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Today we are going to talk about 20 popular feng shui items. You can display at home to bring good luck before we start placing phones with lucky items, it’s a good idea to declutter clean up the space, keep it organized and also arrange your furnitures based on the feng shui principles, and i have a video about basic feng. Shui principles room by room. I will link it in the description and at the end of this video, once all the important furniture items are set in the right place, you can start to add extra feng shui lucky items into your space. The first feng shui laki symbol is a peony. In the old days the peony flowers belong to the chinese royal family’s. Only so the peony flowers are associated with high social status, prosperity and wealth. The flowers are usually big and colorful and it’s a very popular subject. In chinese ink painting, so many family like to display the paintings of peony flowers in their living room as a symbol of abundance and good fortune. The second lucky symbol is the koi fish. It can be the real koi fish in the pond in the backyard or in the chinese ink painting and typically the 9 koi fish is very lucky because 9 is a number of the highest young energy. The koi fish represent jump into a higher social status or advancement of your career and similar to the peony flower. You can display the painting of the koi fish in the living room in the dining room and around the entrance area.

The third one is the painting of the mountain and the water that’s, a very classic chinese ink painting people like to paint very high mountains with waterfall or just with the water flowing, such as the river or ocean, and the water can represent whales in feng shui. So it’s a very auspicious symbol and the flowing direction of the water is important. We don’t want the water to flow out of the door or out of the window. So when you position the painting make sure the water flow to the center of the house, so you keep all the money locked and the mountain and water painting is also popular in the living room and also in an office. Next one we have plants, the most popular one is a lucky bamboo because it grows in water, so it’s very easy to grow indoors and the bamboo is related to intelligence in the chinese feng shui. So the laki bamboo has a power of enhancing your intelligence. The next one is the jade plant or any succulent plant, and the jade plant is very famous because of the green thick leaves. People also call it money plant. So this plant is a symbol of abundance and wealth. Lack any other green big leaf plants will be a good feng shui plant too, besides plants, fresh flowers are also very auspicious, and usually red flowers can enhance your relationship lock. The next feng shui. Good luck item is the fish tank and we talk a lot about the fish tank.

I have a video just about fish tank for 2021. You can find the link in the description box, because water is a very important enhancer for wells. Lock, so placing the fish tank in the right spot can bring you money luck and in 2021 the west is a good location to place a fish tank. Besides the fish tank, a water, fountain or a small waterfall will be good money enhancer too, because the movement of water can activate the money lock and you also bring in some natural energy. So you feel more lively and energetic in the space. The next popular feng shui item is chinese coins and usually we call it five emperors coins or six emperor’s coins, that’s the most prosperous five or six dynasties in chinese history, so those coins represent good energy and it’s, usually for the purpose of raising the energy. For example, if you have a missing corner and your flow plane is not a square or rectangle, you can place coins near that missing corner and that can help raise the energy and balance the energy of the space. Most of the coins we find today are reproductions and not the real five emperor’s coins, so it’s more of a symbolic meaning, and if you cannot find them, you can use real coins too. The coin you use every day. Those coins can also be a powerful feng. Shui items to bring you good luck, you can also use a real money in the money order or the money corner to enhance your money lock.

The next one is money told or the three legged money frog. The money frog is supposed to bring you good money. Luck, so you can display it in your money corner or near the entrance and facing the door or the window, so the frog is working hard for you to get the money. The next one is p, show or p young it’s kind of similar to the money. Frog, it can also bring you wealth luck and besides that, pisho has the power of protection. So if there is any unwanted spirit or any negative energy, the pistol is supposed to protect you and the pistol is also a good feng shui cure for tai shui or the yearly god in 2021, it’s a year of ox. So if your animal sign is an ox, you can display pisho for protection and for safety of the year. The next one is cheating cheating is similar to pi, show both a type of dragon, and it has a function of protection to keep you safe and away from any negative energy, and cheating also has a symbol of career success and prosperity. So cheating is a very auspicious symbol to display and a powerful feng shui cure at number 12. We have dragon turtle and dragon horse and they are also part of the dragon family. So it has a symbol of success, power and the positive energy. The dragon turtle is half turtle and half dragon, and turtle is a symbol of long life and good health in chinese culture.

So the dragon turtle also has a meaning of good health and long life. Dragon turtle is also very good for older people or kids, and the dragon horse is a half dragon half horse, so it’s a symbol of career success, power and good energy, and this is also related to queer and luck or the helpful people luck. So you can display dragon horse in your office or on your desk to attract helpful people. The next feng shui symbol is a horse. Many people like to display the statue of a horse or painting of the horse in the position of jumping up or running that’s, a symbol of rising energy and career advancement and horse is also related to travel. If you want to increase your travel luck, you can display horse in your office or living room with the head of the horse facing a door or a window. The next item is the hulu or the chinese gourd. The hulu has several meanings. It can be a container for medicine, so that’s, a symbol of good health and the hulu is also a container to absorb any negative energy. You can display hulu for the power of protection and as a gentle feng shui cure to bring good health, so hulu is suitable to display in almost any space, even in the bedroom or kitchen. Next one is crystal or jade, and this is very obvious. They are beautiful, they have the vibration from the earth and that can be a powerful enhancer to increase the energy of the space and jade is similar to the crystal, and it also has a function of protection from any negative energy.

To pick the perfect crystal is a personal choice, because every crystal or jade is different. You need to find something that really speaks to you and trust your intuition. If you feel the connection to certain crystal or jade, then it can be a powerful good luck item for you. The number 16 is salt, lamp and very similar to crystal and jade. The salt is from earth, so it has that vibration from mother nature and because the salt has a function of absorbing negative energy, so the salt lamp has also the similar function to cleans and purify. The space number 17 is the metal bell or the wind chime in the flying style. Feng shui, we said the metal feng shui cure can counter the energy of the earth, so a bronze or breast bell or wind chime is a good way to reduce the number two and number five star. That means it can balance out the energy of the illness and misfortune star and to find out the location of 2 and 5. You can check the link for the 2021 flying star phone straight chart and another metal feng shui cure. I, like is a tibetan singing bowl that can also be a feng shui cure to reduce the number two and number five stars and because it can produce beautiful, sound for meditation and the sound is also one aspect. You can increase the vibration of the space. So this is a very interesting feng shui decor, you can add to your collection.

Next one is the pair of mandarin ducks. This is a classic feng shui enhancer for love relationship. Another similar enhancer is a pair of doves or a pair of swans and it’s. A good idea to display them in the bedroom. The last one on my list here is a laughing buddha. The laughing buddha is a symbol of happy energy and abundance and just general good luck. If you want to enhance your social life and relationship, you can place a laughing buddha, usually in the living room or other public space in the house. There are many other feng shui items and lucky symbols you can display. I picked the laughing buddha because it’s more universal and less religious, but if you have your own religion, you can certainly adapt and pick items that’s meaningful to you so that’s the 20 popular phone straight items to enhance your luck! If you like this video, please subscribe to our youtube channel and subscribe to our email list. Thank you for watching today.

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