Los Angeles Lakers, Frank Vogel, NBA, LeBron James, Alex Caruso, Anthony Davis Postgame: Anthony Davis and LeBron James (2/6/21)

d this in the walk off, but a game like this goes to double ot uh. Do you do you kind of just say, hey i’ll tell you all that ends well and you walk away and dismiss it. Are there things that you that you get frustrated about and then it got to that point? No, i don’t think it was too many frustrating parts in the game. There’S things where we know we could have done some things better um. You know, but we played some good basketball but listen uh. We we bring out the best uh in the pistons. You know, and uh they’ve had uh two really good games versus us another one was tonight. We give our credit what creditors do they play well um, but we got enough stops and we’ve got ta made enough shots to to to win the game and every game is gon na have his own challenges and we accept all challenges, and we did that tonight. Then lebron, can you just take us through the step back three uh, the evolution of that in your game when you started to feel most comfortable with it? Obviously we saw the two in the double od tonight: um i’m, not quite sure uh. When i started to feel very comfortable with it was just you know, being able to go too late in games, but um you know just always trying to you know. You know get my game better. I was trying to improve my game and uh.

You know that’s one instance of it. You know and uh. You know a lot of guys, a lot of teams giving me space on my three point: shots because they’re afraid of the drive. So you know i have the confidence that i can knock those down and tonight was another case well, ryan uh. It looks like after you hit that second, three in double ot, you kind of gestured waved your arm. I want to know if you were saying something too, if you could share uh what you said. Another question too um. I was just ready to go: um i’m, 36 years old and uh. You know i really don’t have the heart, um and the the i don’t have the heart. My heart is not sustainable for two overtimes at this point in my career, so i was just ready to go get home. You know i got a bottle of wine has been ready to be opened and uh. I delayed it for two more quarters and uh or two more overtime. So i wasn’t happy with myself in that in that, in that regards what did you make of the match? Up of the pistons putting their center on you uh down the stretch, well, we’re a match up problem for a lot of teams and um. You know to have the ability to run our our pick and roll. We make teams kind of adjust to sometimes that they don’t want to do and um.

You know so. You know with our pick and roll we, you know we attract a lot of um. You know switching and things of that nature because they want to try to keep a body on both of us and we just try to exploit that edie um what’s your overall sort of confidence level right now behind the free point line, um obviously hit the shot In the over time, but pump fake out of a couple other ones um, just kind of where you went with that. I know that was something that you wanted to take a lot of them this year, i’m. Confident the team get on me and the players get on me about uh about shooting them. You know, especially when i’m open, but uh. You know i just try to make the right play. You know thinking about pump fake. You know the guy closed out, especially with a big i’m able to get around them and either get to the basket. Or you know when the defense collapse i’m able to find shooters but um. You know i do have to shoot the ones that i’m that i’m open on and uh. You know, i think it’s just you know me actually doing it. You know the one that i got in the corner and over time i didn’t hesitate um and when it came to me just shot it. You know i think, that’s why um it went in so just got to be able to when the ball gets swung.

To me, knowing that guys are going to close out short just got to let it fly um lebron, uh, you’re, joking you’re, ready to go home tonight after 20, but 46 minutes specifically for you. After a game like tonight, um where you dig in deep into double overtime, is it is that just a more or a longer recovery process? For you the day after? Is there just more involved in that to get getting back to 100? And how does it credit into your super bowl time tomorrow? It uh, i mean i i’ll still get treatment tomorrow, um as i do on any uh. You know day in between the game, knowing that we have a game on monday uh, but it won’t cut into my to my super bowl um. You know i plan on getting up early, get some treatment and then i’ll probably go back to sleep um. You know get a couple hours of rest before the super bowl, so i’m locked in on not only the game but also the commercials so um. You know you got to be here. You got to be locked into the commercials, absolutely uh, so special guest tomorrow in commercial tomorrow, so i got to be ready that i don’t want to miss none. I always we as a family. We always ranked like top five, our top five best uh super bowl commercials. So you know i’m, looking forward to that rachel nichols a.d in all seriousness.

How do you feel about being in the super bowl ad? Does that feel like something that’s sort of a career? Ticker for you off the court yeah, i mean uh mom i’m, just not hearing about this. It was a surprise, bro. Okay, this is a problem. I want you to watch the game like yo you, you know what i’m saying it was a part. Thank you for ruining it running rachel out man. Yeah okay, like did i say: okay, okay, okay, no, i mean it’s something that’s super that’s, super cool to me. Um, you know being a huge football. You know fan and – and you like, like bronze, said you know, you always watch the commercials that’s. One of the reasons why you watch the super bowl um and for me to be a part of that that uh, you know legacy with all the great commercials. I’M. Not sure it was, it was great to me i’m, not sure how the world’s going to take it yet but um to be a part of that is something that you know. Don’T come by too often and i’m excited to be a part of that. You got ta if you got a commercial on super bowl sunday you’re doing something right. I know how much those commercials cost that’s for sure have you had a super bowl commercial? I have. I have i don’t, remember which one, but i remember i i did have one before, because i remember the budget.

I remember how much it cost to get and it, and it depends too, like 30 seconds. First quarter. Second quarter, third quarter halftime and fourth quarter, and if you get a 30 compared to a 60 or 90, the number goes up from there. So we’re going to see i’m gon na i’m gon na clock here to see how much time he got thank 15.. All right, we’re, gon na take one more question: uh tony deville, hey uh! This question is for uh both of you guys and i i was just curious. You know what what’s it like for you guys tomorrow during the super bowl. Are you able to just kind of let loose and and eat fun food like everybody else or because you guys have a game the next day and also who wins the game? Well, i could speak for me and i could speak for if i was 27 like him um. No, i can’t eat fun. Food like i would like to uh like some wings or something yeah they probably baked. I brought some yeah it’s, not gon na, be how i wish it was when i was 27 like 80.. He can do what he want to do. I can’t do it at 36, but um. I will have a hell of a time. You know there will be plenty of lobos and wine passed around in my house that’s for sure, and i just i’m going to give you the straight up political answer.

I just want to see a great game hey by the way i tried that uh, the lobos mezcals really good. I appreciate that. I appreciate that tone. You know what really good all right. My man, my man, appreciate it guys.

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