Vaccine, CVS Pharmacy, Western New York, Coronavirus Update: February 8 2021

, OK well good afternoon everybody.. Thank you for joining us today.. Before we get started. We would like to begin with a brief message from Gilbert Martinez, from our communications staff to our Spanish speaking, viewers. Gilbert., talking in Spanish Great. Thank you. And once again happy birthday. Gilbert. Now I’m fully embarrassed you in front of everybody: OK, I’m Paul Gullixson communications manager for the county of Sonoma.. Welcome to our covid 19, the vaccination update for Monday February 8th., As we announced last Friday. We are beginning this week by opening vaccine eligibility to residents 70 and older, as well as to child care workers., And our agricultural workers will be talking more about that in a moment.. We also have some exciting news to share about some new vaccination centers that we have opening in the county over the next week. And to start us off with that we’re going to go to Supervisor Susan Gorin to share some of that information. Supervisor Gorin good afternoon. Paul and thank you and thank you to all of you, participating in the briefing this afternoon.. It is important that we announce success as we move forward. And we today we’re announcing that we’re continuing to lower the age of vaccination eligibility. As of this week, seniors 70 and older are now able to schedule vaccination appointments at one of the several sites.. We know that our oldest residents have suffered the worst outcomes in this pandemic, which is why we’re prioritizing them first.

. We began by giving those 75 and older has start to get vaccinated., And many of our senior members have reported they’ve been successful in doing exactly that. And soon we’ll open appointments to those 65 and older.. This stair step approach will ensure that all of our one hundred and two thousand seniors will be offered vaccinations without overwhelming the system and leaving behind our most vulnerable.. Last week we announced a new vaccination center at the Petaluma campus of the Santa Rosa Junior College.. It will open tomorrow and I’m also excited to announce two more vaccination centers that will come online in the next eight days. We’ll be opening a new vaccination center at the Whereto, Jim and Winzer on Wednesday.. This will be operated in partnership with the Alliance Medical Center and I’m, particularly pleased to announce that a new vaccination center will be opening at the Sonoma Valley Veterans, Memorial Hall, beginning next, Tuesday, Tuesday February 16th.. All three of these new sites will be targeting those 70 and older in our community and all have the capacity to administer up to three hundred vaccinations per day.. So if you’re, 70 and older, you can access vaccination appointments at any of those sites., And we encourage those even older than seventy five age group to continue to make your vaccinations.. It is important to reach out to all of you., So we’re very excited to get these centers open, as we have a significant population of people 70 and above in our community, and we need to get them the vaccine as soon as possible.

. So, in addition, the CBS health has said that it will start administering vaccines to eligible populations at CVS, pharmacy locations in 100 communities and across California, including the city of Sonoma, starting on February 11., Once they’re online, the county and our partners, including the eleven Safeway pharmacy Clinics will have a total of 19 vaccination centers in the county this week, including the Cloverdale train, Duco Rohnert Park, Community Center, Grace Pavilion, Oakmont, Burger Center and the Guerneville Elementary and Analy High School.. These sites are, in addition to the primary health care providers, health, centers and clinics, all of which provide residents plenty of options to get a vaccination. Now I’d, like to turn it over to Dr. Sundari Mase, our public health officer, to give an update on the pandemic. Doctor Mase. Right, thank you so much Supervisor Gorin and thanks everybody for participating today. Our case. It continues to come down, which is a positive sign.. We still remain in the most restrictive purple tier of the state blueprint for a safer economy than just a new case.. For eight hundred thousand residents it’s twenty one point: five, which is down significantly from where it was just a couple of weeks ago., But it is still well above the seven new cases per day per 100000 population.. We need to move into.. The less restrictive red tier are testing. Positivity rate is five point five percent, which would put us in the next less restrictive red tier once our case rate comes down.

. We also need our test positivity of those in the lowest quartile of healthy places, index and measurement of the covid 19 response equity be below eight percent., And today it is ten point, eight percent. On a positive note or just a case where it has been below Twenty five for four days straight, which is notable because it’s below twenty five for five consecutive days, then we can start to improve school reopening plans for transitional kindergarten through sixth grade.. We know that many parents would like the option to return to in person instruction for their kids and we are hopeful. We can get there if our case rate remains low., But that does mean that we need to continue with the healthy mitigation practices to keep our community safe, like the wearing of face coverings or masks, the maintaining of social distance getting tested and avoiding gatherings and groups Of non household members and general hygiene measures., Hopefully, people heeded this advice during the Super Bowl yesterday and with Valentine’s Day coming up this weekend, we recommend once again avoiding gatherings evacuacin.. They will give an update on our vaccination distribution strategy.. Thank you, Dr. Mase., As of today, the latest update shows that overall, sixty seven thousand seven hundred and forty five vaccines have been vaccine. Doses have been administered so far in Sonoma County.. The number of residents who received the first dose is up to forty three thousand one hundred and ninety one.. The number of those who received their two doses is up to twelve thousand two hundred seventy seven.

. In total. This means that we’ve provided either first dose or two doses to roughly 14 percent of our adult population. In Sonoma County, as you may remember, of this whole process began about six weeks ago.. So in six weeks we have gotten to 14 percent. And of course we have a long ways to go, but we’re making good progress.. As you know, we often refer to the percentages of our adult population being vaccinated because at the moment, there’s no vaccine. That has been authorized for those 16 years and younger.. Several companies have begun enrolling children as young as 12 in covid vaccine trials., So we hope to have one available for those in that age range sometime soon., In addition to vaccinating our seniors age, 70 and older. We’re also beginning to vaccinate essential child care workers and Agricultural workers at targeted clinics in Sonoma County. Childcare workers are being vaccinated, starting today, through clinic being sponsored by the Sonoma County Office of Education.. Agricultural workers are being vaccinated throughout community clinics, including West County Health, Centers and Alliance Medical Center in Healdsburg. We’re prioritizing. Our ag workers, primarily because they represent, are most at risk workers in our community because of their working environments and because they tend to live in a shared multi, individual multigenerational living situations.. We know, through our contact tracing efforts that most transmissions occur at home due to someone bringing it into the household from outside.. We continue to encourage you to go to SoCoEmergencia.

org vaccine for up to date, information on the progress of the rollout, as well as a complete list of the clinics that we have available as well as how to volunteer.. Please keep in mind that these this website is updated daily, sometimes a couple of times a day., So it really is the most up to date, source of information..

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