Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Jamie Lynn Spears, Conservatorship 'Framing Britney Spears': Inside her 'unraveling' and conservatorship battle

We hear lots of like things you’ve never heard about uh. Before about the beginning of her career, she was so open and vulnerable. How we treated her was disgusting, something that was really surprising to me that i didn’t realize going back to the beginning was how, in control of her career, brittany was at the start. You know several people independently kept telling us how much control and power brittany had from the time she was a teenager, how much creative control she had and how much control over her image. I asked everyone. I knew what’s. The first thing you think of when you think of britney spears, and so many people said when she shaved her head and then also when she hit the paparazzi with the umbrella, which was mostly his car, not him. We found out um, but the it’s like these. Two still frames that i feel, like i question how much they’re affecting her even to this day and how people see her, and so we wanted to pull out and and see what was happening and something that we found that people don’t realize is how um, as This was all going down. She was in this um custody battle to see her kids and how important her kids were to her, and so, for example, we get um the guy who was the paparazzi, who was one of the two people with uh following her around during that umbrella time, and The umbrella, you know we called it the umbrella incident internally, but the um they had been following her around as she was trying to see her kids and it’s like such an extreme moment for her that you know.

Having someone ask you questions when you’re at like one of the most devastating personal times of your life. With this, you know relationship that’s, the most important relationship to you in the world. The one with your kids um gives it a really new perspective to pull outside the frame and see that. I think a big thing is that we hear from felicia coolada, who was britney’s lifetime friend throughout her career and was with her in vegas as well. Felicia had been silent for many years, and so she she’s coming out to speak for a long first time. In a long time, brittany did not want her father to be the conservative, her person right, the person who makes decisions about her medical care and treatment, and so on and so forth. She also didn’t want him controlling her finances. Conservatorship is this unique legal arrangement where somebody who is considered unable to make decisions in their best interests the power to make those decisions is given to somebody else and it’s mostly used for the elderly, mostly people who have alzheimer’s. You start to connect the dots and you start to talk to other people who have the exact same thoughts that this isn’t right. You know a lot of people really love brittany, and so a lot of people just want to make sure she’s, okay, and i think it’s hard to tell if she is because of um the silence around the conservatorship over the last year, or so her instagram has Become different, she hasn’t spoken in in a long time like months.

I think when she used to speak a lot on her instagram, we kind of see that transformation happen. Um and the question is how much of her instagram does she control and if she does control it, what does it mean uh and so that’s, where you get a lot of these, like quote conspiracy theories, if people are trying to figure out what what she means By them – and you know, somebody in the film says uh anything that you see in those videos you’re bringing to the videos which i think is true, because it’s so they’re so hard to interpret they’re like very confounding, as as people say, um and you could really Oftentimes see whatever you want in them, you can see someone really happy dancing or you can see someone you know calling out for help and i think that’s, where a lot of this conspiracy theory idea comes from um, but i i didn’t i feel like. Actually, those are kind of like outsider um people and it’s, not actually the majority of people who are questioning the conservatorship system and um, really wondering if, like everything, even if it’s legal is this, should it be legal um should it is everything fine and actually this Is the best thing for her? I think a lot of people um are asking legitimate questions, so i don’t think it should be overshadowed by this idea that there are conspiracies out there. I think the words conspiracy theory can be weaponized these days into meaning just like don’t pay attention to these people, which i think is dangerous.

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