Multiple-vehicle collision, Texas, Fort Worth, Accident kage Aftermath on I-35W Early Morning (11Feb2021)

What other vehicle got stuck in this? You can see how i’ve seen wreckages before, but not on this scale, not in person he’s, not one that you know closed out. An entire freeway that i’m on to think that i could have been end up in this so i’m, guessing around the time that this start, this happened would have been around roughly around the time that i would have been on the road if i actually went actually Left when i got off instead of i guess this is a good thing that i stayed in the parking lot for a while. Oh i see the pile up. Oh i see the follow up. That is, that is nasty. How the hell did that happen? How in the world – oh, my god, jesus that is the most insane wreckage i have ever seen and and that all happened on a two lane express lane. I see rose yeah. I could definitely see how it ended. Uh uh, causing wreckage on all over the freeway goddammit. It goes on. Oh, my, lord, oh i’m, guessing when there’s those it’s. This is our firefighters, good job guys you did do what you could get. You know managed to get everybody out. I already had to replace one tire. This is that is insane. Ah jesus, oh, that is oh, oh, i hope no one was killed and i know now. I understand why they were saying that people were stuck that’s insane.

That is oh, oh. This is why i refuse to drive anywhere if the roads roser, what if it’s frozen, i don’t care, if you know oh there’s, no ice on the road and i’m going to work more concerned about it, leaving work and there’s roads and you got people on the Road, oh i go in at two o’clock in the morning: no traffic, not that big of a deal getting off of work around five, something usually on the freeway by six something in the morning and there’s traffic. Oh it just keeps going. It just keeps going i’ve seen videos of registered like this wrong in snow storms or fogs or something you can’t see and you don’t know what’s there until you hit it. Oh, that is insane that is flipping insane. Oh, oh there’s, a there’s, the wreckage that i saw on twitter and someone shared oh damn, and i think you got some news folks. Poor officers are standing there and he’s shaking there’s this raisin, oh damn. Oh all over the place, man all over the place. I’M. Gon na stop drop it again, furthest oh dang, that’s, that’s uh, i 35 southbound uh, oh it’s, stuck in there for hours guys! Please, please, please be careful on the roads, it’s it’s bad. Do you think i could have been caught up in that? I am shaking right now that i don’t think is be able to get any sleep today.

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