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A warm welcome, i’m derek ray joined for commentary by former england international lee dixon, and if the game is as enticing on the pitch as it looks on paper, we’re not going to be disappointed, it’s al shabab up against manchester united yeah. Thank you dave real pleasure to be here. Looking forward to this game, players will be a bit nervous. I was always nervous at the start of games. It’S important you get your first pass off to your colleague, maybe get a good tackling settle the nerves down. Looking forward to a good game here, so the initial 11 for the home side – and this is a formation most people in the game – are very familiar with nowadays, yeah most coaches are adopting this formation. What it does give you is two holding players in front of the back four to protect them, but it also gives you three supporting players to that. Central striker and here’s. The lineup for manchester united david decayed stands between the posts victor lindelof plays alongside harry maguire. In central defence, paul pogba plays alongside nemanja matic in the center of midfield, and the main striker today is edinson cavani, the uruguayan, and so the battle commences. Applause igalo went in strongly decisively a real opening. Now, oh crucial tackle brilliant well, there are many who regard bruno finance as the complete footballer lee. What do you think we’ll see from him today? Well, i love watching him. He’S got quick feet quick mind.

He wants you to come close to you, so he can get past you. So his defenders normally stand off him and then he’s got more time to pick the pass he wants and he normally finds the best one bruno fernandes cavani nemanja matic has it can he finish and the keeper stretching to deny him well he’d be disappointed about that End product but he’d be happy they’re, creating a chance or two he’s driven in the corner Applause, and it goes an early opening statement in this match and look at the celebrations. Well, here’s a replay and it’s a terrible effort at clearing your lines, giving the ball away and from there they never recover, and the coach will be tearing his hair out Applause, the opening goal of the game. Then Applause i’m there to intervene, rashford well they’re respectable enough effort, but he couldn’t extend her lead given too much space. Why not take the shot on good effort? Applause, banega Applause, shaw, harry maguire, now matic, marcus, rashford, luna finance and clears the danger they’re gon na. Take some stopping now two in front here: well, here’s, the replay and there’ll be a few accusing glances after that clearance giving away the ball there is criminal and at this level, quite honestly, you get punished well, let’s. Take another look at that girl. Shall we Applause? Well, a second goal for them here: Applause, matic, rashford, rashford and there it is another goal and surely there’s no way back from this now well.

Here it is again he does so well to slip past. His man left him stranded and once he gets himself settled with the keeper to beat, he hammers it into the back of the net smashing goal on the go again and united beginning to run away with this Applause. Well, united, certainly enjoying the lion’s share of possession. It’S important to have strong, dominant players in your midfield and they’ve got that just look at what that control gives you can they get in behind them? Oh, surely a goal here, giving his team precisely what they were looking for now he deserves to celebrate it. Applause. Well, here’s the replay and it’s a decent move to evade the defender and then just look at the finish, raise the flight perfectly and absolutely smashes it beyond the keeper there’s. Just no stopping that so there. It is three one. The current score line here – lovely bowl over the top. Now will they do it from here? That is a tackle and a half well strong play here. He must finish and with plenty of time still remaining. This game is very much back on well here we see it again, derek he’s, just unaware there’s people around him and he loses it too easily. Then it’s catch up and they can’t recover terrible goal to concede. Well, neutrals are getting the money’s worth 3 2. In this match, Applause, rashford Applause and if you’re wondering about added time, two minutes, it’ll be a fine cross.

Sadly, from his point of view wayward to say the least: well it’s a shocker, i wasn’t very good at heading derek, but i could have done better than that. Cavani Applause and with that the first half draws to a Applause, close Music, the second half underway united with the advantage, but no room for complacency, and he read it well. Banega couldn’t keep it united might be able to cash in great opportunity and he scored not once but twice. They simply cannot stop him and no wonder he’s enjoying himself Applause. Well, this is worth another look: derek lovely movement and gail to easily evade the defender and then through on goal. Do you go for placement or do you go for power? Well, he certainly wasn’t messing around. Was he absolutely smashes it past? The keeper it’s a really lovely finish? Well, these players have followed he’s every command and some the coach must be delighted Music. So the current scoreline 4 2 banega on the offensive that’s a very impressive piece of defending well that’s one for them to pursue Applause. Matic shaw: oh he’s gone for goal still alive. Well, nothing comes of it well derek we’ve! Just seen a remarkable save. I thought it was in, you thought it was in everybody thought it was in, and the substitution will occur now. Applause rashford, encouraging stuff from united the delivery towards the back post, and it goes a three goal cushion this is astonishing Applause stuff.

Well, here it is again he does so well to slip past. His man left him stranded and he gets up for the header and, quite frankly, it’s a lovely finish, brilliant goal slightly different advantage point in terms of the goal that we’re scoring Applause. Well, no wonder he’s delighted they’ve been busting this game up to now and as they restart the game, it’s fair to say, the golf in quality between the two sides has been huge: egalo regained possession Applause, cavani Applause he’ll be delighted to have won the ball. Having made that difficult challenge and the referee sees that as a foul free kick given Applause, tremendous challenge, an alert, intervention and it’s a matter of what occurs in the final 15 minutes, Applause, guanca, rob them: Applause, rashford, paul, pogba and massey out, oh he’s, given the Ball away, Applause, space afforded him in position splendid, defending and it needed to be well. You can tell what the fans think of that decision. They’Re certainly should have been a penalty. Cavani it’s a fine united move in the making, but he stopped them just when they looked menacing. Having won the ball back, they might be able to profit a goal: an exceptional performance, this four to the good. Now, Applause well here’s the goal again and he’s just been caught napping hasn’t. He had his pocket picked and rightly punished schoolboy still, and just the one minute left in normal time. Here, Applause – and so the referee blows for full time and it goes into the books as a victory for manchester united.

They interested to get your assessment of their performance well, derek when you play with the attacking freestyle like this lot. Do chances are going to be created and today they have their shooting boots on as well terrific stuff? Well, this man has given us plenty of reasons to dwell on his performance this evening. Well, he never gave that back line a chance to get a breath. Two goals for the lad today played superbly.

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