FC Bayern Munich, FIFA Club World Cup, Al Ahly SC, UEFA Champions League, Tigres UANL, Robert Lewandowski vs Bayern Munich 0-2 Hіghlіghts _ Goals HD 2021

If ali should prevail this evening, we would become muscles the last time before they enter the stage. Abdullah, mohammed from the united arab emirates is tonight’s referee europe with a fantastic record of recent times in this club world cup. This is the way they line up uh. I will shall we the goalkeeper so much about him. The pole seems to break a record every time he takes to the field Applause. This is davis Applause. He had an eccentric performance Applause very much in bayern munich’s favor, as you would expect, and the header is just too high. The options are here: the cross is uh decent. The header was decent as well Music. What an exciting run this is, that was absolutely brilliant. Applause will be a free kick a little bit to the al ali met Applause, Applause, Applause, Applause and goal number 187 of his brian munich career. It had to come Applause, Music, a white shirt available and agrees through here through there straight off the left of rocket, and it misses the far post by what about a foot, i would think from our first viewing Music Applause, Music Applause. This is into lewandowski, Music Applause. It was a lovely bit of interplay. It really was beautifully orchestrated that one three to his right and they’ve got the goal in the lead davies is in position here to fire. One through Applause. Alfonso davies is without a goal. This season, which is rare for him, get the feeling that bryan would like a second before half time.

They’Ll get an opportunity here, because that is a free kick referee, have no doubt about it: it’s about 10 yards away, he’s hitting hard and low in the keeper. They have had the value time and the flares will cheap off the field of play. Robert 11. he’s got his usual goal. He is the one that separates the sides at the break that came on 17 minutes at the end of uh. They’Ve lost nine Applause. It will be allowed to get the second half underway with the ball again. Applause, Music and the move continues, and this is a really sprightly stuff from al ali Applause. Oh Applause, Music Applause well defended by ibrahim died this time and this might be a problem, but it would have been the area he’ll look up and look for anybody wearing a red Applause, he’s shirt and has to be ticked over the top of the crossbar. It was with the header firm one as well from a good forehead. Spinning off here here is the header Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, build up again, quite ominous: you feel there she’s always at the heart of these things again. Well then, he goes right on the edge of the 18 yard area, not a penalty, but a free kick. It is Applause. Well, they took the wrong option to the opportunity here, however, and it is a decent ball, but zul is Applause.

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