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What officials say is the biggest concern ahead of another winter storm: two men dead after a burst of gunfire inside a restaurant. How the community is reacting to this violence today is the anniversary of the first coven 19 death here in the u.s, why a new federal effort is crucial to distributing the vaccine nationwide good evening and thanks for joining us for 10 news at 6, i’m jessica jewell Tomorrow might be the perfect day to stay inside and watch the super bowl, as your local weather authority is tracking a winter storm that could bring several inches of snow to our region. Chief meteorologist jeff hanowicz joins us now so jeff. When can we expect the first flakes late this evening into the overnight into tomorrow morning we do have winter weather, advisories and winter storm warnings going into effect here this evening at seven o’clock scheduled to expire sunday at noon, everybody in pink winter storm warnings will soon Be in effect, in less than an hour, this includes the highlands of southern shenandoah areas around lynchburg, the roanoke valley, new river valley and mountain empire, while for the same time frame south side locations are under a winter weather advisory, so here’s what to expect we’re going To have this storm system impact us roughly from 11 pm this evening through about 10 a.m. Tomorrow morning, all right by tomorrow afternoon, we’re going to turn dry we’re going to see the return of sunshine sunday afternoon, but that’s not before we see the highest totals the highest snowfall totals of roughly three to six inches plus.

It looks like that there could be isolated spots that see seven, maybe eight inches of snow towards the higher elevations and the biggest impact out of this storm system will no doubt be snow on roads. Come tomorrow morning, even as we head into tomorrow afternoon tomorrow night. Even into monday morning, so snow covered roads certainly going to be impacting us here later tonight into sunday morning by sunday afternoon. Some improvements, especially on those primary roads as we’re going to have temperatures in the lower 40s with more sunshine. So some melting will take place. But then another refreeze is on our way, sunday night and monday morning, here’s your super bowl forecast. We are looking at temperatures on sunday, starting out in the low to mid 30’s 8 a.m. We’Re still going to have some snow around maybe south side dealing with rain by noon. The snow is gone and then, by the afternoon we’re going to see more sunshine. The winds will pick up and temperatures will be reaching the lower 40s jessica jeff. Thank you. Vdot crews are preparing to work 12 hour shifts over the next couple days. In response to this winter, storm officials say the biggest concern is the uncertainty if it starts as rain crews, couldn’t pre treat some interstates and main roads ahead of time. A vdot spokesperson says: there’s a serious risk for re freezing. The temperature is falling down well below freezing we’re concerned about a lot of re freezing going into the days after the storm.

So tomorrow we really would hope. Folks will stay home. Enjoy the big game. Give us some time to get out on those roads and to improve the conditions before they travel on sunday. Vdot crews will be working to clear, secondary roads, but main roads remain the top priority through all kinds of weather across our region. We are working for you download the 10 news and weather apps to get live, radar and personalized alerts when something is happening in your area as well as closings and delays, two people are dead and two others are hurt. After a shooting in a martinsville restaurant last night, 10 news reporter taj simmons is working for you digging into the details of the deadly incident he joins. Us now live from martinsville with the latest on what investigators think happened. Taj jessica state police says this all started as an argument at the bar of this mexican restaurant and it quickly devolved into a chaotic, terrifying scene. Marginal police officer actually had to use their weapon to try and stop the suspects, and the aftermath has been hard to handle for some people here in the city, malice in martinsville, two men died after a burst of gunfire inside the el norteno restaurant friday night. In the patrick, henry mall became a perimeter of yellow tape as a witness and a testimony to what what’s happened here tonight. Bad things happen, david hark came to the scene shortly after the shooting that night, the local minister said he consoled the mother of one of the victims with prayer.

She was just wanting to see, see her son and he she had conveyed to me that that she just wanted closure on that state, troopers and crime. Scene tape remained until saturday afternoon, while investigators put the pieces together according to state police a 23 year old and a 33 year old were shot and killed inside the restaurant. Around 10 30 friday night, a third man ran from the restaurant and was chased by two men with guns. A nearby martinsville police officer rushed to the mall and shot at the gun. Wielding men who took cover inside backups arrived to evacuate the 30 people trapped inside el norteno authorities soon found two other men with gunshot wounds. Hard says he feels for the victims: families it’s just a bad situation all around and the owners of the restaurant. I tell them that i love them and respect them i’d, really like to see establishments close down, say 9 30 10 o’clock for alcohol, because it would avoid a lot of these situations after this dangerous deadly night. He hopes martinsville, never experiences. Violence like this again we’ve got to take care of ourselves, spiritually and and and and really take a good hard look at where we’re at. As i mentioned at the top of this report, a marginal police officer fired their weapon, so the state police is handling the investigation. Because of that, as a quick note, the two people who survived their gunshot wounds, the state police, says that they are currently hospitalized with serious injuries for now.

Reporting live in martinsville taj, simmons 10 news working for you. Thank you taj. Meanwhile, in roanoke a man is hurt. After a shooting early this morning, police say they responded to burles street northwest for reports of a person with a gunshot wound. Officers found a man with non life threatening injuries. He was taken to the hospital police say. No arrests have been made today marks one year since the first death from covet 19 in the united states, john hopkins university says in the span of that year the u.s has skyrocketed to more than 460 thousand coveted deaths according to the cdc, just over ‘ million Vaccine doses have been administered, dr anthony fauci, says. Vaccine rollout is a major step towards normalcy vaccine becomes available to you get vaccinated. You will not only be protecting yourself, your family, but you will be making a major step in a positive way to protecting the community. A new federal effort to speed up vaccinations will allow thousands of pharmacies like cvs and walgreens to give the shot nationwide. The pandemic continues to spread across the commonwealth. The department of health is reporting more than 526 thousand cases, with more than 4 700 added. Just today, vdh is also reporting 41 new deaths from the virus 10 from our region. The pandemic couldn’t stop us from taking the polar plunge. How our 10 news team gave back to special olympics virginia your local weather authority’s coverage on 10. News is about your family.

Know your zone five specific areas, so you easily spot what’s coming your way, working to watch and always track for you, your local weather authority, on 10 news, wsls 10 news, the proud winner of the 2020 emmy award for best newscast freezin. For a reason today, our 10 news team took the plunge to wrap up another successful polar plunge to benefit special olympics virginia. The full event couldn’t happen in person because of the pandemic, so more than 200 teams across the commonwealth found their own safe way to make it happen. It’S worked out really well that people could just plunge wherever they’re at so it’s it’s gotten. Some new people on board and we’re really really pleased that we have exceeded our goal this year of over seven hundred thousand dollars. In fact, this year’s polar plunge raised more than 778 thousand dollars, and we want to thank you for supporting our team with your help. We also surpassed our goal: raising more than 6 600 it’s the biggest sporting day of the year, and some are hoping to make big money from it. How online gambling is influencing super bowl sunday? A live look from our roanoke blacksburg regional airport, sky, cam, we’re, all as calm right now, but we are getting ready for some winter weather to move in jeff tells us when we can expect snowfall to start coming up in just a few minutes and 23 million Americans say they’ll place a bet on this sunday’s super bowl based on a survey from lendingtree betting on the big game, looks different this year due to the pandemic, leading to a big shift to online gambling.

The report says: 43 percent of bettors will wager at least a hundred dollars. Super bowl sunday is a big day for football and for restaurants, the u.s department of agriculture says only thanksgiving tops super bowl sunday as the largest eating day pizza. Restaurants are especially busy for the big game experts say: domino’s usually delivers about 2 million pizzas for the occasion, your local weather authority, always watching and tracking for you from the jes weather center. You are looking at a live picture from our liberty, university sky cam, overlooking the hill city started out the day with sunshine clouds have thickened this afternoon, often to the horizon. You can certainly see maybe a couple of breaks of cloud cover, but for the most part, skies are pretty overcast across the region. This in advance of our next storm system. You also notice that there appears to be some returns here on the radar a little bit of blue a little bit of green, showing up. None of that is reaching the ground. Yet the air is still too dry way up high in the sky, we’ve got some precipitation, but as that precipitation falls into the drier air, it falls apart. But this is a sign of the air moistening just in time for the main band of energy to push through here. All of this rain that you see to the southwest of us is heading to the northeast and that’s what’s, going to be our player here as we head tonight into tomorrow morning.

So much of this evening looks pretty quiet, i would say, by around 10 10 30 11 o’clock that’s, when we start to see the advent of some precipitation moving into our southernmost counties. Initially, it could very well be rain across south side locations, let’s say towards the new river valley. Mountain empire will likely start as snow snow. Then overspreads the region by around 2 a.m, still into our southeasternmost counties. You may have a little bit of rain mixing in, but for the most part, at 2 a.m – it’s snow. This is around 7 30 in the morning and we’re, seeing quite a bit of snow still in areas along and west of the parkway towards south side, though the snow showers may change back over to rain showers by say, daybreak tomorrow and then we’re going to finally Get rid of this storm system close to lunchtime tomorrow, i would say between 10 and 11 o’clock is when we start to see the precipitation start to get out of here and look what happens by say two three four o’clock sunday afternoon we start to break out In a little more sunshine, then we’re going to be dry as we head into sunday night, we’re going to be dry on monday monday and it’s, probably going to be the brightest day. We have come next week with skies for the most part, partly to mostly sunny. So again the impact timeline for you. We are just pretty cloudy from now through about 11 p.

m. I would say: 11 p.m. On we’re, going to start to see snow becoming likely mixing with some rain across south side. We have about an 11 to 12 hour window for this precipitation, roughly 11 pm through about 11 a.m. After 1 a.m. Sunday we’re going to dry things out and clear things out as far as snowfall accumulation areas say towards danville, south boston, charlotte county you’re. Looking at a trace to two inches of snow, if you’re watching us in appomattox county campbell county smith, mount lake bassett in henry county, you are looking at two to four inches of snow. Everybody else is looking at three to six inches of snow that’s, lynchburg that’s. The southern shenandoah that’s the highlands, the roanoke valley, the new river valley and the mountain empire. All this being said, could there be isolated locations towards the higher elevations that see a little bit more than six inches absolutely, but for the most part in dark blue you’re. Looking at three to six inches of snow storm threats, biggest threat will no doubt be snow. On roads. Snow is going to accumulate on those roads overnight. Tonight, it’s going to be a mess tomorrow morning, power outages fairly low because we’re not going to see a whole lot of wind, which means the threat for blowing snow is very low. The commute impacts, though sunday morning, roads are going to be snow, covered it’s, going to be a mess. Maybe a couple of improvements here, as we head into sunday afternoon, because we’re going to see some sun and we’re going to warm things up a little bit.

But then sunday, night into monday morning, another refreeze is headed our way: temperatures right now: 32 hot springs: 45, roanoke, 48 lynchburg upper 30’s. In the new river valley, temperatures may warm a little bit tuesday and then they’re going to decline. Big time as we head mid to late next week into next weekend, as a matter of fact, through valentine’s day, the temperature outlook for much of the nation, including for us here, temperatures below normal tonight snow moves in overnight lows tonight, low to mid 30’s. For the most part, and then for tomorrow morning, snow, then clouds move out in the afternoon in the mountains 30’s to near 40 outside the mountains 40’s. A couple folks may touch 50 tomorrow afternoon, extended forecast 40 monday and dry clouds, thicken tuesday light rain showers. Wednesday. Could have a mixed bag of precipitation thursday, a few more rain showers on friday notice, temperatures fall from 50 tuesday to between 35 and 40 wednesday on jessica all right. Thank you. Jeff coming up tonight on 10 news at 11. Our celebration of black history month continues. The story behind the family serving roanoke’s african american community through journalism for more than 80 years, that and more at 11. Music. We start on the mats region: 3d, wrestling 138 semifinals, luke, cullier of hidden valley, taking on steve tingler of bird tingler. Getting the three points here with the near fall, he would win by pin 145 northside’s christopher hunt taking on lb’s nicholas young young in control for much of the match gets the near fall, but look at this hunt would escape, but young would hold on to win By decision at 152, austin hundley of north side gets the pinfall over jj possess of christian christiansburg, both guys qualified four states, while at 160 connor shiflett of lb is your champion, one of four cavs to advance to states christiansburg your team winner, william burke, was second Sending eight to the state tournament yeah and we’d love to see virginia tech.

The only remaining acc squad, unbeaten that’s, pretty cool right right, yeah good day for virginia tech. What a game against miami huh green day great week shout out to the hoku that’s right! Lots of happy hokies, i don’t know a lot of people are happy about this forecast, though yes, who knows it depends on whether you like snow high impact storm headed our way tonight into tomorrow morning. We are looking at the higher totals in areas along and west of the parkway lower totals toward south side. I don’t think there’s going to be much ice. I do think south side will pick up on some rain, maybe even a little bit of sleet, but not much ice. Not much freezing rain and the roads are certainly going to be quite snowy after midnight tonight through tomorrow morning. Maybe a little bit better in the afternoon, but then we’ll have to watch for a refreeze tomorrow night. Well, hopefully, since it’s a sunday, most people can stay off those roads and just stay at home and watch the beginning. There you go. Thank you so much for joining us.

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