February 10, 2021 BARBADOS TODAY MORNING UPDATE – February 10, 2021

There is no evidence to suggest that the recent upsurge in covet 19 related deaths in the country is related to any variant that’s. According to chief medical officer, dr kenneth george, who pointed out that the majority of recent deaths were elderly persons with underlying medical conditions, after registering just seven covet 19 related deaths between march and december 2020, there have been 13 additional deaths since the start of 2021. Bringing the total to 20. now the caribbean public health agency recently confirmed that the uk variant was found in three of ten samples from barbados. However, dr george tells babies today the agency has been unable to investigate any other samples to determine whether there were any more variants on the island because of problems with its machinery. They are unable to do further testing for us. They are. They help some laboratory issues. This was being facilitated through casper, so we don’t have the immediate opportunity to stand for the sample, but assuming the variance is here – and it is here – we have had um more issues of sicker patients coming to hospital are persons who have diabetes, hypertension, chronic respiratory disease And obesity so it’s a little incorrect to say that the persons are dying, who don’t have comorbid condition to the best of my knowledge. They are all elderly and have co morbid conditions. What we’ve been finding is that persons have been presenting least, and the later you present, the more likely you are to have uh on a not good outcome, and that was part of the reason why we went and we’re doing this because campaign.

Dr george says he is confident that, with the rollout of the oxford astrazeneca vaccine, barbadians of all ages would be better protected, as officials are trying to manage the coveted situation covet is a deadly disease and it comes with immortality. Many people die die because of issues of respiratory failure and issues of blood clots. The treatment is all available in barbados. As you know, we have dexamethasone. We have the deserver, which is currently being used in the united states and united kingdom, and we give all our patients the best shot. As i said, the majority of patients in the last grouping were over the age of 17. You have a person in the 90s we have three persons and their ages. Of course, you’re gon na get younger people. Um are going to be nice from kobe. We hope that will be at a minimum. Please recall that barbados is part of the global world and um young people can die of coldest because knockout harder children can die of coke. It is not harder, so we will just try to continue to manage the situation. Meantime, barbados recorded 82 new positive covet 19 cases on monday february. 8Th these cases also include positive results from january 29th to the 31st in its latest escovid dashboard, the ministry of health and wellness said such situations may occur occasionally as the best dos santos public health laboratory continues to try to clear the backlog created due to the Use of manual extraction in the processing of samples now of the new cases, 45 are women and the other 37 are men.

Nine of them were already at the harrison point. Isolation facility undergoing assessment, the 73 other cases include 69 barbadians and three non nationals. At the same time, another male inmate at h, p, dodd’s prison, tested positive, taking the number of recorded cases there to 363.. The majority of cases have recovered and only four inmates remain in isolation. There are now 324 active, coveted cases in the country and, to date, barbados has recorded 1814 confirmed cases. The business community is becoming increasingly anxious. Amid suggestions of that of the country’s two week, coveted 19 lockdown could very well be extended. In fact, president of the barbados private sector association, ed clark, is suggesting that only in extreme circumstances should such drastic measures be taken and he’s also pleading with citizens to comply with the coveted 19 directives to prevent further unemployment and economic ruling. If a business can’t generate revenue and there’s no revenue company, what do you do? I mean businesses have been trained to hold on carry the cost of their staff because of a short term period and so on. But ultimately, that is not something that can be sustained in long term and as much as many many companies and many small business owners would like to do that, it’s simply not affordable. At this time. In barbados, having haven’t come out of a long lot down in 2020, where many businesses have undergone serious financial stress and now to have uh, you know just a short life.

Now is one thing, but any further extension on the lockdown on the pause that we are experiencing them. I have a very um detrimental effect on business there’s, no doubt about it and not just business, as i said previously, by the way, the barbarian in the economy, the livelihood of many barbadians and anyway, of our life there’s, regional and international news. After this short break Music Applause, the barbados today news you can trust to news from the region. Bermuda is moving ahead with its covet 19 vaccination program with over 9 000 people receiving jobs. So far, health minister kim wilson gave the update last night during a covet 19 press conference where she also encouraged more men to be vaccinated. We have completed the fourth full week of vaccinations and the second full week of vaccinations using two vaccination centers for the period through to the 6th of february 2021. Bermuda has administered a total of 9095 vaccinations and the breakdown is as follows: a total of ‘ 999 or 44 males and 5105 or 56 females with 2048 or 22 being persons under the age of 50, 2, 257 or 25 percent being persons between the age of 50 and 64., 3284 or 36 between the ages of 65 and 79 and 1506 or 17 percent of persons who are over the age of 80. and finally, international experts investigating the origins of kovin 19 have reportedly ruled out a theory that the virus came from.

A laboratory in china, more in this reuters tv report, the world health organization team, investigating coronavirus in the chinese city of wuhan, where the virus first emerged says it’s uncovered new information about its possible origins, peter ben beric, who led the team in its nearly month. Long visit said the virus could have taken a very long and convoluted path, also involving movements across borders. All the work that has been done on the virus and trying to identify its origin continue to point towards a natural reservoir of these virus and similar viruses in bad population. But he added it’s unlikely that the bats were in wuhan. He said they were also looking for chinese blood samples that could indicate that the virus was circulating earlier than first thought. The team of investigators did wall out the possibility that the virus leaked from a lab, which has been the subject of conspiracy theories. The findings suggest that the laboratory incident hypothesis is extremely unlikely and to explain the introduction of the virus into the human population. The team has also identified market vendors selling frozen animal products, including farmed wild animals. They plan to further investigate cold chain transmission. China has pushed the idea that the virus can be transmitted from frozen food and has repeatedly announced findings of coronavirus, traces on imported food, packaging, that’s news, but for the very latest visit us at www.bobbydistoday.cb, you can also subscribe to our e paper, email updates or, like Us on facebook and sign up for our breaking news alerts via whatsapp.

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