Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, Anthem, NBA How Mark Cuban Makes $1,275,100,000/Year?! (Only 0.5% From SharkTank)

The mavericks only won 40 of their games and had a horrible playoff record of 21 to 32 and in the 10 years from when he bought the team, the team won over 69 percent of their regular season. Games reached the playoffs in nine of those 10 years. According to forbes – and this is why the annual estimated revenue of the dallas maps is over 307 million dollars a year, but the operating income. This is the profit that they’re, taking after wages of the players costs of good popcorn, whatever it is, is a hundred and five million dollars, but the real money in the nba and a lot of pro sports team is not actually the cash flow. The appreciation cuban paid 280 million dollars for the team in 2000 and today, based on forbes estimates alone, it is that 2.4 billion dollars is what the dallas mavericks are worth. So let’s do some math to actually see how much he’s making promoting a basketball team you’re gon na take the 2.4 billion that the team is worth minus. The 280 million that he put in over 20 years. That looks to be around 106 million dollars a year. Just from the appreciation of owning the team, that’s wild, so let’s do a total from the capital appreciation, which is 106 million, plus operating income of around 105 million dollars. That means he’s, making around 211 million a year promoting the maverick so first off. I am actively looking to buy a ping pong team, so if you know anyone out there, that’s selling holler at your boy leave a comment below next up: it’s, really fascinating business.

To look at companies just like real estate, where you can get cash flow. But there is an appreciation of your assets over time, so think about that, for yourself is what you are working on. Something that’s growing over time is the asset getting more valuable, the same or depreciating, and if it’s not go and change it. So next up is shark tank. Yes, you’ve heard about it. We have some details here that were fascinating to learn so he’s been a shark that’s a shark like that, since 2011 he’s invested in over 85 deals for a total of almost 20 million dollars. Let’S, take a look at some of the companies invested to see if there’s anything that any of us are familiar with group hug, nada, coconut, grill, nope, dude watch. Yes, i love those guys so cool to see them here. I think sometimes what always blows my mind is one: not every company works out, but two how many companies are making money that are doing well, that we’ve never heard of that always gets me so excited and like optimistic for business, his top three deals which he Invested at least one million in is 1031 productions, rugged maniac obstacle course and beatbox beverages. I actually have heard of those guys. I didn’t really see them listed here so i’m. Actually gon na make a separate video, where i view mark’s most successful investments from shark tank. So make sure to subscribe, so you don’t miss out on that each season there’s around 22 episodes which the beauty of this is he’s, getting paid to go check out.

Companies we’re estimating he makes around 50 000 an episode so 22 episodes times the 50 000 bucks he’s, making over a million dollars a year just from getting free promotion on shark tank and investing in potentially really cool companies. So how much is he actually making from all the investments on top of getting paid to be on the show we’re estimating around a 15 return on his initial investments? So if you take the 19 million that he’s put into all these different companies times, the 1.15 we’re estimating his return, it looks like the total return from all. These investments will be around 69 million dollars. If you take out his original 19 million dollar, investment makes he’s made almost 50 million dollars in the past 10 years for an average yearly return of 5 million dollars from his shark. Take investments being on the show by the way is amazing publicity for him. As a public speaker think about this, how did you actually hear about mark cuban yeah it’s, probably from shark tank? So if you take the math from his salary, plus the return on his investments, it’s over six million dollars a year and it’s amazing how marcus parlayed, literally his first business selling computers that he did into broadcast, sold it into yahoo into such an amazing array of Companies i want to be like mark by the way. Did you know i helped run It is the number one marketplace online for entrepreneurs.

So if you are starting your business or growing go to plus i negotiated an insane deal with our team to give 10 off anyone. Who’S a new buyer use code, noah 10, when you check out at so stock market. I mentioned this in the beginning. This was nuts to find out so mark cuban does not play with the stock market much anymore, but he’s actually massively invested in two companies that have blown up since national investment. So what is his actual investment strategy, and this is something that’s beautiful – that i think we can all learn from. He sticks with companies. He believes it so he’s owned two companies, one is netflix stocks and he’s owned it since 2009, when it was 50 dollars. A share today, netflix is worth 557 dollars, giving him a roughly 1000 return on that investment, and we don’t have numbers on his netflix shares, so we’ll leave that out of our calculation. But what we do know is that in 2019 mark said, he owned one billion dollars of amazon stock, which was about 600 000 shares he’s, apparently been buying amazon stock, since it was 500 a share in 2015.. Today, amazon stock is 3 300 that is wild let’s. Do some math just to see how much you made in 2020 alone, so at the beginning of 2020, was eighteen hundred dollars a share at the end of 2020. It was thirty two hundred dollars so about fourteen hundred dollars increase or 177 percent.

So if you take the 600 000 series, you had times the 1400 they’ve increased, just in 2020 alone, you made over 840 on paper from just owning amazon stock. I think i made like forty dollars. What is my thought on this one i suck at investing. I don’t know if you’re a blockbuster amc, gamestop investor, but you’ve probably heard me say that i’m, not the best i’m likely. The only guy who bought blockbuster shares yeah go figure. I wish wall street bets was around, but anyways i’ve, subsequently only investing companies. I personally use and can see being around for at least 10 years, and so for me, i think the beauty of mark is he’s, doing a lot of really wild investments with the angel investing because those aren’t going to be those either going to be home, runs Or they’re going to be total flops, and i love with the public stock market he’s doing consolidation he’s like here’s two companies, i like i’m, just going to really focus on them. I think there’s a lot to learn from that. The next step is 2929 entertainment. This is co founded by him and todd wagner who we started with before they solo to yahoo. This company is a vertically integrated film production and distribution company. So what what does that even mean? It means simply, they buy companies at every step of the movie business from the production to the theaters to the actual streaming platforms.

First off is landmark, theater see yes. In 2003, they purchased the landmark theaters a chain of 58 art house movie theaters and sold it for a profit. In 2018., our research team was not able to find details on that acquisition price. Next up is the magnolia pictures, huge american film distributor that specializes in foreign and independent films let’s check out some of the films that they actually have the girlfriend experience never heard of it. The perfect host never heard of it hongbok2. Actually, that was a really cool series. I haven’t actually heard of any of these movies, but it’s pretty cool a lot of times with these independent films they’re really cheap to make and if they actually end up hitting or not with netflix and other streaming services, you can make fat profits on those as Well, in april 2011, cuban had placed this magnolia pictures up for sale, but it stated he would not actually sell the company unless the offer was very, very compelling it hasn’t sold. Yet next up is axs tv, it’s, formerly hd net. This is all part of the 2929 entertainment it’s, a television channel devoted primarily to live music programming, entertainment and combat sports is the first high definition, satellite television network and it’s available to over 50 million households in the usa. Yes, a lot of people still watch tv fun fact that they actually own the right to sex in the city. Honestly, i watched all of it while drinking a lot of heineken, weird story.

Anyways they sold a majority, stick to steve harvey yes, steve harvey in 2019, and those terms of those deals were not disclosed god. This group has so many cool things, so 29 29 productions. This is the production arm of their business. That finances and develops some feature. Films in series, so there are some cool movies that have been nominated for comedy awards as a part of their company good night and good luck and enron. The smartest guys in the room, george clooney, who directed the movie good night and good luck, had a production budget of 7 million, and this movie grossed over 54 million dollars from zoom info. We were able to find out the annual revenue of all these different properties. Just the revenue, not the profit, was around 16 million dollars. That number might actually seem low to you, only 16 million, but the media business is a hit driven business. Just like this youtube world, not every one of our videos blasts off into infinity. My guess is the same: just like their business. It doesn’t always work out so that’s why that revenue is lower during the year. One thing regarding industries by the way – and this is something important is sometimes the most sexy industries – make a lot less money than you think so something i always tell myself and encourage everyone else out. There is think more boring, more boring is more money and always be careful again.

I can remind you guys in a lot of these. Videos is be careful about your profit versus your revenue, so if these guys are coming out on youtube or you’re hearing companies talk about their revenue. Who cares worry about how much you keep this month by the way i’m giving away a company to a subscriber? It could be you so if you want a legit company for free make sure you subscribe to the channel with notifications on by the way he also does angel investing on top of his shark tank investments. He invests aggressively in tech startups i’m, going to tell you a quick personal story. I know two guys who came to meet me when i worked at facebook. They had weird ass, hair, very nice kids. They were the founders of, which is now a public company, and what i believe they told me back in the day was that they cold emailed mark. He was one of the first people they emailed they pitched in via email. He didn’t do any diligence and agreed to be one of the earliest investors and that’s. Now a multi billion dollar company so mark has surprisingly done over 343 investments in the years and he’s had over 77 exits that’s a really impressive track record. Most investors in venture capitalists by the way get a power law return, but basically one out of a hundred do really well so it’s like nothing, nothing, nothing, something for myself.

I’Ve invested in maybe five companies, and the reality is, is that only one has ever exited and that took around six years, so that’s part of the experience that you have to do when you’re doing the angel investing. So one thing, that’s really interesting. That mark has done, i think, for yourself is: if you want to get more deals, if you want to meet more people, a great thing to do is blog just like mark or youtube and put yourself out there. It gets you way more interesting opportunities for these deals like angel investing than you cold soliciting people that you don’t know so let’s take a look, hopefully it’s a beautiful pie chart covering my face. This is a pie company in austin, texas, first off dallas mavericks owner he’s, making over 200 million dollars a year from that 29 29 entertainment, 16 million dollars a year within shark tank. He gets a million dollars just for showing up and we’re estimating around a 5 million a year, return from those investments and then his investments in the public companies like amazon he’s, made over 800 million dollars. That was just in one year. So the total yearly revenue that mark has been creating for himself just in one year alone is one billion. Are these numbers right? This is unbelievable: 1 billion 275 million 100 thousand dollars that last 100, thousands of hearts quick disclaimer by the way. This is revenue not profit, and things like his mavericks ownership, plus his amazon stock are asset gains.

He hasn’t actually collected those monies, yet he hasn’t sold them. So one giant ass lesson from mark do not try to go make a quick buck. I know. Maybe you saw a youtuber that showed up and selling you a course or some guy that says you can get rich over here, but really go for the long term. Billions so mark is doing amazingly well. I have no feedback for him, but one suggestion of one thing: he’s not doing that, i think, could be really valuable, for him is double down on youtube. I know right you’re on youtube. He’S got shark tank. He’S got a blog, he does some twitter. You see him sometimes get showcased with other channels, but i think he can have a huge long term brand upside from being on the youtube platform. Holy smokes mark is making a lot of moolah and it might sound out of reach if you are just getting started on your entrepreneurial journey. Remember this, though, mark started his first business after getting fired from his job as a computer salesman, make sure to watch part. Two of this series, where i go over where’s the rise of mark cuban from a 12 year old selling trash bags to him, making his first billion by the age of 42. when the video’s up it will be linked up here in the top right and if It’S not up yet make sure to subscribe and hit that notification bell, so you don’t miss it when it comes out in the next week or so by the way leave in the comments someone else you want us to figure out how they’re making so much money.

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