Finally, we have a sneaker in hand that i’m about to put on feet so make sure you watch this entire video. I know it’s been a long time since we’ve done those i finally caught the sneaker that i really really like. If you’re new to the channel don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and smash the like button, because we are on the road to 4k. Also, i just want to say shout out to my boy bryce kix. We just did a collaboration with him in terms of a giveaway. We are giving away a jordan 1 mid band in any of your sizes. All you need to do well is boom. All you need to do is enter right here. You can see the instagram post and you can also see how to enter it’s. That simple guys. You literally can win a jordan one mid band and your size. Having said that, let’s jump right into the review. Let’S go so right now we have the jordan wood mid and the black royal tumbled leather colorway, and it looks oh so good let’s get into the materials right away. First things: first, you can see this upper is consisting of leather, yes, and it is tumbled leather. So let’s start with the toe box, the toe box. You can see that it’s got that nice hint of royal blue. It is somewhat soft leather, of course, it’s something that you would expect out of a jordan one mid, but it does feel nice and honestly smells pretty good too and followed by that.

You do see the perforated holes moving on from that. You see the black tumbled leather that goes right around to the inside of the sneaker and, of course it goes to the hit of black on the side handle. You can see that this sneaker has the blue swoosh, which is really nice, and it also wraps around to the heel wrapping around the heel. You do see. It’S got the hit of royal blue once again, really nice and soft, and i really like how they actually made this blue instead of black. I feel like this just makes the entire sneaker look more full heading towards the laces. You do see that hit of blue again. You can basically see that it goes along where the wings logo is which, of course, the wings logo is a black glossy finish, and over here you can see the hit of blue again the sock liner, as you can see, it’s black boom check that out on The tongue, you do see the blue jumpman with the black patch and, of course this is canvas material. This sneaker only comes with black laces. I actually like that. They only came with black laces, i feel like putting blue or any other color would ruin the shoe, but that’s just my opinion. I do like that. It just comes with black. You can see on the midsole, it does have the all white midsole, which i’m also happy about, because i really feel like it just breaks up the colors nice and evenly moving on to the bottom of the heel.

You do see it’s just a black outsole and you’ve got the nike branding in the middle of it. Now i take out the shoe tree as well. You do see that you got the blue jumpman once again, with the black with the sneaker, i decided to go a size nine. This is my true to size honestly in the midst. I kind of do tend to go a half size up, but this is the only size i was able to get so i just went with it and it was better than taking it out. The color code on this sneaker reads: black hyper royal and white, and this retails for 150, canadian, so boom let’s put this side by side. Together, you can see. This is a really clean colorway and i feel, like a lot of people, are still going to sleep on these. I definitely think these are going to go up in the future for sure you know what, as a matter of fact, let’s jump into resale value right now and see how they’re doing okay so first things first we’re going to hop on to stockx and we’re, going To go to the jordan one minute: black royal tumbled leather – oh god! Yes, they’re! Not that much right now, but i feel like in the future. They are going to 100, be a 350 dollar shoe. You see here on the size, 9 right now: i’m it’s going for 175, so with tax 201 and plus duties and all that stuff.

But you can see that at least it’s going for, like 20 retail, basically give or take you’ll make five dollars just because with tax here, this sneaker ended up becoming like 169, so let’s just write it up to 170 bucks. If i go to the sale now, obviously i’m not gon na be making any profit whatsoever, so this sneaker. Definitely you do not want to flip this immediately unless you can find someone locally who you can make at least a 50 to 60 dollar flip with. So the most expensive size right now, obviously is a size. Seven you can see. This is going for 242 dollars with taxes, it’s basically 270 and including taxes and fees and all that stuff. If i wanted to go to the cell now bam, you wouldn’t actually make as much you would be making under retail. So, in my opinion, i definitely don’t think you should just sell it like right now. So, having said that guys, i really think that this sneaker is a major hold. I also feel like this is going to be a good investment down the line. I really feel like people are going to want these more and more when things start opening back up, because, honestly, this is a really clean colorway and, as you can see, this has the band color blocking. So in conclusion, what should you do with these sneakers? I definitely think you guys should hold them, and i believe these do come in a grade school pair as well grade school pairs always do the best, and i feel like these are going to be a major flip later on.

I think you’ll be able to make at least 120 to 150 profit, depending on how many sizes and what sizes that you have and how long you hold them. But i think wait a good five months i feel like in the summer time these are going to jump up a lot all right guys. So if you did enjoy this review make sure to smash the like button and if you’re new again hit the subscribe button. We’Re gon na put these sneakers on feet and you guys can. Let me know what you guys think about the sneakers. Thank you so much for watching this is jordan.

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