Air Jordan, Nike Air Jordan I, Nike WORTH THE BUY? Nike Air Jordan 1 ’85 High “Neutral Grey” Early In Hand Review

We got a very expensive item as well: very limited, limited elimination. I am supposedly only rumored to be 23 000 players, but there’s some mishap. Some mix up around that because the fact is uh nike deleted that the fact that these were these well. This is the jordan 185 neutral greys that we have in hand for you guys today, releasing february 10th for 200 retail at 10 am eastern for most retailers, and then what i was saying is that nike put 23 000 uh units limited to in the description, and They deleted that. However, a few of the retailers did say the same thing and didn’t delete that. So what is nike saying as of right now, i haven’t seen any pairs with dust bags, so that might be one telltale that uh there is no dust bag and there is no numbering system going on with that dust bag and the pack that did drop last Year, almost exactly well, almost a year ago, exactly from today’s video uh, it dropped last year during also weekend on february, 8th, if i’m not mistaken, yeah that’s, exactly this year, it’s shopping on february 10th. Now this box unfortunately, has seen its better days. If you guys want to find out how you can get your pair for retail for 200, which is a bargain, which is a steal compared to what these are going to be going for, make sure you guys check out yesterday’s video, which i dropped.

The full head of cop guide telling you guys exactly how to get your pair hands on a pair for retail and honestly it’s unfortunate, but your best bet is gon na have to be nike sneakers, which has been the most dreaded app for the past three weeks. Bro, i want to say, it’s been had the most errors i’ve ever seen since its entire existence. The most amount of couldn’t accept your payment, putting you online when it didn’t put your line instantly sold out exactly when 10 a.m. Eastern time hits so i don’t know what’s going like, but hopefully they fix that soon because it’s not looking too great and yes, this box has seen its better days. We got a little bit of rips and slits along the lid. It is what it is: i’m, not gon na rip it anymore and damage it bit. But here we go right off the lid. You guys can also use this review as a legit check i’m trying to gon na point out a few things throughout this video, and we do have the also mighty uv light. So we’re gon na we’re gon na try to help you guys out real quick and tell you guys that well, we’re gon na give you our best inkling on what to look out for so basically right here on this part of the lid. You guys basically have the red stamp over here, along with the nike swoosh up over here.

Uh, the right santilli features or some sort of stamp is always featured on jordan. One lids this one does have it red and it does feature it does say 28102717 right up here and then you got the dimensions of the box right over here as well: uh yeah, so it is ripped it’s. Your typical box of the same one that came with a few of the other releases, just your inverted box, so from your classic jordan, one typically what’s black here is red and what’s red here is black on the typical classic jordan, one box that we see present Day a lot of women’s singers simply released in this basic this box right here, man’s typically released in the black and red, which is much more common to see nowadays uh. As for the wrapping paper, actually real, quick we’re getting too far ahead of ourselves. I do want to show you guys the tag, because this is very very important, as you guys can see. It’S a usa, size 10. The official colorway is neutral, gray, white and that’s, really all it’s a very plain sneaker, really ain’t, much to it. Uh. Usa. 10. Euro 44, uk 9 28 centimeters retail, is once again 200 us dollars and there is no flap. I mean it is a little bit flappy. Just the msrp tag is flappy, so look out for that it’s, not all flat and all it doesn’t all stick. It is just a bit flappy, you got your qr code, you got your barcode over here and that’s, all that’s featured on the tag it’s, your full red, inverted box and on the bottom of the box, you basically do have just a tag: a black sticker and Some writing as well, so that pause it hold it compared to yours, if you’re worried about yours being fake, but honestly, i don’t think that many people well, i don’t, know it’s up to you what you wan na do with your money, but i just don’t think It’S, a great source of investment – if you guys saw my video from yesterday, i did mention how i wouldn’t even consider holding the shoe and we’ll break that we’ll get into a little bit more later.

Today, i’ll show you guys once again a little bit waxy paper. It is a little bit see through you got your jordan logo. You got your jumpman logo, well, jordan, wings, jumpman and the iconic 23 logo right over here. Now. What separates this packaging to a lot of the classic jordan ones is the fact that each pair is wrapped. Typically, what you would have is some sort of wax paper for, like a special collection. You’D have your regular wax paper, and you have paper like this. Just going all the way through it and the shoes of veggies lay down like that, it wouldn’t be individually wrapped. However, they are individually after this one. So it comes like um, almost like a thick tissue paper, some uh i’ll compare the paper you get on christmas. You know in the bags and a little bit of just stuffing paper for the most part to say so once again, we’ll take out both pairs over here and that’s just about it, then you got once again your whole wax paper right here, it’s, basically almost transparent, A little bit cloudy milky type of stuff going on you put that to the side and on the inside of the box. Nothing much else besides that iconic sticker with the green towel, with the green uh, inner sticker, so white, with the green inner and that’s pretty much just about it. For your box, a typical box, pretty it’s right pretty sturdy, i mean it’s double wrapped there ain’t much else to say about the box.

We’Re gon na flip this over and we’ll put a pair up on it right over here, like that. Now, as i was saying, the colorway isn’t special there really isn’t much to go off of it. It’S not that loud it’s, very, very classic, very simple, and i wish they didn’t make them super limited, although they will be i’m gon na, say there’s gon na be more than 23 000 pairs, but uh, not by much tell you. The truth. Production day was very, very slow, but what you got basically going on is some very, very high premium leather. This is some good quality stuff uh. I had trophy rooms in hand the other day and i don’t compare to them. Extra trophies might be just slightly better. A little bit more uh a little bit more flims more softer. This is very thick leather and kind of hard to you know like break in and wear it down. Eventually, you will don’t know doubt if you wear these daily or if you wear them every so often they will get broken in, but it’s a very nice thick leather right over here stitching is on point no glue stains, looking very, very good for my eyes from The naked eye from here first look at it it’s i don’t have any any complaints i apologize for delay. Ladies and gentlemen, you know what i’m saying delivery man came and dropped off some goods for us, but continuing on with this review, we got.

Basically, we got stock cocaine, white on white laces right over here. What it comes with, additionally, is some neutral gray laces. You guys can see right here so perfectly matches that swoosh and a little great tints on the sneaker throughout as well. Now one thing to notice that’s much different with this shoe is this tag right over here and if you didn’t know, this is the iconic image of michael jordan dunking over the chicago skyline. This was made very, very prominent and very it was like the whole image behind the uh event last year for all star weekend, that’s what everyone was like talking about the image and the tag and all that other type of stuff, so that’s cool to see if They’Re reincorporating this with the 85s again, this is what came with the 1985 pair as well at the same time uh. So you guys can see the inside of the tag right over here. It does feature some good, knowledgeable, artifacts, some good knowledge, but you just get your knowledge up. You know what i’m saying i do wish they brought back the iconic jordans featured on michael jordan right over here. This 85 pack, don’t even say baby don’t, even say that’s. Gon na go for the moon, as i was saying anyways now. One thing to note about this shoe additionally, is the fact is: it’s, not your classic insole and since we’re talking about it, we’ll get right into it.

Uh what it comes with. It comes with a shoe tree, not like a classically wood tissue paper, not an actual cardboard uh shoe tree. It just comes straight up um. What do you even call this just tissue paper, yeah? Basically uh? Then you go ahead and take out the install right over here. Uh it’s gon na be very easy to take it out, but i always struggle with. I don’t know why uh you just have to grab it by the indent and just rip that baby out and, as you can see, it’s not glued down at all it’s, your classic just slide in and slide out, insole no glue, no snow strips of glue. Nothing like that just very soft, but it is a very, very thick, but it is extremely soft once again, it’s very, very thick and it’s, not so flames. Typically, you would see a regular journal, one just flap all over. Like i mean this, one kind of i really wanted to uh but it’s very difficult to get it to flap like crazy. As you can see, it’s pretty pretty stable. It does come with a sticker right over here, which is featured on the insole, and it does say jordan, one your size, your color, your date, production, mold and basically everything you’ll need to know about the shoe if it was coming straight up out of the factory. Basically, all your qc quality control facts actually on the install as well.

You got nike air and gray embossed right onto it, and then you got the size 10 tag right over here as well. So it’s, not no baseball stitching. Tell me what i consider baseball stitching is right. Where the install meets the shoe, it starts stitched and it looks like a baseball stitching. You know what i’m saying sometimes it’s white and red something’s straight up red, sometimes it’s black and white, but this one is a bit different. This one has stitching on the inside, but it doesn’t meet right where the insole and sole meet it meets a little bit higher and it doesn’t seem as repetitive as baseball sitting there’s bigger gaps in between the stitching, which i guess is the classic look that they Used to do definitely not as stable in my opinion, but i feel like by now with the 2021 technology they got they they made the shoe right as it should be, and actually it’s like a corkish inner, not really fully cork it’s, not as soft as cork Is but it does, it is like uh. It does almost look like cork at the end of the day, uh now the insole is also one of my favorite parts. Look at this shoe because i’m always intrigued by the production, uh dates, and this one was actually produced from july 29th to september 8, 2020.. So damn that was that feels like ages ago, but yeah i mean that’s what it was.

It was only less than two months of production day. I know trophy rooms. We had those in hand yesterday that reveal be coming soon as well. They were produced from april to july, so they had a much bigger production date than these and there’s a limited of 12 000. uh. Now one other additional detail to note is: it does have a code right over here. It does a 10 2008.08, no 8, 2008.09 xc it’s like a sticker it’s, not embroidered, but it’s, almost like a sticker uh. That does actually feel a bit raised, so you can feel it and it is erased from the usual liner. Now i got ta say the padding is very comfortable. The shoe itself is very kind of i like the install on this shoe, but without the insole it’s it’s, basically rock solid. Now, if we go and do a smell test, we just had our hand in that one and it has no insole or a congested nose. I would have to say it doesn’t smell that strong, it doesn’t smell like strong at all. It has a little bit of like some nike glue smell, not elmer’s, glue a little bit of a nike glue, smell and, as i was saying basically for in terms of resale in terms of investing in the shots, say it’s a no go. Why? If you look the pair that released just a year ago, that’s a much more iconic color the whole bread coloring going on with that jordan, 1 silhouette and that shoes at like 550 600.

It did the reverse of what a lot of people. What i personally thought it was, so i thought it would have went up like 800 in the span of a year. It didn’t it pretty much went up to like 650 and then dropped right back down to 550.. Very, very weird to see that happen. But it is what it is and that’s just a straight up inkling that people really i mean they care about the 85s away, but they don’t care that much they it’s going to take a few years. For this. To really appreciate – and by that time i’d say you could have turned your money into a much a better investment. But if you got a ton of money you have nothing else to put your money into and you want to collect this for, like four or five six plus years go ahead and do that because this chloe hasn’t come out since 85 under 01.. So definitely a piece of history for sure, but the other day i just don’t think it’s a very solid investment, i’d say it’s, a great quick, sell now item. Unless you want to collect it once again, base sizes, i would say, maybe that’s more of a hold uh it’s a much more rare size, it’s much more limited in the fact that they don’t produce as many and a lot of people don’t go for them on Sneakers because people like oh, i have no chance at them or i don’t wear that shoe size.

The same time, they’re the most profitable, so it’s a little bit of a reverse psychology. Going on with that sneaker and let’s not forget real quick. We got this bad boy up over here. So one thing i do want to say: whenever you look at a shoe ooh, it looks nice and bright today, you guys can pick it up. You can see there’s really no issues with the shoe at all it’s all stitching’s on point. There is no marks up along here and actually one thing i do want to know if you want to look at it. If you take your in the tongue – and you hold it up like this to the light at least to the outside light, it looks like arctic blue. It almost looks like a light. Baby blue in the sun basically got some thick stitching up over there. If you guys can see, hopefully we’ll be able to be zoomed in uh, we got some more stitching over here. Oh looks perfect. There really ain’t, no money like mishaps, color corrections, nothing at all and on the insole, especially i don’t see anything there’s, really nothing wrong. Going on with this shoe the actual sole itself, no glue stains, no mishaps uh one other way to always legit check is the box. If you want to look at it closely, chinese boxes in the fakes from china always have a chinese tag. That’S actually seen through a uv light are not always, but for the most part they have uh china tags, like really only can be seen with the uv light, and if you look at it closely underneath this tag, it usually is over there and for the rest Of it uh there really is no miss notches.

No, like factory flaws with it. So i’d say this is 100 legit. I know it is, but just to show you guys a little bit more details. If you look at the inside of the box that’s the baby and dope i’ve, i don’t know if you’ll be pulling up the sneaker meetups yo. Let me see your shoes like a detective out here, but that’s what it is. I guess you got to be really careful for the fakes. This is definitely sure that’s going to be faked, heavily and probably already fake pairs on the market, so that’s it for me, hope you guys enjoyed i’ll catch.

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