2021, February 10, North Korea Moving to Japan 2021: COVID-19 Travel Restrictions + State of Emergency

Those following japanese news will know that, just recently, the state of emergency was extended an additional month until early march. All this information is public and available online head to the link in the description below to get to the ministry of foreign affairs of japan website. For the updated and latest info, the info in this video will reflect whatever info is available as of february 5th 2021. Is it actually possible to move to japan now in terms of yes or no? Yes, it is possible to move to japan right now, but with the strict policies and restrictions in place, it’s super difficult and stressful to attempt making the move to japan right now, it’s almost impossible for anyone who isn’t a japanese citizen or who doesn’t already have a Valid residency visa to enter japan because of the various covid measures. I’Ll talk a little bit more about visa stuff. When i go over the border enforcement measures document as long as officials feel the infection numbers in japan are too high, it’s likely that these policies will stay in place and there will be restrictions on how many people are entering japan so who can come to japan? Now, let’s take a look at those requirements listed on the japanese government website. Let me back up a little bit and just state that i’m not going to debate the efficacy of these measures to combat the spread of covet 19 in japan. But it is important for you guys to who are looking to move to japan to have a good idea of what the current landscape is.

So this is the official document by the ministry of foreign affairs of japan that goes over the what’s. What of landing in japan now who’s allowed, what’s allowed, etc? So all the info in this video stems from this document. I’M. Just filtering the info down to what i think are the major bullet points, so let’s take a look denial of entry foreign nationals who have stayed in any of the 152 following countries within 14 days of the application for landing, are denied entry into japan. That’S a lot of countries um, so this is probably the biggest restriction on who can arrive in japan right now. Basically, it means if you’ve been in these countries uh within 14 days of trying to land in japan, you will be denied. This does not include making a connecting flight, it looks like so if you are making a connecting flight in one of these countries, you are probably okay as long as you don’t leave the airport, um i’m, not 100 sure that’s. My take on the info in the document, but regardless this is a long list of countries that aren’t allowed to come to japan right now. Quarantine measures, foreign nationals and japanese citizens arriving in japan will have to submit a certificate of a negative covid19 test conducted within 72 hours of the departure time of their flight. The information on the website also makes it seem like those arriving are subject to other covid19 tests.

Upon arrival. I have heard from friends that um arriving in japan during the covet 19 pandemic and having to take a kobit 19 test upon arrival means that they have to wait at the airport for results um for three to four hours. So there’s a lot of time involved and it’s a little more stressful. I should say a lot more stressful than uh, even the normal moving to japan procedures were then upon arriving in japan. You will need to refrain from using public transportation for 14 days. This one’s tricky because normally you would arrive at the airport and then take a bus or a train to get to your destination or some combination of public transportation. But with the quarantine measure in place that’s not allowed. You have to arrange some sort of private transportation. A private car rental car taxis cannot be used during this quarantine self isolation period, along with all of this you’ll, have to read and sign this written pledge that states that you are aware of all these quarantine measures in place and that you will comply with them, Which states they are required to stay 14 days at a location designated by the quarantine station chief, owned residents, etc? Now, i’m, not a hundred percent sure what this means to be a location designated by this quarantine station chief, but it seems like you’ll, have to have your quarantine location okayed by some government official, maybe so having a place prepared before you land seems to be the Best way to go about this here, you can find short term rental apartments on our website that are an option for this 14 day self isolation, quarantine period, i’ll link more info to one of our partner agents, who has this 14 day quarantine self isolation package that They’Ve come up with to help those moving to japan during this time.

I understand and accept that i may be subject to revocation of status of residence and deportation etc under the provisions of the immigration control and refugee recognition act in case of the violation so be aware that breaking this quarantine can result in being deported from japan. Pretty serious business suspension of visa validity in this section there are lists and dates in which the visas issued by certain embassies or consulates are no longer being considered valid. This means, if you’ve gone through, all the paperwork and the procedures to secure a visa before the policies were enacted. Unfortunately, if your visa was issued within these dates by the certain embassies or consulates, you’ll probably have to put your flight to japan on hold suspension of visa exemption measures. If your country has a visa exemption status with japan, which basically is what’s commonly called the tourist visa, which actually isn’t a visa, but a visa exemption it’s likely that this visa exemption is also suspended at this time, pretty much means you can’t just come visit, japan As a tourist right now, the list goes over countries in which, although previously you would have been able to come to visit japan on this visa exemption uh, you can’t do that right now and you have to get a valid visa. If you wish to stay in japan, restrictions on airports, ports for travel in this section, there’s some designated guidelines on restrictions for travel between china, south korea and japan.

If you were planning on traveling between these countries, it looks like you might experience fewer transportation options than usual entry of foreign nationals with special exceptional circumstances. Now there are cases of foreign nationals that go beyond the scope of what’s covered in this document. Cases that require quote humanitarian consideration and it seems these will be handled on a case by case basis by japanese authorities. So after reading the document and digesting the info, these are the main bullet points that stick out to me. It is possible to move to japan. Now, if you have a valid visa, if you have not stayed in the countries listed in the denial of permission to entry within 14 days of application of landing in japan, if you have provided a negative kovid 19 test within 72 hours of departure time for your Flight to japan, if you have read and signed the written pledge – and if you quarantine for 14 days, including no public transportation, then it is possible to move to japan right now again, i haven’t gone through this process first hand, so i don’t know exactly how stressful It is or what the step by step process is, if you’ve moved to japan during the covet 19 pandemic or state of emergency, and you want to shed some light on how that went for you, please feel free to leave a comment below all this information. Is the info that i have found on the ministry of foreign affairs website? Please check the website for the most updated info.

I’Ll, do my best to answer any questions that i can or guide you to where you can find answers on government websites but i’m, not really an expert in this field anyways. This is just a brief overview of the policies and regulations being put in place regarding moving to japan. Right now take care and i’ll catch.

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