Multiple-vehicle collision, Fort Worth, Texas, Accident gang pb – Murdagang pb sets #hoodfame clothes on fire & over 100k Streams in 6 Days + More pt1

Today we got ytn murder game um. I had to go tap into an interview with them. Southside look greg murder, gameplay right here, hey you going out with them them the superstars right, dude baby james! Oh, you missed is Applause that crazy bro, like when you seen that what was you thinking yeah i would i was in atlanta when i said i was like damn very going up like crazy. I ain’t know that you know i ain’t gon na lie to you. This is how happening right it’s different for you. Not though bro like he predicts he calls it sounds like it. Applause and they’ve been putting money in a young nigga’s pocket what i ain’t, whatever we did for them, what we did for them. We don’t talk about it. I’M, not gon na talk about it. He’S not gon na talk about his love. They gon na tell people but we’re, not gon na. Do that we talk about music them. Young know what’s up with us. They know they love, like. I said at the beginning: they got a problem with them. They already know what’s up yeah, not but hey. I ain’t gon na lie to you, bro it’s different for you right now, uh the 100k stream bro cause you you just recently just signed a distribution deal. Bro, damn the man right here: yeah, oh, if it wasn’t rapping yeah, i can’t keep bones calling my until my pull up video just be waving.

Probably you know what i’m saying right. I mean because all the guns be props right, got you bob’s, like a yeah. Look, i just hey, tell me: how did that go bro for you. I know it wasn’t hard bro, but, like kind of give me a little run down bro like i just seen you, you joined the management group too yeah for him yeah, real Applause, Music. Anything they got ta do with Music, they know who they are yeah. I was in the house, it’s been a minute bro since i’ve seen you outside. You know what i’m saying yeah he ain’t bigger than me, though. No for real man, we got, we got haters. We got everything we, but we still alive. Hey we got fans like beats all my songs, our fans trying to run. You know how groups are breaking up because they feel like hey he doing too much. He gets too much exposure Applause. No, you see the same in the same video same interview, the same everything right yeah. Why is it that’s cause we’re pooper, but you know that that that’s always the thing when they, when they uh when people wrapping this and they they linked up together. It’S always like that who’s bigger than who ain’t do.

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