Chinese New Year, 2021, Chinese language, Language, Fat choy EZCantonese – Chinese New Year Greetings in Cantonese for Wealth, Money, and Success

We’Re gon na go through yet another five chinese new year greetings just in time for chinese new year. I already did 10 previously make sure you check out those videos learn all the chinese new year. Greetings and be ready for chinese new year make sure you give this video a like and let’s get right to it, Music. So the first chinese new year greeting we’re, going to go over this episode is means year. Lean means every year. Yau means have. You means surplus or having extra so all together. It means every year you have a surplus, you have enough, you have extra, you have abundance every year. Now the last character of this greeting is it’s. Actually a little difficult. I find it’s you. It sounds a lot like circle in my mind, so circle is yoon, but this character is you so without the n? Basically, so if you say it’s slightly different, you might actually say fish or rain. So fish is you rain? Is you okay, so don’t wish somebody that they would have fish or rain every year? Okay, although a lot of chinese people do like fish, so maybe it would be a good mistake, fish eh so just to go over it again. Is you all right? The second chinese new year greeting means every step. Go means, hi means rise, so all together, it means every step you take. You rise to the top bo bo, go sing all right.

The last three chinese new year greetings deals with wealth, yeah money, the third chinese new year greeting is means windfall or fortune money in a way means coming to your hand, altogether means wealth and money fortune. Coming straight to your hand, oh yeah, okay, the fourth one is dai. Guts dai means, big gut means. Lucky lay means profit in a less common way. So, all together by gut thailand, means good luck and good profits. The i got thailay that’s a great thing to wish upon someone’s joke. I got thailand all right. The very last chinese year greeting is means money or a source of money and wealth, guangzhon sort of means coming towards you in your direction. All together, it means receiving and making money all right, let’s go through all them. Once again, gong hey got anything to say hi guys just wanted to wish you guys bobo go sing. One choice also really know you. I got yeah that’s, you bye, hey! Thank you for watching easy cantonese this week. I just want to wish everybody: sun thai gin, hong and samsung seasing. Oh there you go and uh yeah. If you enjoyed this video make sure you check out my practice, video, where i go through all these chinese new year greetings more extensively slower, so you can practice there’s examples in there. So make sure you check that out make sure you check out all the other chinese new year greeting videos, and i will see you guys next time.

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