Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Jamie Lynn Spears, Conservatorship Free Britney Spears Doc EXPOSES Justin Timberlake, New Ace Family SCAM? Kylie Jenner BACKLASH

The ace family got in trouble, kylie jenner got into even more trouble and justin timberlake was recently exposed in this new free britney documentary. The early 2000’s is making a comeback, like the middle part. Folks, i’m telling you right now: don’t go to tick, tock there’s, a war going on over how people part their hair irrelevant news. Virginia senator amanda chase thought she did something when she tweeted this out del mcguire is right. We have a problem in virginia and legalizing mary jane will only lead to more mary, jane overseas and deaths. I don’t know about you folks, but i believe that 100 and i do not need a single scientific study to prove otherwise mary jane deaths. What you’re talking about jane lynch? I can’t believe that people have never heard of mary, jane and deuce deaths. I mean just look at tana, mojo, jojo she’s, basically, a walking zombie you can tell by the whiteness on the tongue hi senator cheese. I once did so much mary jane i over to ate an entire pizza hut, buffet and passed out for three days. Thank you for this compassionate leadership. See folks. This virginia senator is doing a public service by helping bring all of these folks together with their horrifying stories of the munchies, i lost my uncle to mary jane. We found him a few hours later out of denny’s. It was a crazy night. Well, thank goodness, we got a happy ending to that horrifying story and, speaking of horrifying story, baseball legend and father to logan paul’s ex girlfriend jose gazzeko, recently challenged logan paul to box.

They matched out even though that match didn’t happen. Jose still made his way to the ring and it went amazing with an extra curricular shot as well jose’s done on the positive side, we have found the one person who can break logan, paul’s, losing streak and, speaking of losing, i really want to hear from elon Musk, how much money i should lose on cryptocurrency there’s, a good chance that crypto is the future car seat of earth. Dogecoin was invented as a joke. What would be the most ironic outcome that the the currency that was invented as a joke, in fact becomes the real currency? I can’t believe this folks, one of the biggest billionaires in the world is fanning the flames of monarch capitalism. I don’t know what else to do outside of just investing everything i got at the dose coin. Don’T bet the farmer, crypto don’t, be the farmer. I can’t believe this folks. I went all in on dosh koi and i lost everything i lost my farm. I lost my livestock now i’m gon na have to pray for a good carrot crop to get everything back and speaking of getting everything back, we got an update from the tick tocker who put gorilla glue on her hair Music. Well, let’s hope the hospital figures out. What to do with her hair, i don’t know about you folks, but elon musk will give me all the dogecoin in the world that i still wouldn’t put gorilla glue anywhere near my hair and speaking of getting unnecessarily near things.

A vlog couple. Jt vlogs is getting very cozy with coveted isn’t. It wonderful to see people more worried about pretending to not wanting to be filled by paparazzi, rather than actually wearing masks or social distancing or doing any other things that regular people are doing during this pandemic. It’S. The type of cognitive dissonance to feast my soul out here, baby let’s go let’s, go let’s, go cover, let’s go. How many can we affect how medical we affect cigar with me now that’s, one of the privileges of ignoring all social distancing guidelines while getting married in the middle of a pandemic. You get a lifetime of yet to be found, side effects, oh and speaking of privilege. The tick tock house, not a content house when a little covert vacation and they had a lot to say about it. We work the same as your parents and families to make a living and pay bills. Many help, families and siblings, and if we all work for our one company and have to travel, we get tested and are cautious, so shut up and mind your own business, yeah that’s right folks, us plebes should just suck it up and stay at home and just Get used to watching these influencers party it up in the middle of this pandemic, cause you’re better than us, oh by the way. Folks, not a content house we’re so worried about the backlash, and one of them said this. Damn i traveled to a whole other country guys, give me some hate.

You know, folks, you got ta actually admire when somebody is capable of existing with a next to zero self awareness, and we should also admire the fact that this whole pandemic could be a whole lot worse in the united states, especially when you consider that people like Steve aoki are literally going to parties and pouring champagne into a random stranger’s mouth by the way, folks, they call that the only effective covet shot and in other news, aloha, yes, folks, prep, miraculous, replacing tana mojo jojo with a reality show on mtv. We get real. Oh, my god, i’m a businesswoman and girl. You know we got drama i’m, just tired of people bullying me, like you place your bets now, folks. How is mtv going to do brentman dirty like they did tana, because i think that was the first time in history that somebody actually had to apologize for their own reality show and speaking of owning, trish pedos and her fiance moses hackmod bought a house we’re gon Na put in these are we gon na put starbucks cups? Get you a man that’ll, let you display your bling starbucks tops, oh it’s, all fine and dandy folks, but what i think everybody wants to know is where the hell are they putting the life sized beetlejuice statue and, in other very important news. Kylie jenner did caitlyn jenner’s makeup. We saved this special moment for you guys, because this is gon na, be the first time that i ever do my dad’s makeup.

Oh you see folks a nice wholesome family moment right there. I bet absolutely nobody had a problem with it. Why do they misgender caitlyn? I don’t understand, wait. I don’t understand what they don’t understand. What i don’t understand, i’m, so confused, i feel like there needs to be a new name. Besides dad, i feel like calling her a male name is wrong. I don’t know i mean folks. You think that they would have discussed this as a family. Already right, and maybe a random internet commentator would have absolutely no say in what the hell they do. As a family, am i right, or did i just lose all my dogecoin? Are you seriously calling her dad makes me so uncomfortable, that’s, right folks? Why the hell did they not address this in the video? Sometimes people get really confused when kendall and i still call you dad some people say: oh you’re, the mother, no no i’m, not i i’m i’m. The dad i’ve been the dad the whole way um. I will be their father until the day they die or i die well, who gon na see that coming people don’t watch videos all the way through to the end and instead just jump to conclusions wow. I am so surprised and, speaking of surprise, the ace family recently launched how to become a millionaire on social media program. This is where it all started. Now this is my home. My dream, home and i’ve been very blessed and fortunate to have done it through the power of social media, which is why i’m here today to teach all of you, the secrets to social media and to help you accomplish your dreams.

Folks, this is for real austin mcbroom is talking to us in front of a lambo. All of our dreams will become true if we sign up in this program, i’ll be teaching four courses. The first course is, am i the only one wondering whether they have a class in there on how to get a rolls royce, because that’s really what i’m interested in? Yes, i am a six year old in cat years in order to be able to have access to all these courses. You must join now. You only have 24 hours now folks, if you’re not signing up for this ace family program, then you’re definitely missing out, because austin mcbroom did the classic move of dropping some knowledge and then walking away with his back to the camera and his arms and a v. So you know he means business. I couldn’t join it wouldn’t take either of my cards kept saying invalid card. Guess, i’ll, try again later card keeps getting declined. I can’t even sign in because too many people on the site, so he’s going really slow well. Who could have known that the infomercial was going to work better than austin’s web developer uh once again, the ace family’s just too strong crashing all the sights ace family. Every time we give you guys a sight, you guys crash it. I swear it’s a beautiful thing, but it’s also frustrating now folks don’t blame austin for this gaffe. He couldn’t have seen this coming, as he said, it literally happens every single time anyway.

Folks, this new britney spears documentary by the new york times has got a lot of people talking justin sort of made. It seem rightly or wrongly, like she had cheated on him. It really seemed like he took control of the narrative uh. Oh folks, they’re coming after justin timberlake and i don’t think he can sing his way out of this one. He essentially weaponizes the video for one of his singles to incriminate her in the demise of the relationship Music. I guess our imitates life imitates our imitates life imitates spinning a narrative, so you can sell some records. Britney spears has upset a lot of mothers in this country, starting with the wife of the governor of maryland. Really, if i had an opportunity to to shoot britney spears, i think i would now that is the type of behavior that you love to see from public officials literally threatening someone’s life, which is basically a crime in every single state. Oh that’s horrible that’s, really bad because of the example for kids and how hard it is to be a parent. Well, that’s, really sad that she said that ew i’m – not here to you, know babysit her hey shout out to diane sawyer for literally trying to justify why a public official would issue a death threat to somebody who is literally a musician and just doing their job. Pretty sure that belongs in the guinness world records for biggest yikes of the last two decades, but then again we had a reality star for president so and now.

Power cleanser anyway defenders make sure you like and subscribe for more videos like this. Every like will be another bad decision that somebody did in the past which they get exposed for in the future. Tell me the comments down below what do you think i want to know check out these videos right here, they’re good, too big sister washing hands out touching your face. Stay away from stupid people have an amazing day defenders.

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