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Your children will get the best education possible in crook, county school district, yeah hi, i’m, jim bates. I came from san diego in 1995 and i’ve never left this place. I love it and that, on a day passes where i’m just not excited to be a part of the lives of the kids. I moved over to central oregon to crook county seven years ago and i can honestly say there has not been a single day where i or any member of my family has regretted that move. I moved from yakima washington seven years ago and i plan to stay here, i’m from bandon oregon. My wife and i moved here in august of 2019.. My name is taylor, troutman and i’m, a principal at barnes view elementary. The most important thing i do is make connections with community and parents to keep students safe at school. My name is jeff kaufman and i’m, a school resource officer for the prineville police department and i’m assigned to the crook county school district. I think that the crook county school district has some of the safest schools in the state of oregon. I like it here, it’s a good place. Crook county is that rural district, with that small town feel that we’re all looking for a place to raise our kids, where we feel safe and connected – and we know the people around us yeah i mean growing up in prineville – is really unique. It’S such a small town, you know everybody, everyone knows everybody, everybody waves to everybody, you know on the street, so you get that really small town feel that personal feel that i really loved growing up it’s, just an amazing place to be.

You know what i love about. Crook county is there’s a wholesome feel about crook county. I feel like it’s, not as fast people aren’t, always in a rush in a hurry. I feel, like people take time to get to know one another really care about each other. That’S, what i love the most about crook county life in prineville is phenomenal. The quality of life, i think, is – is truly second to none. Craig county really has everything that you could possibly want outside there’s, a phenomenal recreational opportunities. They’Re, skiing hunting, fishing, hiking, there’s, no lack of activity to engage in as a family and as an individual there’s, some fantastic programs that are up and coming. We have a very well established cte program. We have industry experts, incredible teachers who engage students and those students, what’s really really exciting. Is those students are going to be able to walk out of our cte programs with certifications and walk directly into industry and begin really significantly high wage, paying jobs directly out of high school in many cases? So, additionally, we have a really kind of cutting edge. Robotics program students get to use coding, programming, they’re, working with drones, doing all kinds of just really cool highly engaging activities that actually translate to a significant job market right now. One of the unique things about crook county school district is that we work every day to be the best school district in the region and we think it’s a reachable goal to be the best district in the state and that’s the goal of each of the leaders.

In the district – and we are seeing some great outcomes around this region – we’re hearing people say what’s going on in crook, county that’s the place to be i’m joel hoff, i’m. The assistant superintendent here and we are so proud of the great work that’s been done in the kirk county school district and what it’s become so. If you’re, a teacher, an administrator, a custodian, a bus driver, a counselor and you’re looking to join a great team that’s. Looking to serve students, then crook county would be a great fit and if you’re a family looking for a growing tight knit innovative community.

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