Los Angeles Lakers, Frank Vogel, NBA, LeBron James, Alex Caruso, Anthony Davis & Anthony Davis talks about Lakers big win Pistons 135-129 (2OT) on postgame

d this in the walk off, but a game like this goes to double ot uh. Do you do you kind of just say, hey i’ll tell you i’ll swell that ends well and you walk away dismissive. Are there things that you that you get frustrated about and then it got to that point? No, i don’t think it was too many frustrating parts in the game. Um there’s things where we know we could have done some things better um. You know, but we played some good basketball. Listen, you know we we bring out the best uh in the pistons. You know, and uh they’ve had uh two really good games versus us another one was tonight. We give our credit what creditors do they play well um, but we got enough stops and we’ve got to made enough shots to to win the game and every game. He’S gon na have his own challenges and we accept all challenges, and we did that tonight. Then lebron, can you just take us through the step back three of the evolution of that in your game when you started to feel most comfortable with it? Obviously we saw the two in the double ot tonight. Um i’m, not quite sure when i started to feel very comfortable with it was just you know, being able to go too late in games, but um you know just always trying to you know. You know get my game better, always trying to improve my game and uh.

You know that’s one instance of it. You know and uh. You know a lot of guys a lot of teams giving me space on my three point: shots because they’re afraid of the drive. So you know i have the confidence that i can knock those down and tonight was another case well, ryan uh. It looks like after you hit that second, three in double ot, you kind of gestured waved your arm. I want to know you were saying something too. If you could share uh what you said, another question um. I was just ready to go: um i’m, 36 years old and uh. You know i really don’t have the heart, um and the the i don’t have the heart. My heart is not sustainable for two overtimes at this point in my career, so i was just ready to go get home. You know i got a bottle of wine. It’S been ready to be opened and uh. I delayed it for two more quarters and uh or two more overtime, so i wasn’t happy with myself in that in that, in that regards what did you make of the match up of the pistons putting their center on you uh down the stretch? Well, we’re a match up problem for a lot of teams and um. You know for to have the ability to run our our pick and roll. We make teams kind of adjust to sometimes that they don’t want to do and um.

You know. So. You know with our pick and roll we, you know we attract a lot of um. You know switching and things of that nature because they want to try to keep a body on both of us and we just try to exploit that um what’s your overall story. Confidence level right now behind the three point line: um obviously hit the shot in a little over time, but come take that on a couple other ones um just kind of where you at with that. I know that was something that you wanted to think. A lot of them this year, i’m confident the team get on me and the players get on me about uh about shooting them. You know, especially when i’m open, but uh. You know i just try to make the right play. You know thinking about pump fake. You know the guy closed out, especially with a big i’m able to get around them and either get to the basket or when the defense collapse i’m able to find shooters but um. You know i do have to shoot the ones that aren’t that i’m open on and uh. You know, i think they just you know me actually doing it. You know the one that i got in the corner and over time i didn’t hesitate um and when it came to me just shot it. You know i think, that’s why um it went in so just got to be able to when the ball gets swung.

To me, um, knowing that guys are going to close out short um, just got ta let it fly. Um, lebron, uh, you’re, joking you’re, you’re, ready to go home tonight after 20, but 46 minutes specifically for you. After a game like tonight, um where you dig in deep into double overtime, is it is that just a more or a longer recovery process? For you the day after? Is there just more involved in that uh to get getting back to 100 and how does it cut into your super bowl time tomorrow? I mean i’ll still get treatment tomorrow, um as i do on any uh. You know day in between the game, knowing that we have a game on monday um, but it won’t cut into my to my super bowl um. You know i plan on getting up early, get some treatment and then i’ll probably go back to sleep um. You know get a couple hours of rest before the super bowl, so i’m locked in on not only the game but also the commercials so um. You know you got to be here. You got to be locked into the commercials, absolutely uh, so special guest tomorrow in commercial tomorrow. So so i got to be ready. Then i don’t want to miss nothing. I always we as a family. We always ranked like the top five, our top five best uh super bowl commercials. So you know i’m looking forward to that, a couple: more hey d.

In all seriousness, how do you feel about being in the super bowl ad? Does that feel like something that’s sort of a career ticker for you off the court yeah i mean uh mom i’m, just not hearing about this. It was a surprise bro. Okay, since i’m, proud. I want you to watch the game like yo you, you know what i’m saying it was a part. Thank you for running running rachel out man, okay, okay, okay, okay, now i mean it’s something that’s super that’s, super cool to me. Um, you know being a huge football, you know fan and, and you like, like bronze, said you know, you always watch the commercials that’s. One of the reasons why you watch the super bowl um and for me to be a part of that that uh, you know legacy with all the great commercials i’m, not sure it was. It was great to me, i’m, not sure how the world’s gon na take it yet but um to be a part of that is something that um. You know, don’t come by too often and i’m excited to be a part of that yeah. You got ta. If you got a commercial on super bowl sunday you’re doing something right, i know how much those commercials cost that’s for sure double overtime uh. What did it take to get the job done? I think we got some stops down the stretch. Um, you know lebron. You know hit a couple of tough ones at the end.

You know to get us the w um, but i think overall you know we uh played a hell of a game defensively but uh, i think in the fourth quarter. You know we let up a little bit um. They made some like contested highly congested shots um, but end of the day we got the win and uh we’re gon na move forward. You talked about making shots for you over the last three. I know it’s a small sample size dennis, but you’re shooting over 70 from the field 20 of 28 you’re perfect from the charity stripe here in february. How would you describe we talk a lot about your defense and you take pride on that end, but offensively just kind of the rhythm and flow you found yourself in right now. Yeah i mean i played with the two. You know best players in the world, so you know me uh try to adjust to this group to them um. You know it’s big time. I think we need this and i think that you know i just got to be more aggressive, uh taking the right shots. You know and um keep you know, um putting them in good positions. You know to score um play a lot faster. I think that’s, what changed uh. The last couple of games play with more intensity on the offensive end and um. I think that helped me. You know to get in the groove a little bit offensively and to pick up full court on the defensive end as well.

Do you ever get tired? We talked about it. A lot on the pre game show, especially after what we saw from you on both ends against denver. Tonight you play 41 minutes uh. You constantly give 110 percent uh. Do you get tired at all? I mean now i’m tired. You know i’m gon na get some rest um tonight, but i think in the game you know all that matters it’s a it’s, a w, so i’ve seen everybody. You know with their hands on their knees. Even myself. You know i was tired, but you know we fought through. It did a great job. You know closing it out. Thanks dennis yeah let’s go to amanda skurlock, please hi, dennis um. Congratulations on the win! Um! You guys secured the win with only nine three pointers was that something that was kind of planned like from watching tape or was that something that kind of came from like just through gameplay? They hit nine three point, as you said, um um. No, you all did. Oh uh, i mean you just tried to play the game, you know and just to try to make the right to the mic. The right reads: um on the offensive end, you know play for each other um and you know if you know some nights. You’Re gon na have a lot of three some nights. We don’t um, but we got the w so that’s all that matters. Okay, we’re gon na have a bit of a quicker turnaround tonight.

Um, so let’s go with one last question to kahari jones. Please what’s going on dennis at what point in the game. Did you realize that i need to turn it up? You know i’m gon na get more aggressive, and also what did you learn that that you feel like you need to do moving forward as far as i’m gon na offensive man offensive end? You know when i play with these guys. I got ta play with more pace. Um. I think we got to run faster. We got to play uh all a lot faster. You know me quesadilly get out, let braun handle it. You know you get to stop uh rebounds, whatever it is um. You know he hitting us early to get like easy, easy, layups or you know, even in transition that i can attack early. I think that’s what’s been the last three three games.

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Los Angeles Lakers, Frank Vogel, NBA, LeBron James, Alex Caruso, Anthony Davis Postgame: Anthony Davis and LeBron James (2/6/21)

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