Chinese New Year, 2021, Chinese language, Language, Fat choy 5 minute Cantonese: Festival special (Chinese new year農曆新年) Chinese Zodiac sign 十二生肖 part 2

Here is five minutes. Cantonese first of all dreams come true. Music let’s continue with our chinese sword. Sign. Remember last lesson this year. Last, but not the least snake let’s continue. What is the next one horse year of horse ma for the quantifier of hopes? First, one simple: basically for most of the animal sang, for example a host, but if you’re intimidated to advance you can learn. One more quantifier, which is more elegant, sounds like puzzle. For example, two horses – you can say lean sigma whatever in this category like lab sheep, goat in general, in cantonese yeah yeah, the quantifier is the same say: number nine year of monkey pay attention. Hao means monkey, but is written chinese. So in cantonese we have an other name: monkey Music, remember chicken. Yes, in cantonese rooster chicken, we all call this gay, gay and the quarterfinal is to say number 11 year of dog. It sounds exactly the same as number nine, so the cantonese parents will teach their kids hey. This is a wombo dog Music last one. The quantifier is the same, say very good. Remember last lesson: we talked about how to say our own chinese subreddit sign, for example, if you are a monkey you will say no remember the verb so belong to so you can also say mo. So mala is perfectly fine, but you don’t say malaw is wrong. So how about change it into a question easy? So what is your chinese solid sign? So what remember me or me? So we change the answer into the question.

I changed to you and then change their answer into the question word or my chinese sure sign is monkey and then my change to your nei chinese, solar sign, sent to high and then we move the answer and replace by the question word. Thank you for watching. I hope you enjoyed this lesson today. If you like this video, please give a thumbs up if you want to learn cantonese, please subscribe. Please leave a comment below and tell me what is your chinese soldier sign ney gang sang too hi.

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