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So you can have your good luck and positivity for the start of the new year and also subscribe to our youtube channel. For free weekly chinese lessons, let’s start on february, the 12th 2021. We will be entering a new lunar year now, if you are not sure what a new lunar year is or if you don’t know what chinese new year is. Click on the link, above because we have done a video on the significance and meaning of the new lunar year to chinese people. Each year belongs to a specific zodiac animal and there are 12 zodiac animals altogether and they all have their own year in a set sequence. So the same cycle repeats every 12 years. That’S. Why the year of 2021 will belong to the ox nil. Nil can also mean cow as well, and a fun fact is that in chinese lang neil means awesome. So are we going to be in for an awesome year in 2021? So what do chinese people generally think about the ox year, but to chinese people? The ox is a stable, hard working and enduring animal. So, unlike the very fast paced and volatile rat year in 2020, the auxier is said to instill a slower pace of hard work and endurance for everyone. However, it is traditionally said that if it is the birth year of your zodiac animal, also known in chinese as your ben nyen, it is said that you’ll face new hardships and challenges.

So if you are born in these years, you belong to the zodiac animal of the ox, and you should expect some hardship and challenges in the new year. So comment down below and let us know what your zodiac animal sign is and whether you are an ox and might be in for a bit of a challenging year. So let’s go through some impressive chinese new year. Greetings that you can use to wish your chinese relatives, families or friends a happy new year and these sound better than the standard greeting of shinyang, which means happy new year, because they all contain the word neo in it. Now, as you remember, neil means ox, but they’re very customized for the new year of the arts. Now, before we start, you may notice that when chinese people say their greetings, that they have their hands like this, this is known as the fifth and palm salute. In ancient times it was a way of showing strangers that you had no weapons in your hands and that you were harmless nowadays. It is used at events such as chinese new year. Events to show your respect to others for men. You put your right hand into a half a fifth, and then you put your left hand over and for women it’s the opposite, so you put your left hand into a half left hand. Fifth, and then you put your right hand over and what you do is that you would have this to chest level and then, whilst you’re saying your chinese in your greeting, you can also gently shake it three times as well.

So let’s start with some special, more customized greetings, and then we can also go over some simpler greetings too. If you don’t want it to be that long now, the first one is what this means is. I wish you an awesome year upon year filled with maximum awesome. Energy awesome awesome awesome. Now you may remember what i said before that neil is also slang for awesome, so it’s very fitting for chinese new year greeting. So the second one is so what this means is that i hope you have lots of wealth rolling in like a steady ox and also continuous luck like the endless strands of hair on and off, and the third thing we have is, which means i hope you Enter into a bullish market buy awesome stocks and also make awesome money. As you can see, there is a common theme to most of these sayings and it is that they are mostly related to money, but chinese people like amazing. Well, so you can go with those a bit more impressive or customized sayings or you can stick to more simple ones.

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Chinese New Year, 2021, Chinese language, Language, Fat choy 5 minute Cantonese: Festival special (Chinese new year農曆新年) Chinese Zodiac sign 十二生肖 part 2