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It is just not that simple and vulnerable michiganders are being left behind. Grant gyms group classes. Fitness clubs all struggling to stay afloat during the pandemic, coming up what leaders of gyms across the state are saying about the health of their industry and what could be happening next with the rise of online fitness classes. But we start things off here at six with storm tracker, four, showing a blast of winter closing in on us. That system could drop about an inch of snow per hour for part of this evening. So let’s start things off here at six with ben and more on what we expect: ben yeah, devin and kim it’s going to do a lot of its work fast. In fact, when we talk to you at 11, i think a lot of that snow is going to be stacked up and done, but here’s what’s going on right now, storm tracker 4, showing that stuff coming in from the southwest. The places that are seeing that snow are in our south zone. Adrian ann arbor, howell, now reporting some snow and the visibilities have dropped below a mile in a good portion of the area. Half mile there in howell three quarters in ann arbor and adrian, and you can see the wind gusts 25 to 30 miles per hour and we’re going to see those gusts increase even higher overnight until we finally see them get to about 40 miles per hour. Tomorrow morning, winter weather advisories are going to affect so the bottom line from now until four a.

m we’re expecting the snow, but a lot of it is going to happen in the next. Several hours could be some blowing and drifting could even be some thunder snow. With this two to three inches total, some isolated spots will pick up more and we’ll talk about even more snow, more cold and more wind in just a few minutes, guys: okay, ben thank you and the local 4 news. Today, team will be tracking the weather and the roads overnight so be sure, be sure to wake up with them tomorrow morning for weather and traffic on the 4 starting at 4, 30 a.m. All right, let’s move now to the newest coronavirus numbers from the state. As the governor eases one of the most talked about restrictions today, michigan reported 1358 new cases with 74 more deaths. 63 of those deaths were from a review of records. Today, governor whitmer announcing the pause on high school winter sports will be lifted on monday. Student athletes must wear masks if their sport doesn’t allow for that they must be tested. Governor says outside pressure did not influence the decision to let them play. I understand that there are many different groups at various different times over the last 11 months, who have made their case publicly. The fact of the matter is, if anyone’s watched, how i have conducted myself and the way that we have navigated covid it’s, that we have been absolutely committed to following the science.

Now the sports issue is part of a much larger political battle brewing in lansing. The republican legislature is trying more than three billion dollars in tying. I should say more than three billion dollars in covert relief to the governor. Changing her covet response considerably local 4’s rod. Maloney is live tonight with a look at where that relief package stands. As of now rod good evening well good evening, it went through the legislature this afternoon, which would make the governor happy, except for the fact there are a couple of things in there that she clearly will not be. One of them is that it gives power to the local school districts to decide whether any future, pauses and athletics could happen, and it also sets aside a separate pot of money as an incentive for local school districts to have all in school learning quickly. I am eager to find some common ground with the legislature so that we can get this done because people of our state are relying on us to use these resources that have been given to us. The governor referencing millions for vaccine distribution, half a billion federal dollars for covet testing 2 billion for schools. She admits her office is talking with republican legislative leadership negotiating to free this money, and while last week she said she wasn’t interested in the republican approach. Today she seemed more receptive. I remain ready to work with anyone who wants to focus on these goals.

These are not partisan goals. These are michigan goals. Clarkston state representative, andrea schroeder, says the governor’s sense of urgency belies reality on the ground. Nothing is being withheld. Don’T, forget you know the current federal dollars go through march, so nobody is left any money on the table or anything uh like that. Now so uh, you know we. We need to use these dollars. These are our tax dollars and she worries the governor will do what she’s done in the past veto bipartisan legislation. She has repeatedly said she won’t do anything to seed her authoritarian powers, so you know we’re just going to have to see where her priorities lie, with people of michigan or with power. Now i tried to get a question into the governor on this today, specifically about whether she would veto this bill if it got to her desk. She i wasn’t able to ask the question and i sent an email to the governor’s office haven’t heard back but we’re going to have to wait and see where all of this is headed. Reporting live in west bloomfield rod, maloney local, 4., okay rod. Thank you. We continue our effort to track the coronavirus vaccines today, governor whitmer proudly declaring michigan has surpassed the 1 million mark for doses, administered that’s, a number that sounds less impressive, given our state’s estimated population of just over 10 million, of course, and the fact that two doses Are needed per recipient it’s simply not been enough and with lives at stake.

The frustration is getting rather emotional for many michiganders and some of our elected leaders try to get some answers. Sean lay spoke with a congresswoman, a county executive and a senior who did get the shot, but just not here sean devin good evening to you you’re right. A michigan senior also brought to tears when she got that shot in her arm 1300 miles south of right. Here in manatee, county florida and florida said it was a okay, i hit the lottery. Okay, i really did hit the lottery and mape’s a michigan senior got a covit vaccine shot in florida in early january, florida welcomed snowbirds and was not asked for an id. She was just asked to roll up her sleeve. I was just overjoyed. I was overjoyed through the whole thing. I came really close to crying because i assumed that i wouldn’t be getting it until, like march or april, let’s go to congresswoman debbie dingle. This is her district it’s full of the most vulnerable for covid, including thousands of seniors. She came to tears this week, hearing from seniors in wayne in washtenaw county that there are just no doses for them. Are you concerned? Our seniors are being left behind i’m trying to do exactly what you’re doing explain to me. The allocation explain to me how that number is being determined how we and i’m hearing from everybody i’m hearing from those teachers too, but i’m hearing from the 75 year old i’m hearing from the 80 year old man yesterday.

That has cancer that can’t get through to anybody i’m hearing from an african american in washington county that doesn’t have a regular doctor, that’s, not a patient at st jones or michigan, that can’t call anybody or get anybody to help them. I heard from a couple that are our patients at henry ford, but when they called henry ford, we’re told sorry, we can’t give it it’s back at public health i’m supposed to know what i’m doing i i’m pretty good at trying to make things that are broken. Try to fix them. I yesterday i was so frustrated. I sat down and cried because we’ve got to make the system work for everybody what’s the issue, the only local county executive to step up to our defender’s microphone and interview with us, macomb county executive mark hackles. They made a bad decision here by having these seniors compete with a lot younger class of people. Macomb county has 165 thousand people over the age of 65, when governor whitmer opened the state to phase 1b to include more people. The number of people in macomb eligible for a vaccine shot up to 265 thousand. Where are the doses this week? The state sent macomb county 7. 200.. 7. 200 doses. How quickly does that go 7 200 doses here in macomb county? We can do that in two days easily and then how many would be seniors getting those doses i’m going to bet probably less than probably 10 percent that’s tough that’s really hard for the scene.

All right back here live let’s, get back to debbie dingle. She said she was so frustrated because there’s, no central communication here, a phone number for seniors to call she wants michigan to somehow establish a number and get away from the computer. She says she wants the governor and legislature to simply work together, better and use better communication between the state and the counties and get phone line, access up to vulnerable adults and to seniors mark hackel says he is focused now on seniors he’s going to come up With creative ways with the county to serve those seniors, we’ll stay on top of that beaumont health says two percent of eligible patients. Each week, they’re only able to vaccinate two percent because of limited supply and just in from livingston county we don’t have the supply. Try to add your name to multiple waiting lists that’s, where we’re at right now back to you it’s, so frustrating for so many people that’s. Why we’re going to continue with this coming up tonight at 11.? How can you get a vaccine for yourself or your older loved ones? Help me hank has been collecting some of the best tips from those who have had success in getting an appointment. He’Ll have that later tonight on local 4 news at 11.. Our coverage also continues on click on on the home page you’ll find the vaccine and we’ve aggregated a list of every state health department and health system.

Try to make it easier for you to find what you need in one place. Well, the pandemic has taken its toll on just about every industry, and one of the hardest hit has been in person fitness today, leaders of one of the state’s largest fitness club organizations held a town hall and gave a grim outlook. Our grant herms listened in today and grant it’s fair to say the health of gems is not good. No, it is not for a lot of these jams. It’S been a struggle to reopen they’ve had to navigate drops in membership and, of course, that back and forth legal fight with the state over the summer, all of it, meaning that likely one in five gyms will close. Just like this one here by 2022, we’re in rough shape, we’re clearly in survival mode leaders of the michigan fitness club association on thursday, not giving a rosy picture of the health of their industry and we’re dealing with things with information and data and reporting on the Impact of cogot almost on a daily basis. According to the mfca, before the pandemic, there were roughly one thousand fitness clubs statewide based on national projections by 2022, when experts hope vaccines are widely available or already distributed, 200 gyms or fitness clubs will have been forced to close for good and for those that have Stayed open membership dropping by almost 50 percent for some gyms fear of the coronavirus, pushing people to pause or cancel their memberships, leading gyms to hang on tight to those left and then there’s the shift to at home and online courses, which the group says.

Doesn’T mean they’re going anywhere, there’s, no reason to assume that that brick and mortar is going to be supplanted by online fitness. Our gyms have always been, and will continue to be part of the health and wellness delivery system, and they play a vital role in that now. There is some good news. The mfca says that case to visit rates within gyms are far below one percent, and the state is only tracking just two outbreaks in personal wellness spaces that’s places like hair, nail, salons and spas along with gyms. The question now is: can all these gyms or fitness clubs hang on until the end of the pandemic in downtown detroit grand turns local 4.? Okay grant. Thank you still ahead here at six there’s.

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