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So let’s talk about senator joe manchin, the plunkett of west virginia. If you are a member of our tns nomikee show book club, you know just what i mean and if you’re not well, you should sign up now at The nomikee show, because the plunket of tammany hall is one of our books. George washington plunkett was a tammany hall, word healer, a man for whom integrity was no substitute for experience, and all of politics was about rounding up local votes, even if you had to buy them. Folks like to describe joe manchin as the most conservative democrat in the senate, but for better or worse that totally misunderstands the man. Joe manchin is not ideologically conservative, the manager of say, like ted cruz or josh hawley joe manchin thinks he’s just like an old fashioned local politician. He wants to do what his voters want him to do right and, of course, what his local businesses want him to. Do too because manchin grew up in a coal country? He takes a lot of oil and gas money and back when he was governor of west virginia, he took a bill to cap carbon emissions and shot it full of lead so much for that bipartisan process right. He will protect mining to the very last lump of coal west virginia if you can believe it used to be a strongly democratic state. Bill clinton won there in a landslide, helped by a young campaigner named joe manchin, joe manchin ward.

Healer was in full view this morning on tv and the most outrageous part wasn’t, even what he said about the stimulus bill. We will come back to that in a second, but my favorite moment was this senator joe manchin. Thank you for the kind words on my growing family grandma appreciates it there in the stadium. Tony, you tell grandma if she needs it, if she needs a shot and she hasn’t gotten it yet to call my office she’ll wait in line number what’s. Your number senator. No, no, no thank you for the offer, but you’re gon na wait in line 304. 542. 304. 342. 5855 scarce code vaccine on national tv. As george washington plunkett said, integrity is no substitute for experience, and this guy has been a politician for a very long time. He understands how to maneuver, especially grandstand seriously. Joe manchin puts the cronie back in crony capitalism. He wants stimulus, help for restaurants and hotels, a big industry scene in west virginia, and he is more than happy to hand out stimulus checks right. I will bet a two thousand dollar uh check pulls higher than joe manchin in west virginia, and he knows it. In fact, he says he is preserving the proposed 1400 checks, while enabling an effort to cut back on who gets them and even joe biden is trying to reign him in. This is the guy who holds the fate of the stimulus in his grip. So let’s get back to that interview this morning and listen carefully to how joe manchin is using his leverage good morning tony may i have take the liberty of saying congratulations to you and katie.

Oh thank you very much and grandma is in fact a state. A resident of the state of west virginia she’s very happy there, so we’ll be paying visitors as a family, that’s, wonderful, hi to everybody, hi senator nice, all right, hi, gail, hello, senator we’ve got a lot of families right now. Waiting on this covered relief. So the first question is a simple one: what happens now and how soon could that money be released? Well, the fourteen hundred dollars is going to go out the door i have all uh i mean i have all the faith and confidence that’ll happen. What they want to do is target it and they’re looking at basically the people that are receiving at what income level who needs it, the most and they’re saying up to fifty thousand dollars for single individual and up to a hundred thousand dollars. What happened they had at 75 and 150 before, but we didn’t know because of other factors involved. There were people making 250 and 300 000 receiving checks and democrats and republicans start saying that was not our intent at all so they’re trying to make sure it’s targeted to the people that really need it so that’s where it’ll happen, and it will go out quickly Once we get, this passed there’s been some objection, among republicans to the overall size of the package, 1.9 trillion dollars. You’Ve said repeatedly and you’ve told the president that you want this to be bipartisan.

My question is: is that bipartisan comment, a red line for you? In other words, if there are no republican votes for the final package, will you not vote for it it’s, not that and that’s that’s, not the red line, tony the red line is: are we going to have an open amendment process and look at everything and basically Take the facts that we have 4.8 trillion dollars has been appropriated already and gone out: the door there’s still money that hasn’t been sent and there’s 900 billion dollars just spent and there’s different views from economist. The bottom line is, we need a robust, but we need it quickly and that’s. Why i moved the president and i spoke, i moved basically to get this process started, but i was very clear: i’m not going to break the bird rule i’m, not killing the filibuster. I’M, protecting the senate and honor of robert c byrd who’s, the seat i set in and uh. The bottom line is it’s going to be a bipartisan and there might be some changes all right so based on the facts, we’ll go from there, but it doesn’t. Take that okay, so two crucial, takeaways, mansions red lines are a bipartisan process and the bird rule let’s break that down. Democrats can use a process called reconciliation to avoid filibusters and the need for 60 votes. Reconciliation was created to final uh budget measures and the stimulus package. Surely is a budget measure right? It can be passed with only 51 votes, which happens to be exactly how many democrats we have right now.

Manchin was very careful to avoid saying that he would vote against the stimulus unless some republicans voted for it. Instead, he defined bipartisan as giving republicans an open process to amend the stimulus bill, so there may be elements that get watered down unless we fight hard. In other words, manchin said he is for the stimulus, while setting up republicans to whittle away at it. Then there is the bird rule as in robert c byrd, the fine man that joe manchin got his seat from the one time segregationist who later his career, said that if he could do it over, he would have not a filibuster. The 1964 civil rights act. Byrd will always be remembered as a defender of the filibuster for racism, and his name is attached to a rule that limits what measures can evade filibuster by being part of reconciliation bill simply put reconciliation is supposed to be only for measures that affect the spending or Revenues of the government, so, for example, some senator may say a minimum wage increase – does not belong. How much will any of this change biden’s 1.9 trillion dollar plan that depends on how? Well, president biden and majority leader schumer can hold the democratic ranks together and on whether biden can pull a few republicans over to support the final package or pieces of it. When other republicans try to amend it. Biden has made no secret of his faith in the ability to manage a legislative negotiating don’t forget he was in the senate for most of his life.

You might say he views it as a course skill. Well, we are about to find out how great he is at it. The proof will be, it will be whatever he can get past that’s, where the proof will be thanks for watching and listening to the nomikee show, but remember to click like and subscribe on youtube and please share on social media if you’re not already a patron. Please join us for as low as five dollars a month on the nomikee show for early and special content. That investment makes a huge difference. We are not corporate media raking in the dough it’s. Really you guys that are keeping us going. So please consider being a patron and to our current patrons. Thank you so much. We are incredibly grateful to you. We also now have swag so check us out on themakisha.

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