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How are you I’m good, you’re, good, you’re, good to live in a nerves, the records gon na be released tomorrow? I know like everything’s starting to sink in today. I’M, starting to these interviews and I’m, like oh good, album is coming out tomorrow, but um yeah I’m, a little nervous but I’m excited too yeah. Well, you’ve got to be excited. I mean this. This one is: is it right? This is brittany it’s really. This is the first album that’s. Really, i personally think that’s a reflection of me. Yeah definitely will the first words on it. Um are pretty decisive. The first thing you speak on this record is everybody all you people look at me like I’m, a little girl and that’s the first kind of utterings we heard at the new britney spears about a month ago. Um at the MTV Awards is that the first statement that you wanted to make from this records that would you want it to say guys it to be like all you people looking, I don’t want it to be like that: no, no defensive defensive spear, honestly it’s, Just like um, I think I probably don’t dealt with this year ago – um it’s kind of cool. Now, I guess, because what I’m saying but um no just people were very because I was so young they felt like they, you know, should protect me in a way which is very sweet. You know, but it comes with point your life where you’re like look, I didn’t do this.

You know, let me do things on my own and you know yeah. Well, the five songs you co wrote are pretty much all on that theme, except for maybe the low tone um but they’re pretty much on that theme that’s. What was coming out of you at that point, that’s, what you were really i mean i would go into the studio and like whatever I was going with the time like anticipating ya know I would go and I was having a good day. I was talking my girlfriend, so i wanted to write going out with your girlfriend yeah having a good time. You know, so it was really just whatever i was feeling at the moment and sometimes we wouldn’t come up with anything you know. So what happens on those days you’re just like? Oh ok, this man is not cool. We need to go home, you know, and I mean sometimes you write like three songs yeah, so I just really depended well so you’re cool with that, though yeah who would being yeah well, they Dana they had like a lot of time for us to do this. Album, which was really cool yeah. You really like that yeah very cool. Is this album about respect respecting yourself? Having other people respect you, the music, you do yeah. I would definitely say that I mean what this hot you know everyone was like. Are you concerned with how much is gon na sounds? Like I don’t I mean, of course I mean you have a number one album hey that’s awesome.

You know, but that’s, not my goal here. You know my goal here is just for people to listen to it and respect it and be like wow. You know she’s saying what she feels. You just got something to say: mmhmm yeah, when you started out um. Did you already have that vision and it was just something you couldn’t express right away because of your age, cuz? If people you know what, when I first said, I had no idea what was going on honestly, I didn’t, like you know I just have to be here yeah and you know, and then things really really took off and then I mean I always do that. I was gon na be a performer, but I didn’t know to what extent so then, to something, but just really gave me the opportunity, and I trusted me to do what I wanted to do. So how did you learn? What was your learning process when you started, and you said: okay, I don’t really know I’m happy, I’m dancing and singing, and then you get to listen to artists. You, you get to listen to their music to what they say: it’s just being inspired by different people. Like going to the Jill Scott show, listen to what she says there they go to India. Arie show, you know, and you’ve got inspired by different people are inspired by anything talk with your mom on the phone can do that to make you wan na write a song and I’ve always been writing songs, but I think it’s easy to write a song, but It’S hard to write amazing song, you know you know NM yeah, yeah yeah completely.

Well, you got. You got a bunch of people that were in the studio with you writing um from The Neptunes. With those crazy hand, glass, you gosh, they are so much fun. They’Re awesome to work with mm hmm and dido how’d you hook up with her really. I was um we’re writing a song i’m, not a girl overseas and i wasn’t able to be there cuz. I got sick and I had to come back home and they announced made more sense to have a girl be a part of the writing process at a food item in, and I mean I love her, I love her her album. I mean it’s, amazing and um yeah. She has such a sweet voice. Will move on? Okay, hey she’s pregnant. I just want to thank you for writing. You know helping me write this song, yes, that she was a doll. So did you um in working with her for that tongue, because I know it’s kind of pivotal is gon na be in the movie it’s, the second single off this? Did you set state your ideas and say: okay, you know what this is. What I’m feeling right now I’m, not what no? To paraphrase the song or whatever, not a girl, not yet a woman, cuz she’s got considerably older. She has to go back to his place to have her part of it cuz. She is a woman and she understands you know, and I mean I thinks all women to a certain extent can kind of relate to that song at some point another in their lives.

At some point you know what I mean and so that’s why we got her to be a part of it yeah. Is it harder to be a powerful woman in the music industry? Then just um um a powerful I mean, but I guess it’s what’s. Your definition of powerful, so what is it because a lot of people define you as powerful is sexy now yeah, you not say that at all and do you do you consider yourself powerful? You know what, when I’m on stage I I do full of force. That sort of me that, like I, think all performers feel that and it’s exhilarating. You know it’s being something that you’re not, and you know you feel sexier, but when i get off the stage I’m, just like everybody else, yeah well, you know what I did there’s a difference. So there’s like a there’s two different people, there’s Britney, then I’m. Talking to right now and there’s like Britney, well I on stage everybody personally has different side to them and I think that’s a cool thing. You need to express that you know a bunch of different emotions and I think that’s, like being an actress mm. Hmm, you know our being an actor and I think it’s a good thing for like when kids, when they’re young and they go into their mom’s closet and their mom’s high heels and their mamas don’t they’re being like the grown up that they were.

You know I mean, and I guess it’s me playing in my little slightly playing but it’s still a part of you, oh yeah, exactly what was speaking to be an actress you got to do that. Last time I spoke to you was me, and you just finished the shooting of the movie, and I don’t know we weren’t allowed to talk about it cuz he was under wraps, but now it’s coming out. So tell me a bit about that um! Well, the movie yeah it’s gon na be coming out in February, and I just saw the trailer of it. Like two weeks ago, I was like whoa it’s, just it’s crazy because, like I came with the concept for the movie legs, like a year ago, I’m like that and now to see it like up on the big screen you’re, just like. Oh, my god, it’s, like overwhelming move it. You know, but it’s a really sweet movie, it’s just about three girls and their friendship that they have and they’re really really close. There what’s a daycare with each other. Okay mm: hmm, they go through high school and they all go in these really bad directions. One girl, like me, for instant Lucy I’m, trying to please my dad. He wants me to go to med school, become this valedictorian. You know, and then my friend I’m kid she has an eating disorder and maybe she’s been raped, ape and we’re just going through really bad things in our lives.

You know really hard times and that’s the thing that I like about the movie, though, because you know it’s, a team movie it’s dealing with them the real teen issues. Teenagers go through yeah Alex, really sweet yeah, you know, but then that’s when the movie starts and we go on amazing roadtrip together. I like it’s, just crazy road trip and it’s just about finding ourselves and getting our friendship back together and it’s really sweet afterwards. You’Re, like oh where’s, my girlfriend another color seriously, yeah really um. Well, you you’re saying when I came up with the concept with the movie, so you were probably like what 17, when you came up with that concept and you’ve been coming up with the concepts for your videos, along with the directors for a while, did it um? Take a certain amount of time before people said: oh yeah, you know what she’s right. You know she can do it like. Did you find it hard at first it like pick up the phone and say hi. I want to work with you. I want to do this. I know I’m kind of young but yeah. I want to do it. Oh well, really i wasn’t, i mean i would call my manager, you know yes, those things up for me. I thought I was never the person to actually you know. I got her friend’s house or it’s. Really, for example, you did the sleigh video yeah, the color is like.

I really love the last video i did for Jana. Lastly, so can you please you money to the mm hmm, so he called me was like yeah sure, but I think at first it was just it was. It was kind of about getting that respect and proven to people that you know you can do this at first and now people are like yeah it’s. True, then, did you find people’s perspective has changed when you would approach them when you address them, they don’t see the same Britney as the Britney of baby. One more time. Oh, I would say that yeah. Yes, some people, not not the people that are my really close friends like people that I of course, of course, but the people that you know I think it’s just they have a little bit more respect for you. You know yeah good for you and you’re turning 20. Yes, very soon, hey yeah, cuz um have you is aged something important for your Zeta number as age, just uh, ohs kind of a milestone. Stephanie I mean I, I probably won’t feel really any that different. You turn 20 or 21 should probably like you won’t trust me. You know but it’s just that feeling of like you know, you’re 20, when I was 13 and 14. I thought when I turned 20 I’d, be like oh, you know, turn adults yeah so for whatever yeah, okay and lice on in the record. Obviously we have to talk about it’s, charisma, just honey and it’s, damn funky it’s, very Michael Jackson, um.

How was the initial process of working with somebody that’s your boyfriend in the studio? I was a little nervous at first, I have to say because I’m still like going in and just working with producer yeah so I walked in he was I was nervous, but then once I started singing got the flow, the rhythm of things. It was very cool. Yes, but actually it got about got really relaxed yeah I was like I could do this a lot more yeah yeah, so you think of collaborating or work. Oh, would you would you feel comfortable when did um humor to and sink and saying I have a song for you. I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know about that, but I mean hey. If I did, then you know, I would definitely do it. If I came up with a song, but i don’t know, i would be a little intimidating, yeah Five Guys and yeah, they gon na know their stuff to know you do too um and so it’s funny. You were mentioning Janet when we were talking about Francis Lawrence, but um. I saw a lot of similarities like in the music in the attitude of this album as her music. A lot of people are comparing this to Madonna, obviously, because you like her and she won’t she’s such an icon, but I saw a lot of Janet. You know when she put out control as an album how it made everybody’s perspective change on.

I can’t see that yeah I mean control was the album usher came and she’s like Tina seems like this means yeah, and I love that and I think yeah i could see. I mean the news. Musically it’s not exactly the same, but i think the whole vibe of it completely. You know: yeah was that our morning, when you just woke up and said okay screw this, this is enough. I’M speaking, today is there. When was the point when you were like? Okay, probably like six months ago, when I first started doing the hell, am I just felt like there were so many people? I can’t worry don’t. You know just so many phone calls where she’d, where she at where she’s gone inside, look yeah, you know like I can take care of myself. You know I’m. Just put, it was just a matter of me putting it into my own hands and just saying that you know, because I did start out when I was really young like when I was 15 years old and it’s hard to kind of break that habit. You know for people taking care of ya it’s constantly. You know where you at. Were you doing? What are you going? I think all teenagers can be kinda relate to that mmm. Does certain point: oh yeah, whether they’re living in you know Hollywood or living in right? You know North Carolina ever um. We talk about that in lonely and overprotected.

A lot of people think maybe lonely is about you, hey lonely, but, as you say, i’ll be lonely anymore, yeah, yeah um. Where did where did you have to draw the line with? Is it with the business side? Is it with the family side? What do you need Java? The public um of leave me alone. Is it with the public being too intrusive? Is it with friends everybody wanting a piece of you? Is it with the handlers combination of the people that I work with and people’s opinions out an oral? You know yeah kind of a combination about what do you think is the business biggest misconception about britney spears um. I think that people think that what we do is very glamorous, but it is a lot of our work. You know, but at the same time I’m not complaining, because i hate up an artist. I just don’t sound and it is just about the same time. I’M. So happy to be here and like I feel so blessed didn’t, you know yeah, the tour is starting well has started and tonight you’ll be performing. How does it feel to be back up on that stage with those new songs that feels really good seriously? Oh, my gosh just being on stage again. It feels it feels really really good. Yeah yeah, as a show, is so exciting, like every. I don’t think I’ll get tired of doing this, like there’s a point and while you’re touring, where you’ll get a little bit tired of doing yes, I’m.

Your sister Xu Malik, like it’s, that much fun like I’m like living on stage yeah yeah it’s fun. Is it? Does it help that you’re? All though, that you’re a solo performer that it’s just you um, would you be able to be able to work within a context which is you know a band, or does it help to assert yourself that it’s just you one state? Oh, I think that it would. I mean I don’t know I’ve never been even in a group but from an outsider. Looking in, I would probably say, it’d be kind of hard to please five people yeah and a group of four three or whatever continuously, but I guess it just depends on. You know you’re the vibe of the relationship or whatever, but I’m, happy being so low, yeah god. I think how freaky is this we’re trying to do an interview, but you it’s super silent and i know right i listening uh huh. Is it weird and a little bizarre is this is a part of your job that you could do without the interviews um? If I could take one thing away, nothing against you know you’re all I understood so sweet yeah. He was so sweet, but note it is yeah. You know just talking about yourself, it’s, just like okay yeah. I think what kind of always want to cure the same things and the same you know. Well, i mean it goes through waves like right now, I’m about to promote out.

So I know I’m gon na have a little bit of that. Of course you know, but usually when things slow down, you know it’s cool. I don’t get that much of it it’s something you got to do it so speaking of the album, since we only have two minutes left what’s the what’s, the song, you think that defines it defines it. Probably not a girl really yeah its own is. Is that what is that part in the middle where you’re you’re, not a girl you’re, not a woman, um, really I’ve been thinking about it. I guess it depends on what your definition is of a girl. I don’t know is that I’m saying before it helps to have a woman and then I was like well maybe she thinks she’s a woman. Maybe she doesn’t yeah right, but I think um. I am I’m. Like writing. You know, and I think a girl is someone who very innocent night. Even um has a lot to it. Wave you know and to learn and a woman is once or something inside now. She knows everything yeah and I think yeah. If I’m right in between is this here, a doozy, is it scary to be Britney Spears, knowing that you’re gon na turn into a woman, I maybe i’ll always be, but no a generalization of the song yeah it’s, just it’s, a beautiful song and it’s so much Fun to sing on stage when I get on stage, and I sing that song to something comes over me it’s, just like it feels so good.

My mom called me yesterday, she’s, like okay, stop listening to your album she’s like I just love it and that song I’m, not a girl. It makes me wan na cry my okay mom, but it does though it does. It puts you in this room a peaceful state, that’s good. Well, if that’s, what it does to you, I mean that’s cool okay. So thank you very much. Thank you. It was so nice seeing you again 18.

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