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We haven’t done an update in at least two weeks now things have pretty much plateaued, i believe locally, but uh. The vaccine information that is coming in from all different directions. It seems to be confusing as heck. We know there was two vaccines that were the and we’ve explained this in prior videos that were the uh mra. Am i saying that right, mra base dna? Mrna sorry mrna based uh uh vaccines that um were offered by, i believe pfizer and what’s the other company. Dr malone, modern and those are the – i think modern – is the one that’s actually here locally right now i haven’t i don’t know about the pfizer, but in any respect we also went through in a prior video that the first uh candidates would be healthcare practitioners, long Term care facility, uh patients and staff, and then i believe, a couple weeks after the release of the vaccine. They went ahead and said: okay, everybody over 65 or 75 can get can get the vaccine. Now then we heard that publix was offering the vaccine. Then we heard that olive bran olive baptist church has it and the military milton community center had it and now we’re hearing some stories about sam’s and walgreens. I guess that came out today, all right i’m, not sam’s in walgreens sam’s in um walmart. So, first of all, if you’re local in pensacola surrounding counties of santa rosa county, dr malone tell us who can get the vaccine right now and where you get it uh.

So, who is like you said, it’s healthcare providers with patient contact or any and it doesn’t have to be a doctor or nurse. It can be just off top my head respiratory therapist. It can be a dietitian, it can be someone who is seeing patients or interacting with people who would be considered under their care in some capacity, and that right now is what sacred heart was offering at their clinics there, where you come up and show them your License and sign off your information and you got put in the system, you got your first shot and you got an appointment for your second shot. The same was applying then for 65 and older, as you had mentioned, and that was appointment only through the sacred heart website and those were back when we didn’t update a couple weeks ago, they’re popping up as fast as they’re going away, and you know i was Refreshing and seeing you know any given time, it was between 10 and 100 different um appointments, and this is both at their campus as well as at all of uh baptist church. All right, so wait wait a minute. So let just answer this precise question where in escambia county can get the vaccine, so the department of health sacred heart system, which is at their campus or olive baptist, and then um the public’s locations right now, that’s and who can get and who can get the Vaccines at those three places general places in escambia county by appointment, the health care workers and over 65.

okay. Now what about santa rosa county? Where can you get the vaccine and who can get it so that’s through the department of health in santa rosa? And last i understood they’re doing it then milton community center as well, and that was part of the sacred endeavor in santa rosa county and then the public. Yes, the public’s locations in the county. You know which ones i know they’re doing it in gulf breeze, proper publix. Do you know if the tiger point publix has it or any other publix in santa rosa county has offers the vaccine? I believe it was uh when i last looked, it was uh the the tiger point one as well as the navarre one, that i saw those three for sure i don’t know about times, Music and and to get an appointment at those places for the vaccine. Right now and what is it february 3rd? You have to be over 65 and i think you have to be a florida resident now. Is that right, yes and that’s changed since the last video we did where it was basically all comers so it’s a it’s, a resident of the state primarily and then of the county and they’re trying to keep people in their counties. But i don’t think that’s a disqualifier to say i’m from mississippi county i’m getting in santa rosa or vice versa. All right now i saw something else this week that said they’re allowing doctors to prescribe the vaccine for people with high risk, even if they’re below 65.

explain that yeah so that’s starting uh next week, sacred heart’s, gon na start doing that, and so someone who falls In the category of high risk and the list that was put out, included, um immunocompromised state because of cancer transplant history, diabetes, obesity of the bmi over 30 heart disease, chf coronary artery disease and then lung disease. Those are the main ones. If you have those conditions and you’re not 65 you’re under 65, then i would advise now would be a time to be touching touching base with your doctor, because a note is going to be basically your ticket to get qualified for doing that. So they can. A lot of physicians will have a letterhead ready to go it’s a two sentence. Thing say: hey um. This is my patient. They qualify with high risk condition. They may like to put your diagnosis on there or not and they sign their name. Their contact information is on there and that’s your note, because you will need to produce that along with, obviously your proof of residency in the state, all right and if you qualify for and you’re under 65 and next week, you qualify for one of those high risk Conditions, where can you can you get the uh vaccine at any place, or do you have to go to a certain place to get that that vaccine, so that in our area the two facilities would be sacred, heart, pensacola and then sacred heart bay, medical in panama City that’s who’s getting those doses for that particular popular part of the population.

Okay, so you could be making a reservation or an appointment through the sacred heart system and, right now, when i go to the site – which i just did two minutes before this video – that that option is not yet listed, it’s it’s to start on monday, the 8th. So i imagine that that option would be on there or you’d have a contact to get into that channel of how you’re getting your vaccine very good. Okay. So what else do we need to tell folks about the vaccine? What if somebody uh somebody’s seeing everybody’s hearing about these variants or thinking? Oh, what, if they’re already on the fence about the vaccine, then they hear some news story? Oh there’s, a variant. I told you all that this thing wasn’t going to work and we don’t know enough about it. I’M, not going to have it done and then the the discussion they sound like they hear about the variant makes them think okay. Well, maybe i shouldn’t get the vaccine. What do you say to those people um, i would say, get the vaccine either way, because, if we’re, if we’re thinking that the vaccine is 95 effective in producing an antibody response in people when coming out of the studies, i would take that gamble and say well, Like i got an antibody response to something that i may or may not have full immunity to, if i happen to get a variant right now, all the studies show that the vaccines do have some impact or ability to work against these variants to the same degree.

Maybe not so much, but it may make your infection with the variant not as extreme as the infection you would have without a vaccine. And what about the argument that the more people that have the vaccine, the less capable the virus is of replicating and then mutating right? So if the virus can’t go from host to host or person to person because more people are vaccinated, it can’t then mutate and become a worse virus. I mean we help. We can create the pensacola variant right so it’s important for us to put a stop to this thing and the more people uh they get. The vaccination any degree of vaccination, even the first shot um. They get the vaccine here locally, the better off we’re all going to be locally. So, even though you’re hearing things about south carolina uh the variants there and the south african variant, i think, started in south carolina now, it’s all over. I think we have some in florida and that’s the one that, where they’re most worried about, i think what you’re saying is even the first dose of the vaccine is somewhat helpful with all the variants. So, even though it may not prevent you from uh catching the virus, you’ll have two days of like flu symptoms and then be done with it so versus going to the hospital on a respirator yeah, and one good way to think about this, joe, is imagine you’re Playing a football game and you’re one of the defensive players, you have a whole set of 11 guys coming at you.

They all look different one’s, a little bigger than the other. They all have different numbers on it, but it’s the other team you’re gon na defend against the other team, no matter what’s coming at you. These vaccines still provide some defense. Okay, they might not tackle the exact one. They need to tackle all the way, but it’s gon na do some defense it’s going to have some defense so that’s the easy way to think about it. So it’s not like you’re being benched that’s a good thing. What else do we want to offer today in this uh vaccination video? So we have links as always and we’re gon na post those with the video very quickly. I will show this one and for people who are not in the category of over 65 or not in the category of hey i’m about to you know, i’m, just i have a high risk condition. I would encourage you to go to the my vaccine link that that the state of florida put out and you click on your respective category and then you get in line and so, if you’re a 30 year old, who’s, otherwise healthy you’re thinking well, i’m, not going To get this shot to whenever you go to this and you do all the little drop downs and it will send you updates if you’re a 30 year old, who’s healthy it’ll, send you hey, you’re about to be getting your opportunity to get the shot, whether it’s Two weeks from now or two months from now, so the state is really pushing this and it shows you the process that they go through so to say: oh it’s, frustrating they can’t schedule an appointment, that’s because they’re getting orders every week they get a one week Order and so it’s that um it fluxes that quickly so it’s not like they have like they can tell you what’s going to be getting in march.

Okay, so i would encourage you to go to the link for the my vaccine that state of florida roll out within the last week yeah everybody should do that in line yeah and – and you know at that time when, when your turn comes up, whether it’s two Months from now, you asked me earlier: where can i get the shot in this gaming county? Instead of listing three places, i might feel less 10. You know 10 different outlets and that’s how the idea of getting the 30 year olds vaccinated that wanted are going to be. They you’re going to sam’s to get yours you’re going to walmart to get yours because that’s, where the doses are available and you’re off the bat all right and if you’ve already had the virus. You may think you’re bulletproof, because you’ve been around people that just have the regular uh coven 19 virus, but once you introduce all these variants, whether it’s, the uk variant or the south african variant or whatever variant we’re talking about my understanding, is that even the antibodies You developed from having coven 19 three months ago, four months ago, five months ago, you’re not it’s not going to put up a sufficient enough fight to ward off that, maybe the south african variant and you probably could potentially get sick again. Now you may not be as sick as you were, as you were the first time, but you may get sick again so and nobody wants to go through that two times yeah.

So i would encourage you to get that and uh to that. There have been a lot of questions about like oh how if i got infected between dose one and those two, what should i do or right before i got my you know? First dose, i realized i had contact with someone, so publix actually has this on their site and it’s from the cdc’s recommendations on recommending when you get vaccinated based on when you were infected or exposed so it’s, a real easy breakdown and we have the public’s link On the links today, so this is listed on there. The main thing is, if you’ve been recently exposed or you’re acutely ill, the idea of not getting a vaccine isn’t, because the vaccine doesn’t work it’s, because you’re not supposed to be leaving your house anyhow right. Okay or if you leave the house you’re supposed to have a mask all right, so this was uh vaccination 101. I guess for purposes of uh, where we are now on february: the 3rd 2021.. If you have questions about this video, you can find us on the web at, or you can call us at 855 hire joe again. Thank you, dr malone, for giving us all this information and click on any of the links below.

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