Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, Anthem, NBA y the Mavericks will no longer play the National Anthem before home games

We living in a crazy, weak time, bro like when we allow emotional people to take over the country and tell us what they should what’s, what should be dictated and what’s or not. You know and it’s crazy bro. I think we just we allow money money to take control over our lives, that’s the to tell us who can do this and who can’t do this bro this bro. This is crazy. I would have never, though, mark cuban would ever do that to texas texas, bro texas, true dallas fans. True mark houston fans bro. I would never, though, he’ll do some like that in texas, bro boy, they gon na get rid of him bro. I ain’t talking about. Like they got hurt harm they gon na make sure he get kicked off that team. If, if he do that, bro they gon na make sure it’d be hard. Bruh, they’re gon na be hard bruh. You know it could be horrible for nba players, bro that’s, on the dollars bro to make money. If mark cuban get rid of the now suit nasa, if i’m saying that work bruh, if he get rid of that, bro they’re gon na be all hell break loose hold on y’all post some videos, as i post in this video that’s, what i was trying to Do but i you know, going live and stuff like that, it’s cool, you know we all make mistakes so it’s all about correcting it at the moment.

You know because i’m quite sure, y’all seen some of my videos what the hell the headline like, what the hell was, he trying to say or what was he trying to do and i don’t even know if y’all see what i’m doing y’all probably just see my Face moving and talking and but yeah man, i’m uh hold on just got ta post this a couple of more times get from that shout out to the people that be shout out to facebook, shout out to twitter shout out to youtube people that become following watch. My page give my page a chance and stuff like that shout out to y’all. I definitely appreciate y’all bro cuz y’all don’t have to do that. Bro, y’all don’t, have to with me man, y’all don’t, have to check me out bro. So i appreciate you. I appreciate you for coming and checking on my page hold on just looks like i’m trying to get right back to it. You know i appreciate y’all bro for checking on my page, because y’all need to check out my page man, no yeah, i ain’t got to do nothing bro and i appreciate it, but anyway, bro i’m, going down instagram that’s. Why we get most of the time get the information from uh i’m going down, instagram let’s, say mark hold on just for a second let’s, say, mark cuban, say the magnets, the the mag race or mag race, i’m. Sorry from santa rome.

We are no longer play the national anthem before home games. How do y’all feel about that bro hit the notification hit. The comment share the video. How do y’all feel about that bro mark cuban will no longer play home in any home games, we’re no longer playing the nine ceiling anthem. How y’all feel about that bro? Talk to me, man make sure you hit the like hit. The subscribe share. Buddy share this video out here. Bro hit that comment right there bro. How do y’all feel about that talk to me, bro talk to me. How do y’all feel man what is going on bro in this world that we feel we need to rip statues? We need to get rid of the national anthem. We need to allow women in the army to grow, dress and get fingernail painting get makeup like bro. What what’s going on what is going on, why it seemed like the old rules. What what i see like anything that man doing is getting read, it’s just getting undo to fit the narrative of everyone else bro. I thought this country was built off man, man bro. I thought men came together as one to build a country bro. You know to get freedom, even though they have, even though people haven’t lived up to the freedom that they wrote down in the laws bro, but people were still being treated as ass, so that it was bro. How do y’all feel bro? How do you feel? How do you feel to see things getting snatched up in front of your face? Bro texas, talk to me bro.

If you from texas talk to me bro, i don’t know where you might see this video i don’t know but what’s up to you, how you doing how’s your day hit that like subscribe, share this video bro talk to me bro. How do y’all feel bro? How do you feel in the comment box? Bro talk to your boy man, because it’s crazy, it’s, crazy, it’s, crazy, it’s, crazy bro, it is crazy. Bro like is, is getting snatched up like stuff is changing. You know. Sorry i want to bring that light in some more because i ain’t turning on the other light, but bro honey. How y’all feel bro, how y’all feel people from texas that, with maggots maggots dallas mavericks how y’all feel bro? How do y’all feel? How do you feel that the owners of the team is taking away what been done all the time, never had a problem that everybody know the national anthem, how y’all feel that it’s being taken away it away? I literally thought when that song was being played, that it was for the people who who fight for this country, no matter what race they is, no matter who they is but it’s for those who fought and lost their lives or lignans that protect us to have Freedom of speech to do damn that, whatever the we want long as we don’t hurt kim those we don’t hurt, kill harm others, you don’t put it like that simple.

As that bro, you know, even though we still do it, though i don’t do it, but people out there still do it, but how y’all feel bro, how y’all feel for that right to be taken away from the vest now. Somebody might argue me down like man, but the best with this and invested deaths, and all that i don’t give a about all that bro. I want people who was born and raised in texas bro, who remember when they was a young buck or their parents used to take them to the dallas mattress, to watch that basketball game bro, the what’s dirk nigizi and all the other ones bro. How y’all feel bro, how do y’all feel for the fans that’s not from dallas but like dallas, like the teen love the indies, he loved the the atmosphere knew the moment it was when it was time for the game to watch either they participate or they didn’t Participate when the national anthem come on bro people just just just slow down a little bit just chill a little bit, how y’all feel bro, then. On top of that, i want to know what y’all going. I want to know since they’ve taken one the national anthem in the nba in dallas, starting off in dallas, because they’re going to spread it spread like a wildfire bro, but since they’re taking away the national anthem, i want to know what songs is they gon na Play is they gon na, replace it with hip hop and just let the basketball players do what they want to gain start or what like bro.

I want to know bro or they’re going to replace it with something else with black lives, minder or gay last lap, minor or uh last three minors or or me too manners or replace it with. You know how y’all feel bro talk to me in the comment. Bro, you said, oh well, i know bro it’s playing. I know man i’ll just play i’m, just breathing comments. If it was there, you know, but i want to know man what y’all think bro trust me trust me. I really truly want to know what y’all think bro cause. I feel like it’s some and i feel like pretty soon the identity of a black man, black woman, black child. Your rights is coming pretty soon you’re gon na be people out here, saying they black and you’re gon na look at them. Clearly, like you know, damn well, you ain’t black, but they gon na say it just because they identified with they says who they, who they choose to sleep with pretty much they’re gon na try to flip that pretty soon they’re gon na be a law against black People calling themselves black bro, they’re gon na be a law against that bro and somebody and somebody in the head office who’s a wimp cake, whatever you want to call them bro who gon na think it’s cool, bro, they’re, gon na think, it’s cool to flip. That and they’re gon na be people who identify they self or who they sleep with gon na have rights over that it’s coming bro mark my words bro it’s coming and then once it happens to us, it’s gon na happen to air, but it gon na happen To everybody bro, but it’s, coming bro bro pretty soon somebody gay gon na come out i’m.

Not i i just got said cause they can meet, not all of them, but most that community is up. They they some up individual, not all, but most some. Some gay people just ain’t with the and just want to stay the same, and they just wan na look i’m talking about the straight up real bruh. They just want people to lead on the alone bro, you know they’re, not the version of hollywood trying to put out they they so flamboyant, and they want every rights they want everything done. No, these people just want to be left the alone bro, but when people figured out it’s money being thrown behind it to push the agenda of homosexuals out and bro it bro people want to be a part of it, so they get flamboyant as but when the Real ones on some of the real ones you know, and i i keep trying to tell y’all bro the way. Hollywood put it out there, that these gay people be all out there and they want, unless they not bro day as night bro. If you ever watch the jesse lee peterson when he had that passing on the show bro, he thought that pastor was straight to that pastor. As he opened up his mouth. He said he was gay that’s how he is majority that’s, how they is bro that’s, how he is bro that’s, who they are the people that’s that you see right now.

They want to have parades, and all this and all that that’s, not them those people that’s doing it for money, entertainment for attention for a role for a trip they just doing it because they feel it’s money in it. You know, but about to mark cuban bro. I want to know how y’all feel bro, how do y’all feel about this situation bro? How do y’all feel on what’s going on bro? How do you feel bro how texas texas talk to your boy, i’m up or hey, make sure you like subscribe when you do see this video share, when you do make it to this 12 minutes and 50 seconds? How do y’all feel bro? How do y’all feel bro texas talk to me? I want to see your comments bro. I definitely read comments though i like it and everything talk to me, man how y’all feel bro, how y’all feel that the national anthem in front of be no longer played at any home games that the dallas margaret’s maggots play because it’s some who own it is Sipping out to the people bro sipping out to the people bro, because he want to make people happy or just be doing it for his own agenda. He never knows never knows never knows. I thought mark cuban was a cool ass, dude bro. When i used to watch him on uh uh what’s that goddamn tv show man, i can’t think of you know, but i thought he was cool.

Bro yeah. We look better. He doing like that. Bro that’s, it ain’t cool, bro that’s, it ain’t cool man. You usually just at least left it up to the people to see if they’d be cool with it. Oh at least try you just automatically just said i’m about to take it out. Bro bro you gon na have back. Like i don’t know, i don’t know i don’t know babe. Maybe maybe texas won’t give him no backlash. Bro. Maybe bush won’t respond or talk. I don’t know bro. I don’t know oh no bro, because i thought texas was solid. So if they don’t speak on it, i guess they. I guess they cool with it too. So who is me i’m from chicago, so i can’t speak on it, but i know bro, i thought boy, you know, but i i just thought texas bro. I will backlash on that: bro taxes, bro boy, no corn, cornfread people boy where they black old white brother. They don’t have a problem with that, because how you gon na take that from that people grew up grew up, grew up listening to the dance national anthem. For years years – and you decided you found to take it away from – i don’t know, i don’t know it might go right or he might die bro. You know, but i think a lot of money they already slacking now, so they really don’t slack on their money. Bro – and i think you’re probably doing it because ain’t nobody really dead – that we’re gon na preach about it bro but still got phones.

They entered that bro and if you need to sell seats or sell tickets on sale, internet you’re, pretty much internet tickets bro you! You take away that bro. They gon na have probably bro ain’t gon na want to watch sports. No more think i want to be a part of that. No more bro no already deal with the real games and said now you want to take over the nation. It’S going to really be problems bro, you know, like i said, people might accept it. Some people might not bro. You know, like you know, when you do you kind of do. Look at it. Look like the country is getting taken away. Bro. You know, as we speak as i speak now: bro some right skin change, taken away and change stuff bro just to fit somebody else in there because they paid for it like. I said this before and i said it all the time on instagram bro. As long as you got money, you can buy this bro, you can buy this. This is a hooker for money. She a prostitute for money. She gon na take your money bro. She gon na, take it and do whatever she want to do with it. You know you know what’s cool though oh, but wait like subscribe hit that notification share this video bro y’all.

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