgrade our makeup skills and make it easier owner of skin perfect spas, jacqueline parasetsky is here with her lovely model jill good morning. First of all, are you all good good? Let me start off by saying your haircut’s adorable. Okay, i had to you know, go for something new after 2020 kind of, i think, really gave us the run for our money. We needed to change change it all up. You know you’re mentioning in fact, we know that little um blue ivy nine year old, blue ivy. She does her grandma tina’s makeup, like a pro there’s video out there of this happening and jeez. Here we go wow and just it’s, very simple, not overdone, but if a nine year old can do it jacqueline. Why in the world can’t we, you know what that is so true and i’m telling you these tricks i’m going to share, might give you these aha moments that you’re thinking this is so simple. Why am i not doing it and i think these tricks i’m going to show you blue ivy doesn’t? Do all right, walk us through the steps. Let’S see it all right, so perfect, perfect first step for perfect eyes and what i mean by that is hydrated dewy and glowy.

So i’m, going to put a clear it’s, got a more clear application and it’s a hyaluronic acid eye primer and what that does is for more mature clients or people that are busy moms like jill and she works and is trying to keep her kids educated. He is exhausted, and sometimes that shows up under our eyes. So a lot of people will go right to put their concealer on right and they go about their day and then they look in the mirror. Think my god, i look so tired and dry. You know it’s really dry and flaky under there by putting on this hyaluronic acid based primer that’s, going to give your eyes that hydration it’s going to stay all day, it’s going to plump up those little fine lines and wrinkles, so it smooths them out. And then you can follow with just a concealer and you can put less concealer on and that’s going to carry well over into the whole eye area versus what people do is they use more pigment thinking it’s going to help cover, but sometimes using more pigment just Makes it look thicker and more built up and it’s going to just make the eyes more dry and flaky looking, which does not convey hydration or being even awake? Primer? First, camera. First cameron: you’re! Writing this yeah i’m. Sorry, okay, right cameron! It works for everyone whomever! So, even if your eyes are dry before camera that’s a great thing, you can go over makeup or under makeup.

Okay, what do we do next? All right, so the little trick that i like to teach my clients is the smile and circle trick, and this was when it comes to blush application, because a lot of people have no idea where to put their blush out they’re like do. I put it here. Do i put it up here, i mean i’ve had people good, do i go on my nose? My aunt used to do that. She would go all over her nose and i was always confused by that. So when we’re going to use a blush, it’s important that you, of course you want a blush that’s, going to look good with your skin tone like if you’re warm, you want a warm blush. If you’re a cool tone, you want a cooler blush jill is cooler. Toned and now i’m going to have her smile and then i’m going to circle. You see this technique and then you’re circling and that goes on the high of the apples of her cheeks. Okay, oh yeah, look at that! It looks good yeah isn’t that it’s just it’s really easy and people that way. They’Re not wanting to do this too much because that’s, where bronzer and contouring should go, not necessarily the pink blush. Okay, smile and circle. They smile like you’re, not tired, jill, we fake it till we make it good yeah that looks amazing and, lastly, those crazy brows. We have a way to take care of those as well.

Yes, the crazy brows now i’m going to use these little brow, tint, brushes and they’re kind of really nice, because they got little microfibers onto them and the brows are what’s missing so like i could take this whole look dust her with powder. Now that i have her blush – and i have her hydrated concealer on – but the finisher always has to be the brows, so with this brush, all you have to do is brush on top of the existing hair, because it’s going to attach these little microfibers, it makes Her hair, her brows, look, fuller, and it gives her definition without trying to really have to paint a brow on, and this is fantastic for. People who have silver hairs, because it’s going to include the silver hairs and then it’s going to give them more of a complete brow, shape that they may not have without gotcha julie. You look wonderful round of applause. Yes, it’s that beautiful, then you can blend the blush out a little bit. If you want fabulous and just always remember use your ring fingers make sure you never are doing this ring fingers cameron. I expect you to be beautiful tomorrow, i’m telling you my my studio makeup later this week is going to be on on point for sure jacqueline. Thank you so much, and where can people find out more about you? They can go to our website skin, perfect, spas or follow us on social media for makeup tips.

It’S on color me perfect. This is perfect. Now i’ve got something to do with my ring finger. Thank you so much for that. Yes, all right, lady we’ll be right.

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