Vaccine, CVS Pharmacy, Western New York, Coronavirus Unused COVID Vaccine Doses are Taken Back from Nursing Homes in Many States

The partnership called the pharmacy partnership for long term care program, allowed states to tap cvs, walgreens and other retail pharmacies to vaccinate residents and workers of nursing homes. The federal government asked states to allocate ample vaccine supply to the program if they opted in, according to kristen nordland, a spokeswoman for the centers for disease control and prevention. But now the program’s been left with surplus vaccine supply that at least 32 states and cities are taking back from the program and using for the general public nordland said she added that a combination of vaccine hesitancy, overestimation of the number of doses needed for the campaign And other factors led to an oversupply of shots. Now that pharmacies have made substantial progress in efforts to vaccinate the long term care facility population, and we have more insight on uptake and facilities enrolled in the program we are working with jurisdictions to ensure they are able to easily use any excess vaccine for other targeted Populations nordland said in a statement to cnbc. The federal partnership program has caused headaches among some state health officers. While the pace has picked up in recent weeks, the partnership got off to a slow start. In december, the states had to allocate doses for the program early on in the rollout, so the slow pace has created frustration and the appearance that states are failing to administer the shots they have through the partnership. More than 4.2 million doses of vaccine have been administered as of thursday.

According to the cdc, there are almost 5 million long term care residents and workers in the u.s. The cdc estimates it’s not clear exactly how many doses are being diverted from the program, but illinois, for example, announced this week that it was taking 97 000 doses out of the program doses up front. Dr nirav shah, director of the maine center for disease control and prevention, said that states had to bank a significant number of doses for the program in the first three weeks of the vaccine. Rollout. The partnership was supposed to be complete within six weeks. He added, but now has slipped into many many more weeks. The slow rollout of that program shaw said has made. The data look like maine is leaving doses on the shelf, failing to administer all of the shots it’s been distributed when, in fact the state needs more doses, not less. He added that the state is now taking back doses that were allocated for the federal partnership in maine. We are not sitting around waiting for those doses to just get used on the timetable that retail pharmacies tell us. He said on a conference call organized by the association of state and territorial health officials. Indeed, we are starting to withdraw those doses from the warehouses and move them into general circulation. Dr thomas dobbs state health officer at the mississippi state department of health echoed shaw’s frustration, saying mississippi had to commit the vast majority of our vaccine allocation up front to the federal program.

The problem with the program was not just its pace. Michael fraser, ceo of astho, said on the conference call, but it was the number of doses states was expected to set aside for it. We had to allocate it all up front and it sat idle for a long long time. He said overestimation tj crawford, a spokesman for cvs. Health said in an email to cnbc that allocation of doses to the program were made by tallying the number of beds in all long term care facilities in participating, states and multiplying by two to account for staff. He explained there’s now surplus in some states, because occupancy is far less than bud count and staff uptake remains low. Nordland of the cdc said. The agency continues to work with states and jurisdictions to get a clearer picture of how many doses might be needed going forward in some facilities. Pharmacy partners wound up with surplus vaccine supply due to multiple factors, including vaccine hesitancy. Active covered 19 outbreaks that impacted eligible patient counts the ability to get six doses from the pfizer five dose vials and lower than expected facility occupancy, particularly during the winter holidays. She said: rick gates senior. Vice president of pharmacies at walgreens said in a statement to cnbc that the program is accelerating rapidly. Despite a slower initial start, walgreens has completed first dose vaccinations in approximately 75 of all long term care facilities and remains on track to complete first roses across all facilities.

That selected walgreens as their vaccine provider by mid february, he said walgreens has conducted or scheduled nearly 70 000 clinics across long term care facilities. This article was originally written by will fewer for cnbc on february 6. 2021.. All i did was cry. Elderly americans struggled to set up coveted vaccine appointments. Older americans across the country who are now eligible to get vaccinated against cohabit 19 have been for weeks. Waking up before dawn, trying to secure an appointment for the life saving drug finding and setting up an appointment can be difficult since the supply of doses nationwide remains far short of demand. Some local health officials turned to the private sector after their websites. Reportedly, crashed due to the heavy traffic of people trying to find an appointment, amy sullivan wakes up at 2. 30 a.m, turns on two phones and two computers and pulls up the website for publix a supermarket chain with stores thousands of miles away from her home. In los angeles, the grocer has been one of the only companies in the us to offer a limited supply of covered 19 vaccines to people age 65 and over in florida, georgia and south carolina. But getting an appointment can be frustratingly difficult. They can’t be made over the phone or by just showing up, and the slots typically fill up almost as soon as they’re posted online sullivan. A 30 year old writer and comedian has unintentionally built a list of more than a dozen floridians who need help securing an appointment.

It started when she helped her parents, aunts and uncles, get their shots which quickly progressed to their elderly neighbors and even her mother’s boss. At the local library harder than coachella tickets, we use to wait for coachella tickets and you get in the queue and you have multiple devices sullivan said. I would argue that’s easier than getting a covid vaccine. Older americans across the country who are now eligible to get vaccinated against kovid19, have been waking up before dawn and logging into their computers, trying to secure an appointment to get the life saving shots. Those who aren’t as tech savvy have recruited the help of younger family members or friends who can quickly maneuver through the registration process before all of the spots are taken. While the nation’s vaccine rollout has been sluggish to start, the outgoing trump administration advised states to expand the group of people eligible for the jobs from health care workers and, first responders to everyone, 65 and older, as well as those with underlying health conditions. To ensure the shots that were available, didn’t go to waste according to the kaiser family foundation. At least 35 states now include people 65 and older in their top 1 and 1b priority groups, doses still limited. However, the number of doses from pfizer and madura, the only two companies to receive emergency approval in the u.s so far is still limited, which has triggered demand that has far outpaced supply. Just about 50 million doses of the two shot.

Vaccines have been distributed to the states so far and roughly 32 million of those have been administered according to the centers for disease control and prevention. Many states quickly adopted the new recommendations from the trump administration thinking they’d receive a surge in supply. State officials have said outgoing health and human services secretary, alex azar, pledged to release a reserve of doses that were meant to guarantee second shots of the two dose vaccine regimens. But when the time came, no such reserve existed in substantial supply. Some states said their allotments were actually cut, forcing them to delay or cancel appointments. Clearly, the states that were more aggressive about expanding to over 65 or even people with medical conditions they’re the ones who are over promised right now said marcus, placia, chief medical officer at the association of state and territorial health officials in florida, where roughly 27 000 people Have died from the virus, there are more than 300 public stores that are administering vaccines to residents. Florida governor ron, desantis had broken from the cdc’s recommendations early on and opened the state’s eligibility to the more than 4 million people, age, 65 and older in december. So far the state has vaccinated more than 1 million people in that group. I wanted to throw my computer out the window. It was so extremely frustrating said: jane heller, a 70 year old author and screenwriter, based in florida heller said it took her three one. Half weeks to finally get an appointment in her home county of pinellas, though she was willing and tried to drive to other distribution sites up to four hours away.

It was especially frustrating to hear reports of vaccine tourism where people from far away places like new york traveled to florida to take advantage of their open eligibility. She said, while florida health officials have disavowed the notion that medical tourism is happening on a large scale, they’ve since advised practitioners to verify whether a person is a permanent or seasonal resident. Before administering the jab, they were using up my spot and i was very resentful. Heller said all i did was cry: the problem isn’t isolating to florida, kathy pagano, a queen’s resident in new york city, said she also had a difficult time signing up for a dose when new york, expanded eligibility to people 65 and older in january, pagano’s, brother and Another family friend stayed up until 1am trying to find an appointment online after she grew hysterical. She said all i did was cry. Pogano said people are getting pains in their chest and stressing out when you’re older. They could give you a heart attack because fear and continuously being on the computer, just getting negativity it’s just really really too much for an older person. Angela brazino of buffalo county new york, said she’s been trying for days to book code 19 vaccination appointments for her mom 81 and dad 83. She her nephew and his girlfriend spent last week constantly refreshing websites calling pharmacies and even driving around to nearby hospitals, pharmacies and fire halls in search of available appointments, full time effort.

The process she said has been a full time effort and it’s so far been fruitless. She booked appointments for both her parents last week, but they were canceled after the state announced it. Didn’T have enough supply so now abruzzino is back at it. Making calls refreshing sign up links and hitting the road following the word of mouth, in pursuit of two more appointments, my parents would not have been able to do it on their own. A brucino said in a phone interview. What about all the people out there? The elderly people out there or the people who are sick, that don’t have anybody that can help them or a family member that can help them. Some local officials have turned to the private sector to help enable the vaccine rollout miami dade county florida’s, most populous county, with the highest number of cohabit. 19 infections has partnered with startup nomi health to help sign people up for appointments after the county site crashed earlier. This month, when it started offering vaccine appointments websites, overloaded, josh walker, co, founder and ceo of nomi said that local health departments websites were not built to handle the kind of traffic they’re. Seeing now when miami dade started with a vaccine rollout, they saw hundreds of thousands of people simultaneously on the site trying to book appointments. He said the company has worked with the county on a new site that can handle massive numbers of people. Logging on, at the same time, it also offers more support, such as other languages and a chat service.

Walker said that nomi’s working with miami dade to offer more outreach services like at home vaccine delivery for homebound people non profits like new jersey, based sustanto, which provide support to frontline healthcare workers, are also trying to help. Joagota ceo of sastento noted that many counties, pharmacies and health clinics are relying on websites to set up appointments for the public. Some health clinics arranged call centers instead, but it was overwhelming to operate vaccine clinics, while answering phones and treating patients. Agoda said charitable help that led sustanto to partner with dozens of clinics across the country to provide support by serving as a call center for patients who had questions about the vaccines or wanted to set up an appointment. One clinic sustanto partnered with is the good samaritan. Health center in atlanta, brianna, lathrop chief operations officer of the clinic, said she’d, heard frustration from people in the community surrounding good samaritan who said they didn’t trust the online sign up link in the county and couldn’t get a call through the clinic is located in west Atlanta and serves a mostly hispanic community, which has been hit hard by the pandemic. Lathrop said many people who call she said aren’t sure about the vaccine and just want to talk it through with a health care professional. They trust others might not schedule an appointment if there are too many barriers to doing so. She said there’s, so much conversation right now about just how fast can we get it out that i worry that that will override conversations about how do we equitably distribute it? As well, lathrop said both are legitimate needs and concerns.

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